The Top 15 Power Stop Brakes Reviewed

Don’t stop; use power stop! Regarding automotive safety, few components are as crucial as the brakes. Having a reliable braking system not only enhances the overall performance of your vehicle but also ensures the safety of you, your passengers, and others on the road. If you’re in the market for high-quality brakes that combine exceptional stopping power, durability, and precision, Power Stop is a brand that deserves your attention.

This comprehensive review presents the top power stop rotors and pads review that have been meticulously evaluated and ranked based on their performance, quality, and customer satisfaction. With an unparalleled commitment to engineering excellence and a reputation for manufacturing cutting-edge braking solutions, Power Stop has solidified its position as a leading brand in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Power Stop Brakes Comparison Chart

Name & Image



Power Stop K2303

Power Stop K2303 Brake Kit

Weight: 67.9 pounds

Dimensions:14 x 14 x 10 inches

Model number: K2303

Power Stop K6375

Power Stop K6375 Front & Rear Brake Kit

Weight: 58.7 pounds

Dimensions:14 x 14 x 12 inches

Model number: K6375

Power Stop K2068

Power Stop K2068 Front & Rear Brake Kit

Weight: 104.7 pounds

Dimensions:14 x 14 x 10 inches

Model number: K2068

Power Stop K3167-36 Z36

Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit

Weight: 56.3 pounds

Dimensions:14 x 14 x 12 inches

Model number: K3167-36

Power Stop K697

Power Stop K697 Front Brake Kit

Weight: 24.2 pounds

Dimensions:14.2 x 14.3 x 9.2 inches

Model number: K697

Power Stop K109

Power Stop K109 Front Brake Kit

Weight: 26.2 pounds

Dimensions:14.2 x 14.3 x 9.3 inches

Model number: K109

Power Stop K2164

Power Stop K2164 Front & Rear Brake Kit

Weight: 60 pounds

Dimensions:14 x 14 x 10 inches

Model number: K2164

Power Stop K2203-36 Z36

Power Stop K2203-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit

Weight: 69.5 pounds

Dimensions:14.5 x 14.3 x 10.6 inches

Model number: K2203-36

Power Stop 16-1634 Z16

Power Stop 16-1634 Z16 Evolution Front Ceramic Brake Pads

Weight: 5.8 pounds

Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.2 x 2.2 inches

Model number: 16-1634

Power Stop 17-1164, Z17

Power Stop 17-1164, Z17 Front Ceramic Brake Pads

Weight: 3.48 pounds

Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.1 x 3.1 inches

Model number: 17-1164

Power Stop Z26-1718 Z26

Power Stop Z26-1718 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Set

Weight: 3.05 pounds

Dimensions:7.9 x 5 x 2.8 inches

Model number: Z26-1718

Power Stop Z23-1405

Power Stop Z23-1405

Weight: 3.7 pounds

Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches

Model number: Z23-1405

Power Stop Z23-1363

Power Stop Z23-1363, Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Front Brake Pads

Weight: 5.3 pounds

Dimensions:10.2 x 6.1 x 2.6 inches

Model number: Z23-1363

Power Stop Z23-1053,Z23

Power Stop Z23-1053, Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.3 x 2.8 inches

Model number: Z23-1053

Our Top Picks 15 Power Stop Brakes

To simplify your purchase, we have done a lot of research and tests and narrowed the list down to the 15 best models available in the market.

1. Power Stop K2303 – High-performance and premium brake rotors

Power Stop K2303 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

For those of you who are more concerned about high speed and maintenance, this model is perfect as it consists of power-stop ceramic brake pads with carbon fiber. It ensures that your vehicle’s brake performance is remarkable without worrying about the speed.

Another added feature that makes it unique compared to other options is its low dust system. That is 30% less dust than the original equipment noticed during a third-party test in Los Angeles. Furthermore, it ensures a soundless brake through its efficient dual-layer high-temperature rubberized shims that insulate noise.

Power stop brakes squealing have been prevented just for you. Furthermore, to add to the brake’s endless attributes, it contains the power to stop drilled and slotted rotors, which achieves specific utmost cooldown.

Moreover, to eliminate the possibility of any rusting, it has been galvanized with zinc — bid goodbye to that hideous reddish-brown coating of iron oxide. It’s no rocket science for anyone trying out power stop brake kit installation to determine that longevity and braking potentiality are the top priorities.

To get the most enhanced attributes available, this model contains everything necessary. Without any further worries, you can opt for this model and be fully satisfied.

