Detroit Axle Brake Pads Review: Reliable Brake Pads At the Right Price

Brake pads are components that play a crucial role in the overall car's stopping performance. Since they are crucial, purchasing the best set of brake pads will improve performance [1]. And this is what my team will discuss in this Detroit Axle Brake Pads review.

Many underperforming options are available in the market. This tends to scare vehicle owners off, especially the first-timers.

Plus, most of these brake pads have fitment and compatibility issues, which make installation complicated. Vehicle owners who rush into buying these models end up full of regrets and wasting their money.

Thankfully, this review will make your decision on the best brake pads to install more straightforward.

What You Should Know

Detroit Axle brake pads are high-quality brake pads that greatly impact vehicles' stopping performance.

Below are some of the features of these Detroit Axle brake pads.

Features of the Detroit Axle Front & Rear Ceramic Brake Pads W/Hardware Kit

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Model: Front & Rear Ceramic Brake Pads W/Hardware Kit
  • Material: Ceramic

Find out more about the brake pad here.

Features of the Detroit Axle 305mm Front & 325mm Rear Brake Kit Rotors & Ceramic Brake Kit Pads

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Model: 305mm Front & 325mm Rear Brake Kit Rotors & Ceramic Brake Kit Pads
  • Material: Ceramic
Find out more about this product on this website.

Top Pick Section

Best for Easy Installation - Detroit Axle Front & Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Kit

This ceramic brake pad kit is easy to install, as it includes everything you need to carry out a successful installation.

Best for Value for Money - Detroit Axle  Rear Brake Kit Rotors & Ceramic Brake Kit Pads

With front and rear rotors included, this Detroit Axle rotor and brake pads kit offers great value for money.

Reviews of the Best Detroit Axle Brake Pads

Detroit Axle - FRONT & REAR Ceramic Brake Pads w/Hardware Kit Not for Brembo Brakes or Spec-V Models

If you're looking for premium brake pads that will guarantee a quiet, excellent stopping performance, you should consider this brake pad kit.

Detroit Axle Front & Rear Ceramic Brake Pads W/Hardware Kit is designed from ceramic to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and quietly.

Installing the ceramic brake pads kit complicated wasn't complicated for me, as it included hardware clips that facilitated the installation process. Plus, the brake kit is compatible with several Nissan models.

Due to the ceramic material used in constructing the pads, you have the advantage of using the brake pads for an extended period. This cuts down on the costs of frequently replacing your car's brake pads.

Overall, these brake pads offer great quality and deliver a smooth braking experience for the driver's comfort.

Things I like

  • Durable
  • It offers a better fit than most aftermarket brakes.
  • Runs silently
  • Great value for money

Things I don't like

  • The back brake pad doesn't fit well.
  • Not compatible with many brands
Detroit Axle - 305mm FRONT & 325mm REAR Brake Kit Rotors & Ceramic Brake Kit Pads w/Hardware fits Single Piston Rear Calipers

This brake kit rotor and ceramic brake kit pad are sturdy options, made from a durable ceramic material to make them last longer than usual.

They are also zinc dichromate-plated to prevent rust formation, prolonging the rotors and brake pads' lifespan.

Detroit Axle Brake Kit Pads have no front fitment issues, as they are compatible with several vehicle brands. However, the rotor and the pad didn't fit the rear as I expected.

The installation process is easy. The rotors and pads kit comes with everything that would make the process seamless, such as 2x front and rear disc brake rotors and front and back ceramic brake pad w/clip.

The kit comes with a 10-year warranty. This further proves that the kit is highly durable and will last for a long time, regardless of usage.

Things I like

  • The rotors and brakes are highly durable.
  • The kit is easy to install.
  • It comes at a great price.
  • Rust-resistant
  • The rotors fit perfectly.

Things I don't like

  • The brake pads for the rear have fitment issues.

Why Buy Brake Pads From Detroit Axle?

