Brake Performance Reviews: Kits for Improved Performance

While driving a car, its stopping power is of great importance. If you are experiencing problems in stopping your vehicle, it is high time to invest in replacing or upgrading the car's brake kit.

It is undoubtedly toilsome to find the best brake pads or rotors for your vehicles. As the market offers many of them, one can easily be confused about picking the best one.

Now what? Wondering how to get the trusted one? Check out this article for the best brake performance reviews. Brake performance is also related to safety issues, so it is better to invest in the best and trusted products.

After intense surfing in the market and the manufacturers’ sites, we have listed some of the best performance brakes. Let’s have a look!

Best Brake Performance Reviews

Here, you will find detailed product reviews covering the broad ideas of each product, their features, and other applicable information.

We hope these in-depth reviews will make your decision more comfortable to get the perfect brake kits.

Approved Performance J33986 Front & Rear Kit Performance Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Carbon Fiber Pads. Tundra, Sequoia

With this product, will you get a complete package of brakes? It comprises two front and rear performance drilled of premium quality and two of the rotor- slotted discs.

Moreover, there are four front and rear brake pads, which are of a hybrid disc of ceramic carbon fiber. You will also get grease (synthetic moly brake grease) in two packs.

It is among our best picks because it fits with other vehicle applications. You do not need to worry about any required modifications. This has the specifications of O.E.
Brakes always need the proper flow of air so that it does not get too heated up. This product has drilled holes that are intertwined. So, during rough driving, this feature helps to elevate the required airflow. The airflow keeps the breaks in normal temperature.

On the other hand, the slots keep on distributing water to rotor-end and scraps. Dispersing debris ensures consistency, smoothness, and quietness to the stopping power.

Approved Performance brake pads are carbon fiber and manufactured with the technology of CF3. This method uses adhesives dependent on petroleum to tie friction content.

Usually, brake generates dust that sticks to the car wheels. But having this technology installed wheels won’t be sticky with dust.

These kits are scientifically built so that they can work two adverse temperatures. That is to say that you will hardly experience brake fade in situations like harsh or standard braking. Considering these features, this product seems to satisfy customers.

Pros & Cons of Approved Performance J33986

Things I like

  • Comes in kits
  • Performs great on hard stops
  • Noise-free brake

Things I don't like

  • Not a steady brake
[Front & Rear Kit] GT//Rotors Performance Brake Disc Rotors & Ceramic Pads for Honda Civic 06-11 EX & EX-L Models Only

Are you looking for a complete set of rotors for your car? Then look no further than GT rotors, which come in a complete package for your convenience. They come together with four rotor discs as well as eight brake pads of ceramic structure for front and back.

This GT rotor is highly compatible with Honda models from 2006 to 2011, which is named Honda Civic Sedan and Honda Civic Coupe. Whether used by young people who never leave the track of journeying through cars or particularly racers, these rotors don't lose their control even in rugged streets.

Moreover, this product provides unbelievable high-performance brake pads and rotors for smooth driving. It is well coated with aluminum and zinc material giving it a glazy grayish look added with rotor hats. These rotors do not need any preparation by cleaning or removing grease before use.

The manufactures have blended them with remarkable features like a double-disc surface, which is made for parallelism with a thickness variation of 0.015mm of the disc.

Also, the ceramic pads structured here is to provide excellent power of brakes at maximum speeds. Besides this, you will be happy to know that they are designed in such a way that the tires or wheels do not get stuck with dust easily.

Pros & Cons of GT Rotors Performance

Things I like

  • Fairly priced
  • Good quality and finishing
  • No noise while braking

Things I don't like

  • No brake pad fastener
TeraFlex 4303490 JK/JKU Front Performance Slotted Big Rotor Kit

It is a high-performance brake for cars such as JK Wrangler and JKU Wrangler. This does not require any modifications and can be installed easily.

Moreover, this rotor weighs about 59. They are made for increasing performance of the brake for bigger and heavier wheels of 33-35 tires.