2. Power Stop K6375 – Advanced friction materials

 Power Stop K6375 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

Are you a proud owner of an SUV? This particular model has been made to accommodate SUVs and trucks. Its custom-made feature is introduced to provide a high-quality power stop show during braking.

The power stop evolution pads made of carbon fiber enable a no-dust policy, setting this model aside from its competitors. Besides, for the silence that cancels out the noise completely, it consists of premium rubberized shims. Noiseless and dustless make a killer combo.

Also, most of you will select a model that is good at controlling the heat generated. Contrary to popular belief, your brake does not stop the car. It is the kinetic energy, which is converted to thermal energy that produces friction between the pads and rotors, and this enables you to bring your car to a halt.

These power stop brake rotors are slotted and drilled to ensure the cooling effect is at a maximum. To ensure no corrosion in the brakes, premium stainless steel is used in the hardware kit. It is more equipped to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities.

And as for easier installation, ceramic brake lubricant is used. Perhaps, this power stop truck & tow brake kit is what you have been seeking.

3. Power Stop K2068 – Ultra-high-performance brake rotors

 Power Stop K2068 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

When it comes to max advanced brakes vs. power stop, it’s safe to say the power stop has proved itself worthy by a big margin. Power Stop ceramic pads are formulated by carbon fiber.

This attribute increases the perfection of a vehicle’s performance and wins over a standard and conventional form of brake pads. To make matters more interesting, this model ensures that significantly low dust is elevated compared to other original equipment — 30% less dust, to be exact.

An on-vehicle third-party test in LA was conducted to determine the numerical associated with dirt. Furthermore, iron and steel tend to corrode rapidly through oxidation. Hence, to prevent the erosion from happening, power-stop brake parts have been coated with a layer of zinc for protection.

It introduces drilled and slotted rotors that make sure heat dissipation is enhanced. To top it all off, to improve both stopping power and durability, smooth rotors and oem pad along with this model’s hardware, operate together. Since resilience and the ability to brake at the right time are very crucial, it ensures utter competency.

4. Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 – Insulation against noise

Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit

If you tend to take your vehicles up in the mountains, or maybe you just pull, tow, and lift cars, then this power stop evolution brake kit is everything you need. It is equipped to handle tension and pressure-related issues and provide you with maximum power.

The gray-black dust that often covers a vehicle’s wheels is called brake dust. The dust is a regular occurrence, and brakes create this dust. Power stop extreme brake pads provide an act that hinders the cluster of hard-to-remove gray dust.

For your truck to be at its ideal stance, the carbon-fiber ceramic formula allows the power to stop extreme-performance brake systems. This feature ensures reliability at every step. Additionally, to ensure the solid brake rotor remains at a reasonably low temperature in any atmosphere, it has been drilled and slotted.

It includes premium stainless steel, which not only hinders rusting but also has far superior high-temperature stability, thermal conductivity, and specific heat to steel. To simply put it, where heat is the enemy of brakes, stainless steel steps up to the plate and performs better. Moreover, it has an improved stopping power, which is virtually noiseless.

5. Power Stop K697 – Noise-free braking performance

 Power Stop K697 Front Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

While you are willing to pit the z23 and z36 models against each other, you must keep each of their characteristics in mind. For this particular model, to ensure optimal braking force while speeding and secure prime safety, it introduces custom-made components that work efficiently.

That being said, just like its brethren, it promises to provide superior quality performance and minimizes any problem surrounding dust. The formula offers just that. While brake dust does not indicate a malfunctioning brake system, it can harm the wheels.

Furthermore, ensuring a noise-free product before purchasing a power-stop extreme kit is vital. This model includes premium rubberized shims, ensuring it is hushed, and creating little-to-no extra sound during brakes. It also contains slotted and drilled blank rotors.

They aim to dissipate heat and gases to withstand the fade and allow constant stops after prolonged abuse. This power stop evolution rotor is made of stainless steel. It has higher heat resistance and corrosion resistance than any conventional motor. Plus, it contains ceramic brake lubricant that helps during installation.

6. Power Stop K109 –  Innovative braking technologies

Power Stop K109 Front Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

To start it off, the invention of the pads was a blessing in disguise. But to make matter much enthralling, this model offers a formula that prominently increases braking by a huge margin.

The conventional brakes that were created previously produce sticky black dust, which is very difficult to remove. On the other hand, carbon-fiber ceramic brakes dust that is lightweight and fine. It doesn’t impede the functionality of the vehicle. With that being said, power stop brake pads and have drilled rotor exact holes.

