Top 4 Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads Review

Are you looking for a set of brake pads which is both affordable and remarkably great? Of course, you are. But these two traits are seldom available in most brake pads simultaneously.

However, that is not the case for what we are gonna review today. This tool is different from its counterparts. With this, you get affordability, durability, and prominent power, all at once!

In this Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads Review, we will provide further information regarding these amazing brake pads. Along with that, we will also help you find the most suitable set of brake pads for your vehicle.

Top Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads Review

All of the products mentioned below perform well and are very affordable. You can conveniently choose one based on the needs of your vehicles, as all of them are top-notch.

Bosch BC943 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set For: Honda Accord, Pilot, Front - carquest professional platinum ceramic brake pads review

A good set of brake pads not only ensures safety, but it also offers much more to the users. That is why the quality of a brake pad is very important. And this product lives up to that importance.

Essentially, this tool ensures excellent stopping power. Your vehicle will stop smoothly, without noise, no matter which speed you are going at.

Furthermore, not only does the pad ensure a longer life span for itself, but it also does so for the rotor. It comes with a protective transfer layer, which prevents both of them from wearing down.

To eliminate noises, a rubber core multilayer shim is included with it. Moreover, it operates quietly while producing low amounts of brake dust. So, your wheels will not get all dusty right after a few days of use.

However, the shims provided with it do not fit some vehicles, even if the catalog claims otherwise. So you may end up with some parts that will not suit your car.

Pros & Cons of Bosch BC943 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad


  • Provides excellent stopping power
  • Includes a protective transfer layer
  • Comes with a rubber core multilayer shim
  • Produces low amounts of brake dust


  • The shims may not fit some vehicles, even if it is claimed otherwise
Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

While there are many good brake pads out there, not all of them can exceed expectations. And that is how this tool is different from the rest.

First of all, they generate low brake dust. So the wheels will remain cleaner for a longer time. Moreover, they ensure increased stopping power of the vehicle. This pad includes a rubber core multilayer shim. The ship's purpose is to ensure the car stops quietly. There will be no need to worry about brake squeaks anymore.

For increased durability, the tool comes with a transfer layer. This ensures a longer life span for both the pad and the rotor. Moreover, the pad's backing layer is powder-coated, which prevents rust and corrosion. However, you need to select the right size for your vehicle carefully. In many cases, the wrong-sized ones get delivered, which leads to disappointment.

Pros & Cons of Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad


  • Generates low brake dust
  • Ensures increased stopping power
  • Includes a rubber core multilayer shim
  • Comes with a transfer layer and powder coat


  • Seller ships the wrong size sometimes
CARQUEST Wearever Gold Ceramic Brake Pads

Are you looking for a set of brake pads that will last longer and stop faster? In that case, you just came across the perfect product for yourself. There are a lot of aspects that make this pad ideal for everyday use. For instance, its performance will not deteriorate, even if it is operated regularly for months. So, your vehicle will stop smoothly, nevertheless.

On the other hand, the product itself can withstand abuse for a long time. Sturdy materials are used to make the tool, which prevents it from wearing down easily. If you want to install it right at home, then you can effortlessly do so. The process is not hassle-some, and convenient even for newbies. However, it does produce huge amounts of brake dust. This may be a little disappointing, as it will darken the wheels in no time.

Pros & Cons of CARQUEST Wearever Gold Ceramic Brake Pads


  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Prevents rough stops
  • Can withstand abuse for a long time
  • Easy to install


  • Produces large amounts of brake dust
CARQUEST Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads - Front (4-Pad Set)

Here's an amazing product at a very affordable price. Everything that you need in a brake pad is available in this tool. We can assure you that it's worth the investment.

First of all, this tool has a long life span. The materials used to make this carquest wearever platinum professional brake pads are top-notch, which ensures that it won’t break apart easily.

If you are not a fan of brake squeaks, then we have got good news for you. Smooth and silent stops are always delivered, all thanks to its noise eliminating shims.

More importantly, it generates minimal brake dust. This feature keeps the vehicle's wheels cleaner while ensuring a higher stopping power. With this, you can travel at any speed and for as long as you want. However, you need to be very cautious about its size. A lot of its users don’t find the right fit for their vehicle, which later reduces the usefulness of the product.

Pros & Cons of CARQUEST Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads


  • Produces large amounts of brake dust
  • Durable
  • Ensures smooth and silent brakes
  • Generates minimal brake dust with a high stopping power


  • Users may end up with the wrong sized pad

How to Choose Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads

There are all kinds of brake pads out there. Some would be more convenient for your needs than others. Nevertheless, there are some key characteristics that you should keep in mind. And here’s a list of them.

Your Budget

Before choosing a tool, you should keep the budget in mind. This factor will determine which brand would be ideal for you. Although, Carquest wearever platinum professional brake pads are quite budget-friendly since they are reasonably priced.

