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John D. Archer is a mechanical engineer and writer based on the area of automotive accessories at, A resident expert and professional, John is passionate about all things automotive and loves to share his knowledge. He has good experience in all kind of automotive accessories. He has worked as a chief mechanical engineer in some reputed automotive garage firm.

Carefully Picked 11 Best BMX Brakes, Pads, Lever & Caliper

Being a biker has its quirks. However, if your choice of bike is BMX and you’re fond of free styling, then the options for customization are limitless. Yet, one of the vital options for customization and replacement are brake sets.Usually, BMX riders would go with the choice between brakes or brakeless. If you belong in […]

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Nakamoto Brake Review | Quality Nakamoto Brake Pads, and Rotors (30-Second Review)

Brake pads and rotors are bound to need replacing at some point in time. Nakamoto is emerging as a leading manufacturer and supplier – we highly recommend them for direct replacements that are OE-approved. Nakamoto Brake Comparison Chart Name & ImageDescriptionsAvailability Nakamoto Rotor & Brake Pad Ceramic Performance Kit High-density material: better friction resistance8 Piece […]

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How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Over the years, the motorcycle braking system has evolved as an engine built into the machine increased. The brake uses friction to convert the kinetic energy into thermal energy before it brings the machine to a stop. Jump to How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes Motorcycle brake bleedingHow to bleed motorcycle front brakes1. Secure the motorcycle. 2. […]

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Top 7 Best Hart Brakes Reviews

Brakes are some of the most integral parts of a car. Nobody would imagine driving a car without good brakes, because of the significant risk of life and limb. But the good news is that many, many brands in the world will serve you with top-grade brakes. One such brand is Hart. Hart Brakes Comparison […]

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