Carefully Picked 11 Best BMX Brakes, Pads, Lever & Caliper

Being a biker has its quirks. However, if your choice of bike is BMX and you’re fond of free styling, then the options for customization are limitless.
Yet, one of the vital options for customization and replacement are brake sets.

Usually, BMX riders would go with the choice between brakes or brakeless. If you belong in the former category, then we have good news. Because in this article, we present the best BMX brakes.

Brake sets are one of the essential elements of a bicycle. They help prevent any accident or any harm happening to you. Similarly, a proper brake set is also crucial for your BMX.
Hence, we have compiled a list of carefully chosen brake pads, brake lever, and caliper for your BMX.

11 Best BMX Brakes Review

Purchasing a new BMX brake set can get complicated. Especially when there are so many matters to look into like the brake, lever, weight, and type.

Still, if you have an idea about the basics, then you know what to look for. So, check out this simplified list of best BMX brakes.

1999 BMX Brake Set & Lever

This particular set of side pull brakes are wonderful for the price and child-friendly, as well. The installation kit contains all the necessary hardware for an easy set up in the front or rear. It consists of the brake lever, calipers, and a cable with a reach of 66-95mm.

The long reach of calipers helps to fit a variety of pads and goes all the way to mounting slots. Also, the installation comes easy with this set. It has longer bolts best for fitting through fork while shorter bolt helps with the rear cross member. The cable is also adjustable according to your application.

Moreover, the outer shell has a metal casing, so be careful about cutting yourself if you consider trimming it for the calipers and cable. It features a V-brake design with a single pivot that can effectively halt your bike in any condition.

Even if you live in a hilly area, this will work to stop you from going downhill. The lever has a great build, but it is designed to be used on the right side. Even then, you can set it up on the left side by flipping it over, and it works just as fine.

Odyssey 1999 brake set is an excellent set of BMX brakes and perfect for beginners and kids alike. It is simple and doesn't require extra mounts for the advanced braking mechanism.

Pros & Cons of 1999 BMX Brake Set & Lever


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Good value

Things to consider

  • Calipers seem to stretch

The Curb Dog BMX brakes are an ideal choice for beginner riders as they guarantee durability and excellent quality. At an affordable price, you get a very nice braking system that works very effectively.

It has a size of 6″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″, making it perfect to fit most BMX wheels. And it possesses a V-brake type design, which has the edge over other selections since it is a lot reliable in most cases. It also helps to lengthen the longevity of the pads so you can use it for a prolonged time than usual.

Moreover, the installation is effortless and worry-free. The kit consists of F/R, L/R Black set w/lever. It includes a conveniently sized cable for front or rear side use. Then comes alloy universal lever and brake calipers. The steel forged levers make it even more long-lasting.

All of this makes for the right choice and works amazingly due to its well-functional mechanism. Although this is one brake set, it can still be used for both front and rear sides.

This device is an ideal match for freestyle BMX. It is capable of making a massive difference to the braking capacity of any bikes. Even if you combine it with a U brake, it works perfectly.

Pros & Cons of CURB Dog Muscle Bound BMX Brake Set 


  • V brake
  • Durable
  • Perfect size

Things to consider

  • Weak steel
Tektro 930AL Mini V Brake Pull Front & Rear Brakes For BMX Cyclocross Road

The Tektro 930AL BMX is built with keeping power and efficiency in mind. It has numerous features, such as the linear-pull brake system letting you brake immediately. With adequate stopping power, this is helpful for any rider, especially novices.

It is primarily a 'V-brake,' which enables a controlled stop in any conditions without delay. There are two variations of this product, while this mini version has dimensions of 20.5″ x 38.5″ and the pads measuring 836.12 EN. So, this is well suited for most BMX’s on the market, particularly for kids bikes.

Not to mention, it's the weight of 161 grams, which is a significant advantage for keeping your bike lightweight. The kit consists of all the essentials, such as the adjustable lever that is included with cable and housing. And the V-brakes are made out of alloy steel, adding to its durability.

Moreover, it gets frustrating to set up cheap brakes, but with Tektro 930AL, it hasn't been this easier. With this brake set, you can adjust, and they would hold their position just as any good quality V-brake.

As they are easy to set up, they also perform exceptionally well. At this price point, they last for a very long time making the product almost unbeatable in the market.