Ease of Installation

If the tool does not offer a convenient installation process, then you may not be able to execute the task by yourself. This, in turn, will cost some extra bucks.

Hence, make sure it is easy to set-up. Go through the instructions provided by the manual and also watch some youtube tutorials to get a better idea of the process.


If the pad wears down easily, then that might affect the rotors, as well. Besides, surely you would not want to replace the same car part over again and again.

So, make sure the pads are made of sturdy materials. A transfer layer or powder coating will also make sure the pad goes a long way.

Stopping Power

You need brake pads because you want to drive your vehicle safely. Hence, it should have optimal stopping power.

This feature determines how smoothly your vehicle will stop. Smooth brakes equate to enhanced safety. And it should deliver such stops even when going at high speed.

Brake Dust

Excessive brake dust may darken the wheels of your vehicle. This might raise cleaning issues as well.

Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that your chosen tool will not generate huge amounts of brake dust.

Noise-canceling Shims

This makes sure the vehicle will stop quietly. However, it is not mandatory, as brake squeaks are not a matter of concern.

Who Makes Carquest Brake Pads?

Carquest brake pads are made by Advanced Auto Parts, a leading automotive aftermarket parts company. They serve both professionals and do it yourself. They have their headquarters at Advance Auto parts, Raleigh, NC, where most company activities occur.

Wearever Platinum Brake Pads Installation Instructions

One of the biggest challenges automobile users have is getting to install their brake kits. But the task is quite easy, and you can get it done with some diligence and a little technical knowledge of installing brake pads.

Do you have a Wearever platinum brake pad, and don't know what to do? We will be sharing information on the installation processes of the Wearever platinum brake pads. But before we get on with the process, here are the materials you will need before starting the pad installation.


  • Wearever platinum brake pads
  • Brake component lube
  • A jack and jack stand
  • Wheel chock
  • C-clamp
  • Gloves

Now that we have all the required tools, let's start installing.

Step One

The first step is to ensure the vehicle is on a leveled surface. Then, chock the wheels and set the parking brake. When that is done, loosen the nuts on the wheels to the extent that they come off. Use the jack to lift the vehicle and support it with the stand.

Step Two

Now is time to remove the wheels. For more efficiency, we recommend you work on one wheel at a time. That is, leaving the other wheels in place. Also, place the tires under the vehicle so that the car will not drop to the ground if the jack stand fails.

Step Three

After taking out the wheels, check the brake component for the presence of damages or leaks. After that, take out the two caliper guide bolts that keep the caliper and remove the caliper.

Always support the caliper with a hanger to avoid letting it hang from the hose. Allowing the caliper hang from the brake hose can damage the brake hose. After that, remove the brake pads.

Step Four

When the brake pad is removed, you can now clean the rotor. If you desire, you can remove the rotor and clean the rotor hub; this is optional.

After cleaning the rotors, wipe the areas where the brake pads and the rotors meet. This will help to ensure that the hardware fits very well on the bracket.
After that, check the replaced hardware and ensure to ass lubricants to the guide pins and the brake point of contact.

Step Five

You can now install the caliper bracket and bolts. After that, install your new brakes. Ensure to add some brake fluid to the back of the brake where they meet the caliper.

Now you can install the caliper but ensure not to twist the brake hose during installation. Also, after installing a new brake pad, it is advisable to bleed the brake. This will help to take out the air from the brake system. Your Carquest Wearever is installed and ready for use.

Are Carquest Brake Pads Good?

Carquest has always been associated with any auto part that has to deal with quality. The brand has still been engineering with producing products with the latest technology, and their brake pads are not taken out from the list.

The brake pad is an essential part of the car braking system, so Carquest has given a lot of diligence in brake pads production. The company's car brake pads have a high stopping power due to its patent designs. Their brake pads are long-lasting and exceed the original standards.

The brake pads are designed to give the right friction and ensure the car comes to a stop when applied. You don't have to use a luxury car to have them work because they are compatible with a variety of car models. In addition to all the great benefits of Carquest brake pads, they are also affordable.

Carquest Wearever Gold vs. Platinum Brake Pads

Carquest has been known for producing high-quality brake pads, which has surpassed most of the other brakes in the market. We just thought about making a decent comparison between two of the companies product: the Carquest Wearever vs. platinum brakes pads.

The Wearever gold comes with reliable performance but doesn't compare to the patented 4-layer HEX Shim Technology of the Platinum. The brake pad also has a multi-layer shim for near-silent braking, and slots and chamfers for a seamless performance.

On the other hand, the platinum is made with burnishing compounds to give the right brake in for rotors and pads. There is also the patent 4-layer HEX shim technology for removing noise and comebacks. This technology is unique to the platinum, and it also helps to eliminate vibrations.