Interestingly, they are designed with the feature of dual-piston calipers to allow clamping force and surface to increase. They are slotted rotors; usually, rotors of slotted nature provide excellent dissipation of heat.

Other than braking performance, this allows your vehicle to be driven smoothly. Furthermore, you get tremendous controlling power. They can be correctly fixed at the rear as well as the front of the wheels.

Teraflex brake kit can do wonders when you apply the brake of the vehicle because they have an outstanding ability to stop whenever you want.

Pros & Cons of Teraflex JK/JKU

Things I like

  • Good for the price
  • Good appearance
  • No need for brake bleeding

Things I don't like

  • No brake pads included in the kit
Max Brakes Front & Rear Performance Brake Kit [ Premium Cross Drill Rotors

This advanced brake weighs 106 pounds and applicable for almost all vehicle models of 2007-2014. It will perfectly fit for Chevy Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe and GMC Sierra, Yukon or Sierra Denali and Cadillac Escalade.

Moreover, this kit is packaged with premium Cross Drill Rotors and Ceramic Pads for convenient results. The manufacturers of this product designed this rotor with chamfered drilled holes that are visible enough to look great. It provides proper heat distribution.

Additionally, it lowers the braking temperature as chamfered drilled holes help to keep up the airflow. Therefore, it lessens the possibility of causing unexpected corrosion and distortion.

It is said to be the "Original Equipment" as these rotors meet almost all the specifications of an original product. They are also structured with perfect weight and the reverse-engineered products that are inbuilt help in high-performance brake kits in cars.

These are remarkably manufactured with G3000 graded casting, which offers its car riders a great balance of potency and permanence.

Furthermore, it is perfectly formulated with carbon-ceramic pads included in the kit for higher brake performance. This ceramic feature also ensures reduced noise while braking. Max brakes performance kit lasts longer, but of course, driving condition and maintenance can affect it.

And you won’t have to empty your pockets to buy them. You may need to buy some hardware kit as this product does not include them. We can assure you that you will like this product and may think about a second purchase. Do try it if it matches your requirements.

Pros & Cons of Max Brakes

Things I like

  • Less noisy
  • Prolonged service life
  • Rigid function
  • Great value

Things I don't like

  • Does not fit in models with police package or rear disc brakes
  • Fits with some certain vehicle specifications only
 EBC Rear Performance Brake Pad

EBC HH is the best motorcycle pad that fits the disc at the back. This works on models such as R1100GS all, R1100R, R1100RT, R1150R, K1300R, K1300GT, and K1200S, and so on.

These brakes are manufactured in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, containing a set of two brake pads at the interior and exterior for a single brake caliper.

If you are searching for high-performance brake pads for your vehicle, then these products will make you happy. It offers the best-gripped brake pad in the market.

They have the ECE R90-approved brake performance review for the highest power to break due to its maximum friction rating. It is, thus, the highest rating among all other products.

These are constructed of sintered copper alloy for ensuring durability. Also, these brake pads are said to last 2x times much longer than the original pads.

Moreover, these brake rotors are mostly used on bikes. For this reason, manufacturers have made stainless steel radiator plates for heat retention. Additionally, there is a double segment designed to cool the pads when overused.

The replacement of your brake pads will be successful with this product since they have updated the EBC materials for better performance. And the improvement includes less screeching. Thus, it enhances the feel while braking.

Pros & Cons of EBC Rear

Things I like

  • Excellent for sports riding and racer bikes
  • Good performance in any climatic conditions
  • Smoother transaction

Things I don't like

  • Expensive
Hawk Performance HB608Y.630 LTS Brake Pad

This performance brake pad is advanced with the technology of heavy-duty friction. It is high-performance brakes for trucks. This even meets the braking call of SUVs. The brake performance is set up by using the latest LTS brake pad. Here, LTS indicates the light truck and SUV.