Pros & Cons of Tektro 930AL Mini V Brake Pull


  • Super lightweight
  • Effectively stops
  • Durable

Things to consider

  • Can be too small
Tektro 930AL BMX V-Brake with Lever, Black

Similarly, to its mini counterpart, this brake set is altogether well-put and efficient. With its sleek look and feel, its performance can exceed the price tag. It is versatile and designed for all types of BMX bike riders.

With its dual tension linear spring system, it immediately applies the brakes and has enough power to stop your bike instantly. This is an essential feature for any riders, particularly beginners who can reap this benefit effectively.

Also, its V-brake system is constructed for more novice bikers. It is all because of its ability to provide controlled stop anywhere with immediate effect. As for the size, it comes at 8.9″ x 6.5″ x 3.2″; this makes it an ideal fit for almost any BMX bikes.

Besides, it only weighs 589 grams, and it doesn’t weigh much when you are getting a dual spring system. Coming in an attractive packaging, the kit features basic elements such as levers, cables, and housing. It is a durable product, and its alloy steel forged V-brakes make it incredibly long-lasting.

Arranging it on your bike is also very easy as the parts are all standard size to fit everything nicely. Overall, this brake gives high performance at a lower price. With such good value, it surely incapable of disappointing you.

Pros & Cons of Tektro 930AL BMX V-Brake with Lever


  • Dual tension linear springs
  • Good stoppage
  • Good value

Things to consider

  • Sizes get confused
Sunlite Alloy Cruiser/BMX Bicycle Brakeset Front & Rear, Silver

This shiny brake set is all you need for the right value for money. It provides excellent quality with sufficient braking power across all BMX bikes. And it is on par with other great brake sets, but you get this at a fraction of their price.

Moreover, this BMX brakes kit includes all the necessary parts such as levers, calipers, cables, and housing. The metal forged alloy construction makes it very durable, including the shiny silver varnish that can withstand any wear and tear. Weighing in about 618g per set, it is light, while the cable reaches 73-91mm.

These specifications are convenient to enable daily use. With enough patience, the BMX brake mount kit is easily adjustable and fits like a puzzle. It features a front and rear side pull brake set. The front caliper can open wide to be suitably mounted over the fender.

Also, this can reach 26" wheel rims without any problem. Even the rear fits perfectly and is able to function properly without fail. Coming with both front and rear brake sets, you do get the additional benefit. Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive brake set, then this particular product makes a strong choice.

Pros & Cons of Sunlite Alloy Cruiser/BMX Bicycle Brakeset


  • Two brake sets
  • Well functional
  • Easy setup

Things to consider

  • Moving parts are not lubricated leading to rust
Tektro 984 BMX Sidepull Brake Black

This Tektro BMX brake set here is among the solid and well-constructed BMX brakes. Its side-pull brake functionality is perfectly adjustable for any bikes. So take a chance and purchase this one because it lets you stop your bike anywhere, anytime in a second.

If you are a beginner, then this brake set is very much suitable for you. It only consists of brakes for the rear wheel, yet it gets the job perfectly. You can perfectly align and set the rim like butter spread on bread. The sleek black color also gives additional cool factor about the appearance.

Moreover, with a size of 9″ x 6″ x 2″ inches and weighing 204 grams, this can't get any lighter and free of extra burden. This enables you to race and pull some bicycle tricks like 360 BMX with ease!

Now, there are hardly any obstacles to weigh down your bicycle. Again, the cable has a length of 68-91mm, and such a standard size is always a warm welcome. This BMX brakes set is a very versatile and nice quality product.
It will not stick on rims and will correctly hold its configuration in place. With its round mount area, you can even try it on non-BMX bikes, and it can work well.

Pros & Cons of Tektro 984 BMX Sidepull Brake Black


  • Excellent installation
  • Lightweight
  • Appropriate price

Things to consider

  • Might not fit properly
Odyssey Springfield U-Brake Kit

This particular set of Odyssey BMX brakes are the top BMX brakes available in the market today. They are impressively durable, constructive, and easy to set up without fail.
It comes in size of 18″-29″ x 1.5″– 2.5″, making it well suited for almost all the wheel sizes out there. And it only weighs about 354 grams, so it isn't close to being heavy.

The classic black color makes it look both smooth and velvety. And the brakes are only usable for a rear wheel with U-brake type.
You can easily press on the short pull lever and expect the bike to stop in a smooth transition.