Additionally, the platinum comes with specially designed slots and chamfers that give a high stopping power and pad life. The platinum also comes with a pad installation hardware that customers get on request.

Although, both products have limited lifetime warranty. The platinum takes the lead in the comparison. However, both brakes pads offer excellent performance when it comes to braking.

Ceramic Brake Pads Pros And Cons

Ceramic is one of the most common materials you know. Why? Because it is what is used to make plates, dishes, and pots. This is the same ceramic used in making ceramic brake pads. The only difference is that those used in making ceramic brake pads are much more durable.

This is as a result of the copper fiber inserted into the ceramic brake pads. This copper cord helps to increase the lifespan of the brake because copper is heat resistant. And, they can cause friction without causing the pads to become overheated or destroyed.

Knowing this fact about ceramic brake pads is just a tip of benefits the brake brings. However, it also has a downside. So, here are the pros and cons of ceramic brakes.


  • They are not abrasive, so they tend to produce less noise, especially when compared to metallic brake.
  • As a result of their low abrasion with surfaces, they tend to last longer
  • Ceramic brake pads are also resistant to heat, and heat is a significant cause of a brake's wear. Meaning the life of ceramic brakes is more preserved.


  • The major downside of using ceramic brake pads is their price. They tend to be more expensive than other types of brake pads. Since ceramic brakes have low abrasion, they tend to bring the car to a stop at a slower pace. Ceramic plates are not recommended when driving big vehicles as their stopping power will even become slower.

Watch Carquest professional platinum ceramic brake pads review Video:

Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads Review FAQs!

1. Are Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads good?

Yes, they are great. You can use them regularly, and their performance will remain incredible, nonetheless. What makes them even better is that you can get a decent one at a very affordable rice range.

2. Are ceramic pads better than metallic pads? 

Ceramic pads include ceramic compounds and copper fibers. As a result, the tool is capable of handling higher temperatures while producing lesser brake dust than the metallic ones. Hence, with ceramic pads, your wheels will be cleaner, with less heat fade.

3. How much do Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads cost?

You can get a four pad set within a range of 50-70 dollars. That is cheaper than most other brake pads available out there.

4. How long do Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads last?

These pads can last from 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles. In some cases, they can even exceed the threshold and last longer.

5. Is it necessary to bed-in ceramic brake pads? 

After installation, you need to properly bed-in the pads. The process leaves a film of the pad material on top of the rotor, enhancing its grip.

6. Are Carquest Wearever Rotors AnGood?

Wearever offers one of the best rotors ever. And if you want to replace your rotors with a top-quality one, Wearever, is what you want. Why? Here's why! The brand's rotors pedal is designed to work smoothly with our brakes to give your car smooth braking. Also, they help to remove brake fade and are long-lasting. To crown it all, the installation process is a breeze.

7. What are the Best High-performance Brake Pads?

Conquest Wearever is one of the best high-performance brake pads. They have various brake parts, each with amazing and distinct features with satisfactory remarks from customers. Wearever is one of the very few auto part companies with noise brake pad technology alongside other distinct features that their brake pads are known for.

The brakes have high stopping power, meaning they respond very fast when the brakes are activated. Also, their brakes are mainly ceramic, and ceramics are the best material to make brake pads because they are long-lasting and do not create noise.

8. What Brake Pads Have the Best Stopping Power?

Ideally, ceramic brake pads have a higher stopping power than other makes of brake pads. Also, they disperse heat well and produce very little noise. They are also long-lasting, so many vehicles are installed with ceramic brakes formulations from the factory.

9. Is Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Brake PaWorth It?

Yes. The brake comes with noiseless technology and an improved stopping performance. The brake also enhances a cleaner wheel with its ability to disperse dust. The product has undergone over 1 million miles of vehicle testing and evaluation to ensure optimum safety.

It also includes pad installation software, OE formation ceramic upgrade, and a limited lifetime warranty. 

10. Are OEM Brake Pads Better Than Aftermarket?

OEM means original equipment manufacturer; in other words, OEM brake pads come with manufactured vehicles. And nothing can compare to the brake pad that comes with brake pads from the manufacturer.

However, aftermarket brake pads are parts not made by the original equipment manufacturer. So, OEM parts are better. But if you don't have money to buy the OEM brake parts, you can go for the aftermarket because they are also good.

Final Words & Recommendations

In this Carquest Wearever Platinum Professional Ceramic Brake Pads review, we have mentioned some of the best brake pads out there. And among them, we would recommend Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad for you.

It is inarguably one of the perfect brake pads. Every good feature is included in this tool: durability, noise-canceling shims, low brake dust production, incredible stopping power- everything. However, you should purchase the pad that best suits your vehicle and its needs. Hence, choose wisely.