It is so obvious that hefty vehicles tend to increase the temperature of the brake system. So drivers of such vehicles are always in search of brake pads that can distribute heat with exc

You will be happy to get extreme stopping power. The formulation of rigid carbon is the thing behind its intense stopping power. This product ensures dust and noise-less brake for heavy vehicles such as vans, SUVs, and trucks. ellence.

If you are the one with heavier vehicles, you can have blind faith with this particular product. The rear and front set pad even works well with a stock rotor.

Some other notable features of this LST brake pad comprises of upgraded braking. This improvement is claiming to cross over the OE. Due to Ferro carbon, its capacity to resist fade is superior, as well. The rotor and pad are built in a way to survive for a long time.

Pros & Cons of Hawk Performance HB608Y

Things I like

  • No extra brake dust
  • Quite
  • Higher fade resistance
  • Great value

Things I don't like

  • Squeak in light brake
Power Stop Z26-1474A Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Brake Pad Set

Are you looking for a fast, dust, and noise-free brake? Power stop is your solution then. These pads generate less dust, thus keeps the wheel much cleaner. Cleaner wheels mean it saves you from few car washes too.

Reduced brake dust is one of the best parts of this product. Though at high speed, you can stop your car smoothly and quickly. This confirms its high-performance braking ability. It likely meets the braking performance of OEM.

It also features a braking plate that is powder-coated. This layer increases the longevity of the product by resisting corrosion and oxidation. Due to the premium laTex base, the braking becomes noise-free. The pads are slotted and chamfered to help in a noiseless brake.

The reduced dust ceramic method collaborates with carbon fiber to stabilize the material and offers extreme stopping power. This does not risk regular drivability. Therefore, this is the best match for the large-wheeled and high-power cars. The carbon-fiber ceramic compound also sustains heat draining.

This compound even prevents brake fade up to 1500 degrees. Its brake torsion is constant. Because of it, you will get excellent thermal permanence.

Pros & Cons of Power Stop Z26-1474A

Things I like

  • Pads are built with carbon-fiber ceramic
  • Noise and dust-free brake
  • Includes lubricant and brake shine
  • Suitable for a high-performance car
  • Quite reasonable

Things I don't like

  • Insufficient brake pad lube
  • Slightly less durable
Akebono ProAct ACT1041 Disc Brake Pad

If you are looking for a brand that offers excellent performance brake pads, then you may trust on Akebono brand manufacturers. This pad is perfectly designed for smooth driving and reduces the amount of brake dust.

Manufactured with ceramic composure, they are meant to cause less corrosion on the brake rotors. Not only this, but they also prevent noise and harshness while braking and offers exceptional performance.

The Akebono performance pad can be used with models like Acura, Isuzu, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Toyota, and many more. Akebono brake pads are made of low and semi-metallic and organic metals. Besides this, they are constructed with ceramic formulation, and the rotors are highly durable.

Moreover, the ceramic pads consist of technology to enhance effectiveness. There is a no-fade feature along with a steady feel over the brake pedal. Besides these, they also have the feature of low-to-no-dust promising much cleaner wheels of your vehicle.

Pros & Cons of Akebono Performance Pads

Things I like

  • Perfect fit
  • Low break dust
  • Causes less Corrosion
  • Reduced noise

Things I don't like

  • Expensive
Callahan CCK07366 [4] FRONT + REAR Premium Powder-Coated Performance Calipers + Hardware [for BMW 323 E46]

Callahan is one of the trusted brands that offer qualified BMW performance brake calipers to the vehicle-riders. These brake parts are highly convenient for 2000 BMW 323Ci - E46 Coupe, Convertible Models, 1999 BMW 323i - E46 Coupe, Sedan Models, and 2000 BMW 323i - E46 Sedan Models.

This product includes four front and back performance powder coated calipers along with hardware. The hardware kit is innovated with bleeder screws, and pins are also included here.

You will be happy to know they also contain a remarkable style of drilled holes and slots for cooling the brakes if used over and over. They are specially designed for the brakes to perform smoothly under any conditions. Thus, you can operate the brake parts into other vehicles like trucks.

