No sense in wasting your time and effort trying to find quality pads when Brembo exists. Yes, this brand is everything you need to install on your car. It delivers every single ounce of durability & results that everyone needs.

In this Brembo brake pads review, we’re going over all the best models it offers. And we’re also explaining the different things to consider when buying them.

If you want to learn more and get the highest-quality set of pads available – then read up! Here, you will find what you’re looking for.

Top 5 Brembo Brake Pads Review

It wasn't hard to find the following pads. This brand is excellent so that you can find its products almost anywhere. But the quality is so excellent that choose the best ones wasn’t easy. Here are five models that we think are worth considering:

Brembo P83066N Front Disc Brake Pad

The first model is the P83066N. This is the perfect set of red Brembo brakes pads. They are durable, super responsive, and won’t let you down when installing.

Also, the semi-metallic construction delivers excellent results every time. It also keeps noise low and ensures a more durable experience with the brakes.

But it all comes down to its unique design with a center slot. It produces the perfect friction that increases the overall responsiveness of the stop. Your car will start performing a lot better when braking, which makes it safer to use.

Apart from that, they are a piece of cake to install. You can install them on most 4WD vehicles without problems, so they are highly compatible.

If you want something reliable and performance-oriented, this set will work wonders. And for a premium cost, they have almost no competitor.

Pros & Cons of Brembo P83066N Front Disc Brake Pad

The good

  • High-Quality semi-metallic build for durability
  • Top-Notch friction design for excellent performance
  • Unique design allows straightforward installation

The Bad

  • May produce a lot of brake dust
  • Won’t work in most sedans or small vehicles

Brembo P28059N Front Disc Brake Pad

If there’s something that sets Brembo brake parts apart from the competition is the unique build. And the P28059N is a perfect example of that.

These brake pads come with a ceramic construction boasting hundreds of compounds. This increases its overall durability and performance.

The slotted design is one of the reasons they perform so well. It works well with a heat-resistant surface that keeps heat low while increasing grip and stopping performance.

Another interesting feature is the addition of the acoustic sensor. This allows the pads to provide little to no noise when stopping. And sure enough, they release no dust at all.

Overall, they improve brake performance, comfort, and durability. If that’s something you need, this brake pad won’t let you down.

Pros & Cons of Brembo P28059N Front Disc Brake Pad

The good

  • Incredibly resilient & durable ceramic build
  • The practical slotted design prevents pads from overheating
  • Unique acoustic sensors for less noise

The Bad

  • Won’t fit new vehicles
  • Not the easiest installation

Brembo P50067N Front Disc Brake Pad

The P50067N is the ideal replacement Brembo brake pads for Mercedes Benz models. If you have any 2000 up to 2014 Benz – then this pad will come like a gem.

Additionally, the first thing you’ll notice is the ceramic construction. This provides excellent durability and reduces dust production. Along with an anti-noise shim, you can be sure it will give excellent stopping without harming your ears.

Another exciting part is the array of accessories and mounting hardware. That makes this pad a piece of cake to install. And what's even better, you can get it with wear indicators. That will make it easy to know how much lifespan it has.

In short, you will get a super reliable yet straightforward pad for your Mercedes Benz. If you want something that lasts and performs well enough, this is an excellent choice.

Pros & Cons of Brembo P50067N Front Disc Brake Pad

The good

  • Straightforward installation with added accessories
  • Exceptional durability & performance with ceramic build
  • Anti-Noise shim design allows a quiet stop performance

The Bad

  • Difficult to install on any other car apart from Mercedes Benz
  • The thick design could make your brake ultra-sensitive

OE Replacement Direct Fit Brake Kit Compatible for 2006-2008 NISSAN 350Z Brembo Brakes Front and Rear Brake Pads and Brake Rotors

Not need to get only the pads when you can get Brembo brake rotors and pads at the same time. And that's precisely what you get with this kit.

It offers an excellent set of ceramic & semi-metallic pads that keep dust low and produce little to no noise. The construction is unique, so it keeps them working for long while delivering outstanding performance.

The overall installation is easy. As the pads & rotors come together, then you shouldn’t waste any time or money mounting them up. They get to your home, and they will be instantly ready to be installed.