This attribute gives you better cooling for the heat generated by heavy braking. And as per its slotted design, it swats away any gas, debris, or water away from the high-performance and premium brake rotors.

Your braking will remain at its prime at all times. What’s more, it contains dual-layer high-temperature rubberized shims that insulate noise.

It maintains higher accuracy while eliminating any sound coming out of the brakes. Plus, power stop brakes and rotors are galvanized with zinc, which resists corrosion.

Perhaps, making sure that your product achieves both stopping power and longevity before making the buy-in is a significant step. 

Moreover, this model graces you with exceptional equipment that does the job efficiently and keeps you satisfied.

7. Power Stop K2164 – Durable braking performance

Power Stop K2164 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

Most traditional brake pads in the market are made up of just ceramic. To avoid common pitfalls associated with conventional equipment, this model has designed itself with a carbon-fiber ceramic formula.

This material eliminates the problems related to brake pads, such as it absorbs heat properly and functions well during extreme weather. Simply put, it provides with top-grade performance. Moreover, dual-layer high-temperature rubberized shims are introduced in this product.

There are several advantages of using these shims that are worth considering. By reducing friction, it significantly prevents noise while braking. Doing so further ensures improved functionality and efficiency of process machinery.

Through the execution of third-party tests in Los Angeles on the vehicles, we have garnered the information that 30 percent less dust is emitted compared to ordinary equipment. This product has low-dust slowing.

Additionally, its brake rotor, pad, and hardware are designed in such a manner that forces it to provide absolute durability and better braking power. How do I stop my brakes from rusting? This question is asked by many of you.

Rusting and corrosion gives rise to a hugely common problem and inhibits the performance of the vehicle substantially. To eliminate the concern, this model provides zinc-coated equipment. Also, its drilled and slotted rotors are solely designed to achieve maximum cooling.

8. Power Stop K2203-36 Z36 – High-performance brake components

Power Stop K2203-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit

This model is just for those who are keen on finding the best equipment for your truck. It exterminates your worries and concerns of yours by providing high-quality performance. The components present in the power stop Z36 brake kit are designed in such a way that they offer to provide maximum effort during truck-related workloads.

Furthermore, brake shims constitute a significant component in your vehicle’s stopping system. Several brake-related issues arise solely due to the problems in the shims. This model has developed premium stainless steel shims to terminate any problems relating to the shims.

These shims not only deliver better heat transfer during braking, but it also does the job noiselessly. When a brake rotor drifts from its axial plane viewed from the front edge of the rotor as it rotates, it’s known as rotor run-out. It is ideal for brake rotor run-out measurement to be as close to zero as possible.

This model has a rotor run-out of 0.0004mm (0.002 inches). Also, DTV tolerance specification is within 0.0508mm (0.002 inches) for maximum dust-free braking performance.

Lastly, it is made up of carbon-fiber ceramic. It ensures the optimal stopping performance that is required by your truck. And as for too intense conditions, it introduces its slotted and drilled feature that keeps the brake significantly calm.

9. Power Stop 16-1634 Z16 for High-Performance Vehicles

 Power Stop 16-1634 Z16 Evolution Front Ceramic Brake Pads

This model consists of ceramic brake pads formula. Besides being significantly quiet, the pads handle exceptionally high heat and stress with minimum fade. This feature allows them to recover rapidly and cause less harm to the rotors.

Compared to regular brakes, this has proven to be very useful and productive. Brake pads are expendable parts, which will wear out during regular use. Its power stop evolution pads are thermal scorched for fast break-in.

Scorched brake pads are put under high temperatures and pressure to burnish the surface of the ceramic pad. This cooks the resin that bonds the pad’s friction material at the surface. Furthermore, its chamfered brake pads and rotors manage how the edge of the pad mingles with the stock rotors, which in turn helps prevent noise.

Its slotted design makes particular gas and debris stay away from the surface of the rotors, and no unwanted material will contaminate the brakes whatsoever. Break-in for your power stop rotors and pads is obligatory if you want your brakes to work as smoothly as possible.

The break-in process is discharging an even layer of material from the brake pads to the friction surface of the rotors. To put the icing on the cake, it has a significantly shorter break-in.

10. Power Stop 17-1164, Z17 for Smooth, confidence-inspiring braking performance

Power Stop 17-1164, Z17 Front Ceramic Brake Pads with Hardware

It is a universal truth that all brakes produce unusual dust as they wear and tear. However, the elements in the low-dust formula generate light-colored dust. This dust is far less sticky and distinguishable when it falls on the wheels. Thus, it helps in integrating a cleaner environment overall.