Furthermore, the BMX brake kit comes with an assortment of gears such as the single spring, hinged medium lever, and the amazing ODYSSEY Ghost pads. Honestly, this is one of the best BMX brake pads. Aside from that, the cable contains a convenient linear housing instead of a spiral one.

U-brakes tend to be a hit or miss with most bikers as they are quite complicated than other kinds of brakes. In spite of that, these brakes work tremendously well. One would think they would drag to the side due to a lack of centering adjustment.

However, that is not the case, since they are still capable of centering perfectly.

These brakes can be your new favorite, and you won't have to worry about skidding anymore.

Pros & Cons of Odyssey Springfield U-Brake Kit


  • Effective lever
  • Odyssey Ghost Pads
  • Smooth brake

Things to consider

  • Inconsistent quality control
Bike Brakes Mountain Bike V Brakes Set Replacement Fit for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX (Aluminum Alloy, 1 Pair)

This particular replacement kit is a perfect fit for any BMX bikes. It features all the necessary components like V brake pads, mounting bolts, cables, etc. On top of that, it is very reasonably priced and yet provides the facility for a successful braking system. 

This set is durable indeed, as it is made out of 6061 aluminum with branded Wake. So expect a sturdy build that is able to withstand corrosion or any wear and tear. However, it has plastic elements too, since the spring box is made out of that material.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a huge cause for worry as the important parts are made out of metal.

The hardware included like the 55mm brake pads, cable with rubber casing, and bolts are very easy to install. It is even trouble-free to convert any brake system such as cantilever brakes to this system. Additionally, you adjust the tensioners to stabilize the levers, and this assists in keeping everything in balance.

The V-Brakes system itself is also very smooth and effortless. It is able to stop at the right moment. With this set, commuting has never been this easier! It has all the essentials required to help give you proper brake whenever you need it.

Pros & Cons of Bike Brakes Mountain Bike V Brakes Set


  • Smooth V brake
  • Sturdy build
  • Easily fits

Things to consider

  • Soft and mushy brake pads
Sunlite MX Side Pull Brake Set, 69-96mm Reach, Black

If you are looking to improve a rider’s stopping time significantly, then this model shall be the product of your choice. The Sunlite MX Set consists of key features that assist in enhancing the braking skill of an average rider. Also, the best part is that these brakes come at a very affordable range.

Firstly, this set's installation process is quite easy and straightforward. You do not have to go through the hassle of facing any wiring issues. All you have to do is unbox the brake set, read the instructions thoroughly, and apply the product on your bike. This considerably reduces a lot of stress, because installing a new brake set on a bicycle can be excruciating.

Secondly, this model does not deform or wear out over time. It is mostly because the product is formulated in the melt-forged alloy. Hence, you are not only getting a set that comes at a reasonable price range but also offers a longer lifetime.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is that the reach of this brake set is from 69mm to 96mm. This factor brings a crucial advantage when it comes to attaching the whole game.

There is a Metal Gromit inserted in this set that allows you to pull off the cable housing. Hence, you will be able to re-adjust the length of the brakes to fit the model precisely on your bike. Lastly, the set consists of a matte black finish that will allow you to customize the aesthetics of your bike.

Pros & Cons of Sunlite MX Side Pull Brake Set


  • Comes along with cable, housing, and lever
  • Highly affordable
  • 69mm to 96mm in reach
  • Produced in melt-forged alloy
  • Crimped cable ends for fraying prevention

Things to consider

  • Requires a ton of pressure for the brakes
 Avid FR-5 Bicycle Brake Lever Set

Avid FR-5 Bicycle Brake Lever Set might be the most compact brake lever to have ever existed. Weighing in about 78 grams, this lightweight BMX brake set packs a punch. Not only is it mechanically sound, but this is also easily adjustable.

The levers are ergonomic and high quality that offers comfort even when you use it without gloves. You can even do a single finger brake easily, and it will stop right at the moment. They are so versatile that they work equally well with disc and rim brakes.

Therefore, these are recommended across all brake types for its comfortable grip and high performance.

Featuring a long pull brake lever actuation, it is easily adjustable to your needs. These levers have an aluminum alloy construction, which makes it sturdy and durable. The barrel adjusters are good quality and can be safely secured in place.

Braking is so much smoother and reliable with this lever set since they remove any power loss due to flexing.

They come in both classic shades of black and silver. The installation of the product is very easy and straightforward. Considering the price, this is one of the best BMX brake levers out there and makes for an excellent value. 