Detroit Axle brake pads offer one of the best stopping performances ever seen in a vehicle. This is because Detroit Axle brake pads are made with ceramic brake pad material, which is the best. Ceramic pads are better than metal or semi-metallic in terms of durability and performance.

The ceramic material used in designing Detroit Axle brake pads is what makes them reliable and highly efficient. Ceramic brake pads don't wear down the rotors as fast as metallic or semi-metallic brake pads do, resulting in better-stopping performance.

Besides, they last longer than metallic and semi-metallic brake pads because of their increased durability. Detroit Axle brake pads run quietly and smoothly, meaning you will hardly hear any noise when braking.

Detroit Axle brake pads can withstand corrosion and heavy usage heat because they are zinc coated. This means you can use them extensively, and they won't break or malfunction under high temperatures.

Also, Detroit Axle brake pads are compatible with several car models, whether it’s an expensive SUV, truck, or a regular commuter car. This means the brake pads may likely fit into your car model.

Another reason why you should buy Detroit Axle brake pads is that they are affordable. Compared to OEMs that are quite expensive, Detroit Axle has exactly what you need to improve your vehicle's braking power at a much lesser price.

More importantly, Detroit Axle brake pads come with one of the best warranties in the industry. Most Detroit Axle brake pads come with as high as a 10-year warranty. This asserts that Detroit Axle products are built for longevity.

With the braking performance that Detroit Axle brake pads offer, my team is confident that your car will have absolute braking control, minimizing accident risks. The noiseless sounds the brake pads produce maximizes the driver's comfort and enhances the driving experience.

You may ask, who makes Detroit Axle brakes?

A company known as Detroit Axle makes Detroit Axle brakes. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan, and is co-owned by Mike Musheinesh (CEO) and his father.

Things to Consider When Buying Detroit Axle Brake Pads

Brake pads in a car don’t last forever. At some point, you’ll have to change.

However, replacing brake pads isn't always easy, as buyers would have to consider many factors to decide which is the best. Here are factors that you should consider when buying Detroit Axle brake pads.

Brake Pad Type

Brake pads are classified according to the type of material used in making them. Manufacturers use organic, semi-metallic, metallic, and ceramic material to make brake pads.

Organic brake pads are the least durable amongst the four. Though they offer excellent braking ability in warm climates, they lose their braking capacity when wet.

Semi-metallic and metallic offer better braking performance and are more weather tolerant [2]. However, they cause a tremendous amount of wear on the rotor.

Ceramic brake pads offer the best braking performance and are the most durable. They produce a low noise level compared to the others and wear out the rotors less. However, they are expensive.

If you wish to get replacement brake pads, I suggest you go for ceramic brake pads, like those in this Detroit Axle brake pads review.

Noise Level

As previously stated in the Detroit Axle brake pads reviews, ceramic brake pads produce a lower noise level than metallic and semi-metallic brake pads. You get to ride more smoothly and silently with ceramic brake pads.


Many car owners often complain about purchasing brake pads that are difficult to install. The fact is that some brake pads do have some installation issues.

Thankfully, Detroit Axle brake pads have no such issue, as they are super straightforward to install.


Although brake pads have similar designs, there is a slight difference in compatibility.

One way to determine if your brake pads will fit into your vehicle’s braking system is to ask an expert or check the manufacturer’s specifications manual.

How to Replace Detroit Axle Brakes Pad

Brake pads normally wear out, and when they do, you must replace them with new ones to avoid endangering your safety.

To replace the Detroit Axle brakes pad, you will need the following tools;

  • Jack/ Jack Stand
  • Breaker bar
  • Wrench
  • C-clamp
  • Your Detroit Axle brakes pad

 Below are the steps to replace the Detroit Axle brakes pad.