Callahan brand has included calipers in most of their kits that can be replaced perfectly. Not only this, but the caliper pins contain lubricants that make them highly durable.

The most special feature of the Callahan brand is the powdered coating calipers, which prevent rust, wear, or corrosion. They are also pressure tested for avoiding any leakage.

Hence, Callahan can be a good choice for your vehicle. The rotors are manufactured with the ability to keep it balanced. Moreover, the metal of this brand offers you better effectiveness.

Pros & Cons of Callahan

Things I like

  • The lesser screeching of the brakes
  • A high amount of carbon for strong rotors
  • No vibration

Things I don't like

  • Drilled rotors are prone to cracks
Grit Performance [24 Piece Heavy Duty Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set and Wind Back Kit

Wondering which product will last longer for you so that you don’t have to purchase again and again? Well, this kit will amaze you with their durability that is manufactured with some of the top makers around the globe.

This kit phenomenally has 18 adapters suitable for numerous models of cars of different originators. Organized in a suitcase, it makes it easier for the user to arrange and clean it up. Besides this, you're being provided with rubber-coated gloves to prevent your hands from getting greasy.

Moreover, this caliper brake tool is compatible with car models such as Audi, Austin, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Maxima, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Range Rover, and lots more. Hence, you now know they work with a huge range of vehicles, and this is why they are called a "Universal Fit" disc.

Do not worry if you're a novice user, because it comes with detailed instructions. These also include a sheet that helps in determining the suitability of the disc for your vehicle.

They are manufactured with a firmed carbon steel disc body that can endure rough speeds and quick descending of the speed. These are graded as professional brakes weighing about 5.5 pounds.

Hence, these Grit performance brake systems offer a wide range of qualities for a better ride with your vehicle. Furthermore, they can be maintained 4x4 times easier than any other tool for keeping it in good condition.

Pros & Cons of Grit Performance

Things I like

  • Has right and left-hand thrust bolt
  • Most suitable retainer plates
  • Worth the price

Things I don't like

  • Weak magnet
Race Driven Severe Duty Front Brake Pads for Suzuki/Yamaha/Kawasaki/Can-Am/Hisun/CF-Moto

If you are looking for a set of metallic pads for your front brakes, getting this pair of brand new Race-Driven Duty Metal Brake Pads would be worth your money.
This set of pads is newly designed to work in all driving conditions and environments, whether muddy, raining, or using the brake pads for racing.
Also, this duty front brake pads are durable and will outlast many types of front brake pads in the market. They have been thoroughly tested and will offer you nothing short of excellent braking performance.
The best thing about this set of front brake pads is that they are affordable, which means that you won't break the bank to get them. Overall, it's great value for money.

Pros & Cons of Race-Driven Duty Front Brake Pads

Things I like

  • Fits Impeccably In Most Car Models - These front brake pads will fit into any vehicle, whether it’s an SUV, truck, or a racing car.
  • Affordable - As we stated in this brake performance reviews, this product is relatively inexpensive - one that won’t cost you anything to purchase. It’s a cheap alternative set of brake pads.
  • Works Well In All Driving Conditions - Race-driven works excellently in all driving and weather conditions, irrespective of how muddy or sandy the road is. The brake pads are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Things I don't like

  • Durability - Despite being metallic, this set of front brake pads is not really durable, and you might not get the best out of them before they finally wear out.
Genuine Ford Fluid PM-1-C High Performance DOT-3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid - 12 oz.

DOT-3 brake fluid is the best for regular vehicles. Car brands such as Lincoln, Ford, and Mercury can use this fluid for their braking system. It is best suited for those vehicles that have brakes like drums, discs, or ABS. Using high-performance brake fluid ensures your automobile's safety.

This one is of the best-rated brake fluids available in the market. The container holds 12 ounces of fluid. And the least flashpoint or the wet boiling line is 140 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, it needs a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius to reach its base dry boiling point.