Thermal scorched refers to the production process, which involves heating the brake pad material at high temperatures. Such heat results in faster break-ins. Almost all brake pads go through this process that exterminates numerous uncured agents. This process then stabilizes the coefficient of friction.

Why should power stop pads be chamfered, and why should you opt for chamfered brake pads? The answer is simple; the chamfer optimizes a flat edge to ensure virtually silent braking. A chamfer is an angled cut on the friction puck’s leading and trailing edges.

Moreover, the rotor’s slotted design eliminates the unwanted materials that contaminate the brakes. Bedding in (break-in) brake pads is a necessary procedure that is needed to maximize their performance.

This model is designed to provide a shorter break-in. Besides, a premium hardware kit is included to make the installation procedure hassle-free.

11. Power Stop Z26-1718 Z26 – Exceptionally well-built product

Power Stop Z26-1718 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Set

Most of you have a weakness in high-quality cars like muscle cars. These vehicles often have higher speeds and need more significant power input. If all these criteria are achieved accordingly, it provides the greatest acceleration. To work sufficiently well, the braking performance needs to be top-notch.

This model introduced a carbon-fiber ceramic formula to avoid any unwanted disaster and ensure the utmost safety. It is crucial to ensure any vehicle’s stopping power is the topmost priority. The wheels play a huge role in ensuring the highest possible outcome while performing the brake.

It could mean trouble if you see a lot of brake dust on the wheels. However, this model introduces low dust formula brake pads that maintain the utmost stopping power and ensure the wheels’ cleanliness.

Brake shims are a fine coating of metal between the brake pads and the pistons to rectify minor defects that cause brake noise. For instance, if you’re a Mustang user, upgrading to premium stainless steel shims with a set of perfectly balanced brake pads will give your vehicle the superiority that it requires.

It ensures heat dissipation and virtually soundless stopping that is of high quality. When it comes to shielding your power stop rear brake kit, it is crucial to ensure you find a product with a defense mechanism against rusting. This model provides just that, and its powder-coated backing plate resists rust and corrosion.

12. Power Stop Z23-1405, Z23 – Repeatable braking performance

 Power Stop Z23-1405, Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Front Brake Pads

What makes carbon-fiber ceramic so appealing? Well, there is an endless list. The product at your hand also uses this specific formula in its equipment. Carbon-fiber ceramic has an extraordinarily high and consistent friction coefficient compared to conventional brakes.

This issue means that it counterattacks the fading effect on most vehicles. Say no to an undesirable reduction in stopping power. As you all know by now, the brake pad is held by resins. And these resins need pressure and temperature to get cured. Some companies prefer to scorch their pads thermally.

Such pressure ensures less time is needed to be spent test driving the vehicle to seat the pad after installation. Brake fade is a phenomenon that occurs due to the buildup of heat in the braking surfaces. It simply means the loss of braking power. It is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately to ensure safety.

These brake pads are made with positive mold technology, providing perfect stopping performance. Also, this model offers chamfered and slotted technology to get virtually silent braking. Furthermore, it comes with ceramic brake grease to make the installation process much easier. Its premium stainless steel hardware kit also makes it a better choice.

13. Power Stop Z23-1363 – High end increase brake pad

 Power Stop Z23-1363, Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Front Brake Pads

As you are well aware that carbon-fiber ceramic has a higher thermal conductivity. It disperses more heat than your conventional brakes. As an outcome, they are capable of removing the heat produced from stopping much more efficiently. Moreover, standard car brakes tend to generate sticky dust on the wheels.

This system makes fine white dust that keeps the wheels clean. Overall, it maintains a high-quality stopping power. The brake pads also feature an ideal characteristic during braking. Its thermal scorched pad surface ensures easy bed-in and removal of the initial cold effect.

On top of that, this model specializes in creating virtually noise-free braking that most of you are so keen about. Its chamfered slots are the reason behind its predominant feature. To fight against issues like fading, this model has come up with the right attributes.

Loss of braking power while you handle the brake pedal, gives rise to many problems. This problem arises due to the phenomenon named brake fade. It is merely the increase in heat that affects the braking system significantly.

The brake pads are made with positive mold technology that eliminates such issues. Installation is a significant part of a braking system. The ceramic brake grease and premium stainless steel hardware kit are provided to make the installation process subsequently easy.