But what stands out the most is the responsiveness. You will get an excellent brake performance once you install this kit. And that will take your car to a whole new level so that you can enjoy superb results.

Lastly, they fit with Nissan 350z like no other. If you want something durable & responsive for your 350z – then this set is perfect.

Pros & Cons of Brembo Rotors & Pads Brake Kit

The good

  • High-Quality ceramic & semi-metallic build for durability
  • Ultra-Easy installation with ready-to-install parts
  • Super responsive braking performance

The Bad

  • Won’t fit as many vehicles as expected
  • Much more expensive than competitors

Brembo P56048N Rear Disc Brake Pad

If you’re looking for cheap Brembo brakes, then nothing will compare to the P56048N rear disc pad. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality option for their vehicle rear.

It fits cars from the 350z from Nissan to the Lancer from Mitsubishi and even the Impreza from Subaru. The ability to fit all these cars makes it a unique cheap option for Japanese vehicles. And that’s something you don’t want to overlook.

They still offer excellent durability and performance. But the real advantage comes from the anti-noise shim, ideal for keeping unwanted sounds off. Even if you stop too hard, the brakes won’t make much noise.

You will also get an acoustic sensor. So, while they’re not worn down, you won’t hear a single sound from them. Once they start to wear out and need a change, then you’ll hear a noise.
You can say they are perfect. And that wouldn’t be a lie for the cost.

Pros & Cons of Brembo P56048N Rear Disc Brake Pad

The good

  • Unique compatibility with Japanese vehicles
  • Super cheap and easy to install
  • Brilliant anti-noise build with acoustic sensors

The Bad

  • Limited compatibility with non-Japanese cars
  • Not the most durable out there

How to Choose the Best Brembo Pads?

No sense in buying just any model because it looked better. You will have to make sure it is the right choice. For that, we’ve assembled a set of factors to consider before buying. Here’s what we found:


This is probably the most critical factor to think about. The build will affect everything from the performance to the durability and even the Brembo brake pads price.

We usually recommend ceramic or semi-metallic builds over all others. Ceramic options are excellent performers but tend to wear out faster than expected. In contrast, semi-metallic pads are good enough, but they often produce a lot of dust.

Both options are excellent, especially if they come with added components or materials. The focus is to get something durable, that performs well enough and doesn’t release too much dust. Choose accordingly.


Another vital thing to consider is the noise. This is something that makes a massive difference because no one likes a Brembo brake package that squeals.

So, you’ll have to go for models with unique designs that prevent this from happening. Shims are the perfect thing to go for if you want a low-noise product. But also consider models with unique ceramic builds, they often prevent noise better than semi-metallic pads.

The whole purpose is to get something that doesn’t squeak. If you want to prevent this, then go for those with anti-noise shims or slots. They will make your brake much quieter.


Finally, you’ll have to consider how compatible the pads are to your vehicle. Here, we recommend taking a good look at the Brembo brake pads catalog.

Finding the right option for your car considering the placement (front or rear) and the vehicle model is vital. You will want something that fits exactly with your vehicle. Otherwise, you may end up with a useless piece for your needs.

How to Install Brembo Brake Pads

Brembo brake pads review FAQs!

Now that you know a fair share about Brembo pads, it is time to go a little deeper into the brand. Here are a few common questions most people have about it:

1. Are Brembo brake pads good?

Yes, all products from this brand are worth having. From their brake pads to their brake rotors, and even their brake discs – everything it offers is excellent.

2. Where are Brembo brakes made?

The components used for Brembo parts come from all around the world. But most of their parts are manufactured in Italy and the US. So, you can expect their brakes, pads, rotors, and discs to be of excellent quality.

3. Where to buy Brembo brake pads?

You can buy them directly through Amazon or their official website.

4. How much are Brembo brake pads?

They are decently affordable for their quality. You won't find any alternative as well-made and cheap as this one. The durability and responsiveness every Brembo brake pad offers are unbeatable.

5. How to replace Brembo brake pads?

You will need to take the disc and rotor off the wheel. Then, get the old pads off and install the new ones using the mounting hardware. Then, mount the disc and rotor again on the wheel. Finish by trying them out.