  1. Park your vehicle on a flat surface. Removing brake pads is much easier when the car is balanced so that it doesn't roll off the jack stand. Use a breaker bar to break loose the nuts with some force. 
  2. Jack up the car with a floor jack. Once the tires are off the ground, place a jack stand beneath it for support.
  3. Loosen and remove the nuts. When they have all come off, take off the wheels.
  4. Open the brake caliper to access the pads. In most vehicles, two bolts hold the caliper in position. However, it’s advisable you remove only one of them, especially the lower bolt, so that you can rotate the caliper.
  5. Take out the piston, but make sure it’s not attached to the brake pads. If it is, use a wrench or a C-clamp to compress the piston. Be careful when dealing with the piston as it can easily be damaged.
  6. Pull the old brake pads away from the brake assembly. Pay close attention to how the pads were installed not to encounter any issue installing the new ones.
  7. Install the new Detroit Axle brakes in place. Sit the tabs on the pads on the top and bottom notches and do the other.
  8. Close up the caliper and reattach the wheels.
  9. Tighten the lug nuts.

Detroit Axle Vs. Power Stop Brakes

Detroit Axle vs. Power Stop Brakes is one topic that many car owners and enthusiasts have never stopped talking about.

Both Detroit Axle and Power Stop brakes are great aftermarket brake pads that provide excellent braking power. They share many similarities in terms of price and functions and a few differences. They are also reliable and durable [3].

Detroit Axle brakes are better in terms of brake pads quality. Most Detroit Axle brake pads are made with ceramic, which is more superior to metals and semi-metals used in making most Power Stop brakes.

Also, Detroit Axle brakes are compatible with more vehicles than Power Stop brakes. With Detroit Axle, you can find brake pads that fit your vehicle perfectly.

Both Detroit Axle and Power Stop brakes come coated to prevent rust. While Detroit Axle brakes are zinc coated, Power Stop is coated with carbon fibers.

Detroit Axle Vs. Centric

Detroit Axle vs. Centric is another comparison that has generated several comments and diverse views from car owners.

Centric brakes excel in normal driving conditions and are coated to prevent rust formation for longer use. They are not ideal for extensive use or driving as they wear out a great deal.

With Detroit Axle brakes, you can use them extensively, like in towing vehicles. They are stronger and more weather tolerant than Centric brakes, meaning they perform well in all driving conditions.

When it comes to price, Centric brakes are relatively more affordable. This is due to the materials used in making them, as they mostly come in metallic and semi-metallic materials. Detroit Axle manufactures ceramic brake pads majorly hence, why they are less affordable than Centric brakes.

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Detroit Axle Brake Pads Review (FAQs)

1. Which brand of brake pads is the best?

Detroit Axle and Power Stop are the best brake pad brands. However, there are several other excellent aftermarket brake pads brands like Sumo, Brembo, Centric, Stoptech, Callahan that are reliable.

2. Are Centric brake pads any good?

Centric brake pads are good brake pads that improve the stopping performance of vehicles. Plus, Centric brake pads offer premium quality and all-round performance at an affordable rate.

3. Who makes the best brake pads and rotors?

Detroit Axle makes the best brake pads and rotors in the market. Their brake pads and rotors have little to no fitment issues and can be used for heavy-duty tasks due to their high durability.

4. What brakes are better, ceramic or semi-metallic?

Ceramic brakes are better than their semi-metallic counterparts. They produce a lower noise level and have minimal wearing out power.

Ceramic brakes also last longer and have better warranties than semi-metallic brakes, although they tend to be more expensive.

5. Are cheap brake pads any good?

Most cheap brake pads are unpredictable when it comes to performance. However, you can still find many others like Detroit Axle brake pads that offer excellent value for money. They are designed with high-quality materials for increased durability.

Final Words & Recommendation

All Detroit Axle brake pads would make an excellent choice for compatible vehicles, as evident in this Detroit Axle brake pads review.

The best Detroit Axle brake is the 305mm Front & 325mm Rear Brake Kit as they are super-durable and coated to prevent rust.

Apart from their durability, this kit is an all-in-one kit. It includes rotors, brake pads, and hardware clips for installation, making it great value for money.

It's a superb option for car owners looking to replace their worn-out brake pads and rotors. Thus, it deserves my 4.8/5 rating.

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