Pros & Cons of Avid FR-5 Bicycle Brake Lever Set


  • Compact lever set
  • Smooth on hands
  • Ergonomic

Things to consider

  • Frail build
Front Or Rear BMX U-Brake Brake Caliper - Black/Silver

This basic set is an excellent choice as it is one of the best BMX brake calipers, and they are usable for any BMX riders. The kit comes with all the required hardware that is needed for an easy installation. It is comprised of brake pads, calipers, cable, and all the tools necessary to fit them.

Setting up hasn’t been this easier. It features long bolts for easily fitting it through the frame. The cable comes at a short range of 26 - 46 mm, and you can adjust it per your wish. And the BMX brake pads measure a standard 55mm with metal construction that lends to its resistance and high durability.

It features a U-brake design, and it is powerful to safely and effectively stop your bike. The mechanism is basic but gets the job done well. If you are displeased with your bike’s factory caliper set, then these BMX U-Brake Caliper is the right choice for you. It is perfect as a replacement brake set.

Moreover, this BMX device might be underrated, but don't underestimate it since it offers a lot of benefits. Likewise, it delivers the performance it is meant to execute. As the name suggests, you can easily perform any BMX brake arts with ease.

Pros & Cons of BMX U-Brake Caliper


  • Easy BMX brakes setup
  • Durable
  • Good replacement set

Things to consider

  • Average

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best BMX Brakes

It is always crucial to consider various factors when buying BMX bike brakes. After all, you want to acquire as much knowledge as possible regarding bike brakes before you finally decide upon one. Buying bike brakes shouldn’t be so difficult if you know some of the basics.

Knowing the Categories

For starters, there are two main categories of bike brakes, and they are rim brakes and disc brakes. For BMXers, the choice is rimmed brakes since disc brakes are unavailable for BMX bikes. Ultimately, it is a matter of going between brake and brakeless. Yet, it is always beneficial to know the difference between both.

Disc brakes employ the use of round metal discs that are set up on the pivot of the wheel. The rotating discs along with brake pads are contained within the caliper.

Pressing the brake handles exert pressure on the pads and then the rotor to slow down the bike. They usually come in two forms, mechanical or hydraulic, each serving different purposes.

Consequently, in rims brakes, the rim of the wheel acts as a braking surface. It helps to slow down the bike once the brake pads press against it.

These types of brakes are ideally used in BMX and road bikes, as they are light and mechanically simple. However, there are several kinds of rim brakes, and three of the important ones are caliper, cantilever, and U-brakes.

BMX Brakes


This is the basic standard type of brake for most BMX bikes. It is commonly found on park, street or dirt BMX bikes. It is a hybrid between cantilever and caliper brakes, as typically seen on CX and road bikes, respectively. U-brakes let brake arms move on two pivots, mounted along with bosses directly connected to the frame.

It can give you a nice aesthetic feel or look. However, compared to cantilever, they have their bosses located above the rim and not below. They share similarities with calipers by having arms cross above the tire.

Cantilever Brakes

Better known as linear pull 'V-brake' that is a similar type used on non-disc mountain bikes. It comes with two-brake arms on both sides of the rim-mounted via bosses. Unlike U-brakes with top pulling transverse cable or link guide, the cable pulls from the side.

Caliper Brakes

Likewise found on road bikes, these are single unit rather than two distinct brake arms. A bolt fixes the device in the middle of the frame and forks, going above the tire.

It also acts as a pivot point. You shouldn’t expect high performance from BMX calipers as its performance is substandard compared to U or cantilever brakes. They are mostly found on kid-friendly and budget BMX bikes.

Another crucial matter to consider is the factor between weight and strength. Most BMX brakes include aluminum arms to strike a balance between the two.

Meanwhile, if you want to upgrade your BMX brake for freestyle bike, then you ought to get a detangler. Also known as gyro, it allows you to rotate handlebars at 360 degrees without getting brake cables wrapped around.

How to Adjust BMX brakes

After purchasing a BMX bike, the next thing you have to do is to assemble it. Usually, the company disintegrates the handlebars and the front wheel, meaning you will have to do all the packaging. Also, before riding your bike, you have to adjust it.

There's no need to worry about it because the procedure is simple, and we will run through them.

First, you have to insert the cable into the brake lever. Ensure all the braking components have been rightly aligned before engaging the adjustment system. To align the system, turn the bike over and check it. After checking, run the cable through the bike and secure it.