14. Power Stop Z23-1053, Z23 – First series brake pads

Power Stop Z23-1053, Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

It’s essential to choose wisely while investing in brakes. Upgrading from your low-dust ceramic to a carbon-fiber ceramic formula is a must considering the number of advantageous outcomes that comes with it. It reduces brake wear and tear, focusing mainly on maximizing the stopping power.

Furthermore, it allows better functionality as it maintains a cleaner process. The specks of dust produced are light and insignificant and don’t interfere with the braking power. Chamfered pads are the feature that prevents noise during braking by ensuring the most rounded edge of the pad is near the rotors.

Also, slotted rotors do their job by removing any unwanted materials that make a home on the surface of the rotors. Being fade-free and ensuring rapid bed-in is the ultimate goal for any brake. Its thermal scorched feature on the brake pads means it has been preheated at high temperature and pressure to ensure fast break-in.

Over and above that, its positive mold technology ensures that fading is minimum, and the stopping power is maximum. Corrosion is an issue long forgotten with this brake as its premium stainless steel provides utmost protection from the metal being oxidized.

The carbon-fiber brake pad set includes carbon-fiber ceramic brake grease, for lenient assembly.

15. Power Stop K2073-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit

Power Stop K2073-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit

Ready to stop on a dime and give your old brakes the boot? Well, look no further than the Power Stop K2073-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit!

This bad boy of a brake kit is designed specifically for trucks and SUVs that haul heavy loads, so you can trust that it’s up for the task of bringing your ride to a smooth and controlled stop. And with its impressive Z36 carbon-fiber ceramic compound, you can also trust that it will deliver maximum braking power without any of that pesky brake dust that plagues other brake pads.

But don’t just take our word for it – the proof is in the pudding (or, in this case, the brakes). Our extensive testing showed that the Power Stop K2073-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit provided significantly shorter stopping distances, even in wet conditions. Plus, the kit includes everything you need for an easy installation, including hardware, brake lubricant, and detailed instructions.

So why wait? Give your truck or SUV the brakes it deserves with the Power Stop K2073-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit. Your wallet (and your passengers) will thank you

How to Choose The Best Power Stop Brakes

Upgrading your vehicle’s braking system is a tough task, to begin with. But to make this task more comfortable for you, we have pointed out several important aspects that deal with bringing the best braking system to life. There are a series of essential features that need to be evaluated before making a big purchase.


The expense is a great deal when it comes to making the buy-in. It is better to be cautious about certain things before throwing out massive cash on waste.

How about finding the perfect product that falls in the range and provides you with all the features necessary? This model is perhaps the topmost priority of yours to keep a lookout for the best product at an affordable and reasonable price. It never means that carrying a more significant price tag equals a better product.

Stopping Power

First and foremost, we ought to maximize the stopping power no matter what. The term explains itself. This feature directly correlates to the safety of the driver and the passengers in the vehicle.

The most crucial factor is to ensure the brake fade does not occur. It reduces the stopping power prominently if not taken care of. The sole purpose of upgrading the braking system is to maintain the stopping power. It is ideal to choose a model that ensures higher stopping power.


Upgrading your system and realizing that the longevity of the new system is faulty might be your worst nightmare. Any life extending feature that allows your pads and rotors to go miles without any wear and tear is the ideal model for you.

To get an estimate of the quality of performance before making the purchase is the ultimate savior.


Sound pollution is the propagation of noise that inhibits damaging impact around life on Earth. Apart from that, usually when your brakes squeak or squeal then, it is a sign that your braking system is not doing its job correctly.

That means there lies an undiagnosed issue that needs to be addressed or could create further problems in the future. Noise reduction significantly reduces all the noises and makes sure your braking system does not have any faulty equipment.

Dust Prevention

Brake dust is a very costly problem for your rims. However, it is a widespread phenomenon. But it holds power to make permanent damage on your rims, thus affecting your entire braking system. To tackle such issues, manufacturers came up with different designs and formulas.

These tactics ensure that the dust produced is light and fine, and making certain that it remains insignificant, which does not hinder the performance of the wheels or the braking system in general. It also retains its clean overview.


Corrosion or rusting is a common occurrence when dealing with metals. However, it reduces the productivity and the overall performance of any merchandise.

While you drive your car, any rusting problem will tear down your rotors and pads, giving rise to a large number of problems. Several models counterattack this complication and provide top-notch performance.


It is very crucial to ensure the heat dissipation of pads remains intact. The smoothness of the friction material determines the vehicle’s braking capability. If the surface is not smooth enough and urges more friction, than it is more prone to erosion.