Another essential thing to mention here is that you do not use this fluid in your diesel engine. This DOT 3 is manufactured and designed by the famous Ford Motor Company. We hope after seeing the brand name, there is no chance to raise questions about its quality. The performance is trustworthy too.

Moreover, this will be really helpful without mixing with other fluids. Please go through the manual or owner guild to know the actual usage of it.

Pros & Cons of Genuine Ford Fluid

Things I like

  • Great quality
  • Reliable
  • Fit for disc and drum

Things I don't like

  • Bit expensive compared to other fluids

Features to Look for Before Buying The Best Brake Performance

Knowing the features before buying can make your decision-making task easier. Since you are investing your money on a product, it is important to purchase according to your convenience. Here are some features you need to look before buying the best brake performance rotors and brakes for you and your vehicle.


Usually, a brake pad consists of materials such as low or semi-metallic, ceramic, and lastly organic. Out of these, the ceramic-built pad is good for preventing brake noises, brake dust. It holds power to control the speed of the vehicle at any degree.

Complete Package

We have already mentioned in the product reviews that some brakes come in package or kits. Again, some are in pairs or a single set. As suggested or reviewed, complete sets are quite expensive.

Nonetheless, it is a better choice. Because you can at once replace the entire front and rear brakes of your vehicle, it will prevent corrosion.

Drilled Holes

The brakes contain visible holes called as drilled holes. They enhance the look of the rotors over the shiny ceramic surface. Not only for looks, but they are also made for cooling the brake rotors quickly.

These are highly applicable for frequent braking that usually occurs when you drive to a mountain area or uphill environment.


It is vital to look for protection over wear or corrosion. Many such products are manufactured with an anti-corrosion layer for protecting the brake rotors from rusting or wearing off.

This layer is made of silver zinc coating for rust prevention. They also keep your brake rotors last longer and retain the shiny look of them.


This factor is one of the most critical points to consider before buying your desired rotors. Always read the owner's manual to check whether the size of the brake will be compatible with your vehicle or not. Remember to ensure the size first and then confirm your purchase.

Is Brake Performance Legit?

Brake performance or a performance brake is a brake system used on performance cars like racing cars. Brake performance is worth every penny that you spend on it, and that makes it legit.

 Brake performance pads are for aggressive driving, and standard or stock brakes wouldn't cut out. They are resistant to fade, and they perform better on tracks than stock brakes.

If you are looking for brake pads to handle your car's speed, power, and performance, you should get brake performance pads. You just need to be aware that they are not as durable as stock or OEMs brake pads, and they can be noisy. That's why they are better suited for racing cars or cars with a high power engine.

Who Makes the Best Brake Pads and Rotors?

There are over a dozen brands that make the best brake pads and rotors. These brands have become popular over the years because of the superiority and durability of their products. These brands include;

-Power Stop
-EBC Brakes

What are the Best Brake Pads and Rotors?

The best brake pads and rotors are made with the best material to ensure that they last long and improve the car's braking power. Driving with the best brake pads and rotors enhances your safety and reduces the risk of hitting someone or an object, leading to an accident.

The best brake pads and rotors vary in construction, the material used, and the intended purpose. For rotors, there are blank rotors, cross-drilled rotors, slotted rotors, and drilled-slotted. Blank rotors are found in nearly all the vehicles but are not suitable due to the great friction it generates. However, they are very affordable, which is a plus for budget-conscious drivers.

Drilled rotors have superior heat dissipation. Slotted rotors have a great cooling effect and heat dissipation, and are not prone to mud clogging. Drilled-slotted combines the advantages of both drilled and slotted. If you are looking for the best rotor based on construction, you should go for drilled-slotted rotors.


Materials used in making brake pads and rotors include cast iron, steel, aluminum, carbon, ceramic, and carbon-ceramic. Most brake rotors are made out of cast iron, but they are usually more massive than the others. Steel brake rotors are lighter than cast iron and even distribute heat more evenly than cast iron. Aluminum is another lightweight material that is used in making rotors used in motorcycles.

