Akebono Proact vs. Performance: Ultimate Brake Pads Showdown

Even if you don’t have much knowledge about Akebono, but you may have heard about their brakes. It goes without saying that cyclists or car enthusiasts rave about the gears they produce.

They are the pioneers of ceramic friction technology, and their products only deliver the best performance, braking power, and long life. After all, they are trusted manufacturers of premium brake pads and rotors.

Among their most popular range of product are the Akebono’s Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium and Performance Ultra-Premium. So, which can you rely on more? Luckily enough, this guide talks exactly about Akebono Proact vs. Performance.

Akebono Pro-Act Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

If you need replacement brake pads, look no further than akebono brake pads review (https://brakeshub.com/akebono-brake-pads-review/). They will surely have the right pad to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Not only will you find the model designed for your car, but they are also carefully crafted to perfection.

Clean Wheels

All the materials have been carefully picked for the construction of these brake pads to enable superior performance. As we all know how dust can accumulate over time on wheels and can be a corrosive agent for damage, they come with several beneficial features such as eliminating unwanted brake dust.

In that sense, inexpensive brake pads might be a satisfactory option at first, but not for long. When they load up your wheels with dust, you would not want to waste away hours removing them away. So, the only way to avoid it is by investing in a good quality brake pad like this one.


Moreover, Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium brake pads ensure quality performance with consistency and smoothness. This is especially true when it comes to stopping power in any given condition, thanks to their very own Ceramic Technology. Your senses will fail to pick up on even the faintest of noise, harshness or vibration.

Omits Noise

Similarly, they provide additional features that make the braking system effective, quiet, and superb. It includes consistent brake pedal feel, superior resistance to fade, extreme quietness, and negligent wear on brake rotors. These features can all be attributed to their ground-breaking Ceramic Technology.


In short, Akebono Proact guarantees minimal noise, vibration, or any harshness. It gives unrivaled stopping power, cleaner wheels, no break-in, rotor friendly that extends rotor life, and enables vehicle optimization.

Covers Wide Range of Cars

Excitingly, Akebono brake coverage expands to all the popular vehicle brands and models such as Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Pontiac to name a few. There is no doubt that you won’t find your selected vehicle on their list.


  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Wide Coverage for cars
  • Eliminates noise, vibration, harshness
  • Brake dust free
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • May not fit all vehicles as advertised
  • Not suitable for icy road conditions

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Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

There is no question about it, particularly when it comes to this range of formidable brake pads. It is built to last and withstand all that comes in its way. Akebono Performance® Ultra-Premium ceramic brake pads provide the ideal stopping power in any situation imaginable.

Stopping Power

Smaller trucks, SUVs, fleet, and police vehicles can greatly take advantage of this line of brake pads since they ensure excellence and ultimate stopping power to safely and smoothly stop your vehicle.

Accordingly, when it comes to its stopping power, it creates maximum friction to give a definitive stop. All the while, this keeps control of noise, vibration, and harshness down to minimal. They provide the most superlative upgrade for semi or low metallic brake pads.

Superior Design

Due to being molded with a unique mix of ceramic formulations, they enable full friction and compatibility with the rotor. This results in long-lasting rotor life and unnoticeable brake dust for clean and dust freewheels.

Additionally, all the brake pads are carefully and specifically designed to safeguard each vehicle precisely. A perfect fit is all you need to get rid of any annoying squeaky sounds or vibration.

Suitable for Heavy Vehicles

Likewise, this line of brake pads is the most suited to light trucks and SUVs to rocky off-road jobs such as towing boats, trailers, and equipment. Hence, it is important to ensure that they can perform their brakes accurately during these situations. No need to worry, because you can fully trust the brake’s stopping power.

Suitable for Heavy Vehicles

It brings your heavy vehicle into a complete standstill instantly the moment you press the brakes. With the inclusion of advanced friction formulas specifically designed for law enforcement automobiles, you can’t go wrong.


Another major factor is safety and durability. Even when rough roads lie ahead, it executes peak braking control perfectly. Besides, it has a Ceramic Technology feature to ensure long-lasting life and smooth, safe brakes every time. Thus, there is no question regarding Akebono’s credibility to produce superior and high-quality brake pads.


  • Gives consistent stopping power
  • Top quality replacement pads
  • Ceramic Technology powered
  • Sustained rotor life
  • Quiet braking performance


  • Price is quite high
  • Usually suitable for heavier vehicles

Frequently Ask & Questions

What are Akebono Proact vs. Performance?

Akebono Proact and Performance brake pads are two of the leading brake pad brands from Akebono Brake Industry, a global leader in automotive braking technology.

Akebono Proact brake pads are designed to provide superior stopping power and longer life than other leading brands. They feature a multi-layer construction with a patented friction material that is engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Additionally, they are designed to be dust-free for better visibility during braking.

Akebono Performance brake pads offer enhanced performance for drivers who require greater stopping power. They feature an advanced ceramic formula that provides superior heat dissipation and improved brake response.

Additionally, they are designed to last up to twice as long as conventional brake pads while still providing excellent stopping power.

What are the benefits of using Akebono Proact vs. Performance?

Akebono ProACT and Performance are two lines of brake pads made by Akebono Brake Corporation. Both offer superior stopping power, but there are a few key differences between them.

The main benefit of using Akebono ProACT is its noise-dampening characteristics. ProACT pads feature a special layer of rubber and ceramic fibers that absorb sound waves and reduce the amount of noise generated when braking. 

This makes it ideal for those looking for a quieter ride.
On the other hand, Akebono Performance pads offer superior stopping power compared to ProACT due to their higher friction coefficient.

This makes them ideal for performance vehicles that require more aggressive braking capabilities. Additionally, Performance pads last longer than ProACT pads due to their increased durability and heat resistance.

In the final moment, both Akebono ProACT and Performance brake pads offer great performance benefits, but depending on your needs one may be better suited than the other.

What are the differences between Akebono Proact vs. Performance?

Akebono Proact and Performance are two different lines of brake pads manufactured by Akebono Brake Corporation.

Akebono Proact brake pads are designed for everyday driving and provide a comfortable, quiet ride with consistent braking performance. They feature advanced noise-dampening technology and low dust formula for improved stopping power and reduced maintenance costs.

Additionally, Proact brake pads are made from high-quality materials that provide superior wear resistance and longer life.

Akebono Performance brake pads are designed for more aggressive driving conditions such as racing or off-roading. They offer superior stopping power with increased durability and fade resistance in extreme temperatures.

Performance brake pads also feature an advanced friction compound that provides superior braking control in wet or dry conditions, allowing drivers to have more confidence when pushing their vehicles to the limit.


If you need your brake pads replaced, Akebono’s range of Proact and Performance brake pads guarantees to get you covered. To weigh in your options, Proact is suitable for sedans and minivans, etc. while the Performance line caters to vehicles like light trucks, SUVs or station wagons.

Hope this guide for Akebono Proact Vs Performance covers the answers you have been looking for.

Hope this guide for Akebono Proact Vs Performance covers the answers you have been looking for.

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