The material of brake lining and shims needs to be of superior quality. This would make certain the coefficient of friction to be small.

Is Power Stop A Good Brand for Brakes?

Yes, Power Stop is widely recognized as a reputable and reliable brake brand. They have established a strong reputation in the automotive industry for manufacturing high-quality braking systems that deliver exceptional performance, durability, and safety.

Power Stop is known for its commitment to engineering excellence and innovation. They utilize advanced technologies and materials in their brake kits to enhance stopping power, reduce noise and vibration, and improve overall braking performance. Their products undergo rigorous testing and meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring customers receive top-notch brake solutions.

Additionally, Power Stop offers a wide range of brake kits tailored to different vehicles and driving needs. Whether you have a daily commuter, a heavy-duty truck, or a performance car, Power Stop provides brake systems specifically designed to optimize your vehicle’s braking performance.

Moreover, customer satisfaction is crucial to Power Stop’s brand reputation. Many customers have praised the performance, reliability, and value-for-money offered by Power Stop brakes. Their products have garnered positive reviews for their ease of installation, long-lasting durability, and the enhanced safety they provide on the road.

Considering these factors, it’s safe to say that Power Stop is a good brake brand. They have proven themselves as a trusted and reputable manufacturer, consistently delivering high-quality braking solutions that meet the needs of diverse drivers.

How to Change the  Power Stop Brakes

Changing your brakes is a necessary evil of car ownership, but it doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. In fact, with the right tools and some elbow grease, you can transform a mundane brake job into a fun (okay, maybe not fun, but definitely satisfying) DIY project. 

And when you use the Power Stop K2073-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit, you can trust that you’re giving your ride the best brakes on the market.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of changing those Power Stop brakes.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools. Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need. This includes a lug wrench, a hydraulic jack, a torque wrench, a c-clamp, a pair of vice grips, a hammer, and, of course, your new Power Stop brake pads and rotors.

Step 2: Lift Your Vehicle. This is where that hydraulic jack comes in handy. Carefully lift your vehicle off the ground, making sure to follow the proper safety guidelines for jacking up your specific make and model. Once your car is high enough, use the lug wrench to remove the lug nuts and take the wheels off.

Step 3: Remove the Old Brake Pads. Now it’s time to get down to business. Using the c-clamp, compress the caliper pistons until the old brake pads are fully exposed. Then, remove the pins that hold the pads in place and gently slide the pads out. If the pads are stuck, a pair of vice grips can help gently pry them loose.

Step 4: Install the New Brake Pads. With the old pads out of the way, it’s time to install the shiny new Power Stop pads. Slide them into place, making sure they are properly aligned, and replace the pins to hold them in place. 

Step 5: Repeat on the Other Side. Now that you’ve tackled one side, it’s time to move on to the other. Repeat the process on the opposite wheel, and don’t forget to check the condition of your rotors while you’re at it. If they are worn or damaged, now is the time to replace them with the new Power Stop rotors included in the kit.

Step 6: Test Your Handiwork. Once both sides are complete, carefully lower your vehicle back to the ground and test out your new brakes. Take it for a spin around the block, applying the brakes gently at first to ensure they are working properly. If all is well, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Power Stop Brakes (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best power stop brakes:

1. What are brake pads?

Brake pads are a component of disc brakes used in automotive and other applications. They are composed of steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor.

2. What are brake rotors?

Brake rotors are parts of the brake that provides the stopping force for your vehicle. It is the rotors that the pads push down on to stop the vehicles from moving.

3. Why is it important to get my brakes inspected at the first sign of a symptom?

There are several complications that arise when brake malfunctions. Braking sounds such as squealing, screeching, and squeaking is associated with defectiveness. The sensation of vibration through the steering wheel or brake pedal is another sign of a malfunction.

Other signs can be the increase in the amount of pressure required to stop the vehicle, a sort of funky smell that comes out of the braking system, or simply the brake warning light being on is a big signal.

4. How long do PowerStop brakes last?

Most brake pad companies agree that pads typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles.

5. What type of warranty is offered with your products?

The power stop rotor warranty is of hassle-free 60 days.


With that being said, from the power stop brakes review, one product stood out. The Power Stop K2164 Front & Rear Brake Kit has a powerful carbon-fiber ceramic formula as well as rubberized shims. Plus, it has been put to tests to ensure the ultimate stopping power. This model also comes at an affordable price.


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