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John D. Archer is a mechanical engineer and writer based on the area of automotive accessories at, A resident expert and professional, John is passionate about all things automotive and loves to share his knowledge. He has good experience in all kind of automotive accessories. He has worked as a chief mechanical engineer in some reputed automotive garage firm.

How to replace Volvo brakes

Table of Contents 1Introduction2How to replace Volvo brakes: a step-by-step guideStep 1: Remove the old brake padsStep 2: Install the new brake padsStep 3: Replace the rotorStep 4: Reinstall the boltsStep 5: Drive the pistons.Tips & Warnings3How often should you replace your Volvo brakes?4How to extend the life of brakes?5How to replace Volvo brakes? FAQs.1. […]

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Brakemotive vs. Powerstop, Callahan, Stoptech

This article is about the Difference between Brakemotive, Powerstop, Callahan and Stoptech. Using high-performance and compatible brake and brake parts will enhance the stopping power of your car. Not only will it enhance, but it will also improve the durability of the vehicle and help cut down the costs of frequent repairs [1]. For this […]

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