After that, pass the cable through the rim of the bike frame. When running the cable through the frame, ensure the cable's tip is pointing towards the back of the bike.

The next thing you have to do is to place the short cable on the brake arm. Take it around the downtube of the frame. After that, run the long cable through the screw holes located in the brake arm.

Using a 10mm wrench, adjust the mount and brake's connecting valve found at the cable's end. Confirm to see if the screw is well fitted. Also, check the brake pad's position and ensure they have the right contact to the rim edge. Cut out any excess cable, then fix the metal caps and tighten it with a plier.

Inspect the brake to ensure they are well placed on the wheel and do not stick out too much.

How to Repair BMX brakes

To get the brake's best performance, it is right to perform all the necessary maintenance to ensure the brake is working efficiently. The first step of support is always to keep the brake lever free of dirt.

Dirt and dust found on the brake lever may build up and interfere with the brake's operations. Another angle you should also check is the brake lever. Ensure that they are well-positioned on the handlebar. This is because the handlebar frequently slips, and this leads to causing additional stress on the brake cable.

Usually, the handlebar is not supposed to squeak or show resistance to pressure. If this happens, clean and apply lubricant to the brake lever and cables. While using the oil, be careful not to allow it to get to the brake pads or rotors.

You should also inspect the cables and casing for rust. Replace them if they show signs of rust or weakness.

Best BMX Brakes (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best BMX brakes:

1. What are the advantages of rim brakes?

The biggest advantage of rim brakes is that it is lightweight due to its aluminium construction. Other than some minor wear and adjustments, it is very easy to maintain. They are usually reliable for guaranteeing durability.

2. Is tire size a factor for BMX brakes?

BMX brakes work better on narrow tires rather than wider ones. The caliper has to reach around the fender to brake properly. In wider tires, you will need a bigger and stronger caliper to prevent any flex from happening. This is especially true if it starts to rain, then rim brakes prove to be very poor stoppers.
 And this is exactly why BMX brakes are good for bikes with narrow tires. This even allows you to pull bicycle tricks very easily.

3. What is the difference between caliper brakes and direct-mount caliper brakes?

Typically, caliper brakes come as a single unit attached to the frame or fork by a single bolt. Nowadays, though, it is becoming common to see bikes with direct mount caliper brakes.

It consists of two bolts being attached to the frame while the BMX brake system pivots. Direct-mount offers more power in contrast to regular calipers.

4. Should I Get Disc Brake or Rim Brakes

Deciding on the type of brake you need for your bike depends on the type of stopping power you prefer. Disc brakes have high stopping power and performance even during harsh weathers.

They are also compatible with a wide range of tires. Disc brakes are safer and improve control and bike handling at high speed. The only downside is that they are quite expensive.

Also, unlike rim brakes, disc brakes do not heat the rim, which is one of the causes of tire blowouts.

5. Do Professional BMX Bikes Have Brakes?

Yes. It is a rule that all BMX bikes should have brakes. However, most BMX riders, especially those who ride in the street or packs, decide to take out the brake and ride brakeless.

6. Should I Use Front or Rear Brakes on a Bike?

Using the front or back brakes depends on individual riders. Actually, back brakes are suitable in areas where there is poor traction or when the front tire gets blown or deflates.

However, when it comes to braking on dry surfaces or pavement, the front brake is more functional as it provides high stopping power. Using the front brake is actually safer if you will take your time to learn how to use it.

7. Is it Illegal to Have no Brakes on a BMX?

Yes. Riding a BMX bike without a brake can get you in trouble with the law. All bikes should have a minimum of one brake.

8. Should You Use Both Brakes on the Bike?

Riding a bike with both front and rear brakes will reduce any possibility of wheel skidding.

9. How to install V brakes?

BMX brakes are easy to set up. Although, you need to consider some factors such as making sure that brake levers match perfectly. They usually come in cartridge style brake pads, so that is why it is easily replaceable. All you have to do is open the shell, remove the old pad, and slide in a new one.

Final Words of Selecting The Best BMX Brakes

In conclusion, there are numerous BMX brakes out there in the market today, making it unwise to get a BMX brake set without prior knowledge.

Making the wrong choice for the brake set has its consequences and can be risky for your well-being. After all, you won't stay away from unfortunate circumstances.

You must ensure that the brakes are suitable for your bike, and it is fully effective. If not, then it defeats the purpose of getting brakes in the first place. Nonetheless, these are the best BMX brakes of our choice, and you can count on this list.

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