Carbon rotors are excellent at dissipating heat. The same can be said of ceramic and carbon-ceramic rotors. Ceramic and carbon-ceramic rotors offer an unparalleled cooling effect and even heat distribution, and that's why people have arguably considered them the best type of brake rotors.

As regards brake pads in this brake performance reviews, we recommend ceramic brake pads. They produce less noise and last for a very long time compared to Non-Asbestos Organic and semi-metallic brake pads.

Carbon Fiber Brake Pads Pros and Cons

The type of brake pads that your car uses is vital to its stopping or braking power. There are several brake pad materials, from organic to metallic, semi-metallic to ceramic.
Carbon fiber, also known as carbon-ceramic brake pad, is an emerging type of brake pad material currently. They consist of ceramic material, infused with copper fibers to enhance performance, and increase heat dissipation.
However, most car enthusiasts and owners are unaware of this type of brake pad material or the benefits. So we shall be looking at its pros and cons.


•Dissipate Heat Well - Carbon-fiber brake pads dissipate heat excellently. This is vital in a brake system to enhance performance and braking power. No matter how hot they get, they will not fail to work at their best capacities. Even after driving after a hard stop, the braking performance won’t be hindered by heat.

•Braking Performance - The performance of carbon-fiber brake pads is unrivaled and consistent. Their braking performance is smooth and produces less noise than other materials used in making brake pads, no matter how hard you press the pedals. They work well in most weather conditions.
•Durability - This is probably the reason why you should choose this brake pad material over any other material. They have a high lifespan that can reach up to 80,000 miles. Carbon fiber brake pads last for a very long time compared to metallic pads.
•Low Brake Dust - Even after driving for eight hours, ceramic brake pads won't accumulate so much dust on your wheels as other pad materials would. No black sludge trapped or stuck in between the wheels. Even if there is, they won't give you a headache or a hard time when you want to wash them down.


•Price - This is probably the biggest and only con of this brake pad material. They are expensive. Their prices will definitely put some persons off, but there are worth the money.

How To Install A New Set of Brake Pads & Rotors

Brake Performance Reviews (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding brake pads:

1. Is it necessary to change both brake pads and rotors together?

No. Generally, brake pads should be repaired every 10k to 20k miles, and rotors must typically be replaced every 50k to 70k miles. If there is any vibration, it means you need to change the brake pads.

2. What is the lifetime of brake pads?

They usually last till 30k miles according to many brake pad manufacturers. However, this relies on aspects like maintenance and the condition of driving.

3. What would be the cost to repair brake pads and rotors?

The typical worth is around $400 to $500 for repairing one wheel.

4. Is it possible to use a new brake pad on the former rotor?

Using over time, you may see a slight layer of brake pad material on the rotor that enhances minimal friction to stop. Thereby, it won't be a problem to put a new pad on an old rotor.

5. Which one will be better, ceramic or metallic brake pad?

Ceramic stands out in this case as it sustains a high temperature of the brake, reduces dust generation, and ensures quick recovery once it stops.

6. How to test rotor power?

To check the rotor power, there are three kinds of tests, namely - compression, tension, and shear. The tension test is related to material pulling. And the crushing of material is tested by compression. On the other hand, a shear tests the ripping of rotors.

7. How much time does it take to replace the rear brake pad and rotor?

Usually, it takes a bit more than half an hour while following a backyard mechanic. That is to take off wheels, removing calipers and pads, and then replace the pads.

Final Words and Recommendation

We hope our BEST BRAKE PERFORMANCE REVIEWS and other necessary information related to brake performance will help you in making a decision. With this idea and knowledge, you will be able to purchase the best product.

Though it fits with certain vehicles and specifications, we will recommend the Max Brakes kit. Its high performance, sound price tag, and other features make it a unique item.

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