Detroit Axle Strut Review: Great Suspension Kits for All-Round Performance

Undoubtedly, using the best suspension system will make your driving expedient and offer the driving comfort you deserve. Furthermore, it will enhance the longevity of your vehicle. In contrast, a bad one will leave you in pain and cost you more money fixing.

Due to the different underperforming products out there, finding a compatible suspension system with great functionalities is tough. After our team of experts tested several suspension systems brands, thankfully, we found Detroit Axle. We were impressed with what this brand offered, and that's why we have come up with this Detroit Axle Strut review.

What You Should Know

Detroit Axle Struts are some of the best struts you can find in the market. Below are the features of their products:

Detroit Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly Set Features

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Components: Struts, coil, spring, and mounting brackets
  • Item weight: 84 Pounds
  • Dimension: 50 x 46 x 26 inches
  • Installation: OEM Design Direct Installation
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  • Detroit Axle Rear Shock Absorber Features
  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Item Weight:  10 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23 x 4 x 5 inches
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Top Pick Section

Best for All-round Performance - Detroit Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly Set

This kit is designed with strong, rigid stainless material that delivers exceptional and all-round performance.

Best for Compatibility - Detroit Axle Rear Shock Absorber

This product will easily fit into SUVs, sedans, and most vehicles while providing the best performance.

Detroit Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly Set

Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut is a premium-grade kit that maximizes the overall performance of your vehicle. While testing this, our team was utterly impressed by the low amount of vibration it provided via its super-efficient oil hydraulic system. This significantly boosted our ride quality.

Also, users love that the strut’s coil spring is designed with high-grade steel material, meaning that this kit will last for a long time regardless of your vehicle’s usage. 

In terms of toughness and robustness, the Front & Rear Strut Assembly is top-notch. The stainless piston can withstand wear and tear and the rigorous nature of driving. This ensures a safer and more satisfying driving experience.

Also, installing the struts is relatively easy. It took us barely ten minutes to install. The mounting brackets and the bolts were the exact fit, and above all, we didn't notice any clanking sound. 

Pros & Cons of Detroit Axle Struts



  • Not compatible with all vehicles

What our experts love about this Detroit Axle product is its compatibility with most vehicles. We tested this replacement absorber on several vehicle types, and it performed excellently well.


Detroit Axle uses the best materials to manufacture their products, and this shock absorber is no different. It's designed for efficiency, which is what most users want. 


We didn’t have any issue whatsoever during installation. It was quick to install and didn’t require any extra tool to get it in place. Also, this kit comes with a 10-year warranty, which is highly commendable, especially when compared to other brands that offer much less.


To our surprise, the kit dissipated heat generated from the suspensions effectively, leading to more productivity. We rarely heard any noise from the suspension system while driving the car. 

Overall, our team loves the fantastic experience that this kit provides, and comes at an affordable price.

Pros & Cons of Detroit Axle Rear Shock Absorber


  • It’s affordable
  • Great quality
  • Simple to install
  • Long-lasting


  • Not suitable for trucks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shocks & Struts

Choosing the best shocks and struts is no easy feat. Therefore, I'd suggest that you consider these factors to ensure you don't spend on the wrong kit.


Durability is a crucial factor to consider while in the market for shocks and struts. You wouldn’t want to change your struts now and then, which will cost you so much money and time in the long run.

Before you say yes to that kit, examine the material used in designing such products. Struts made of high-quality steel won't rust since they have a high tolerance to temperature and pressure. I consider steel struts the best.

Great brands like Detroit Axle design their products to last for a long time, so you are best assured of durability.


It would be best to make sure that the strut and shock will fit into your vehicle before purchasing. Struts should fit perfectly to get the best vehicle performance. To get a first hand of whether the shocks and struts will fit or not, you can contact the buyer and ask him/her if the kit is compatible with your car's model.

Easy Installation

No one wants a product that would take them several hours to fix. Good struts and shocks should be relatively easy to install, and above all, you should be able to install them yourself without any extra tool.

What Makes Detroit Axle Strut Unique?

Detroit axle struts are unique for these reasons:

Easy Installation

There are no special tools required to fix the struts. I found it extremely simple to install Detroit Axle Struts each time I needed to upgrade my struts.


One of the hallmarks of Detroit Axle Struts Shock is its long-lasting feature. All their kits are durable and will give you a unique and seamless driving experience, meaning you don't need to change them too frequently.

No Clanking Sound

Like I said earlier in this Detroit Axle Strut review, Detroit Axle Struts gives you a seamless driving experience. It minimizes loud noise that sounds uncomfortable, giving you a whole new driving experience.

Comes with the Best Warranty

One of the things that got me glued to using Detroit Axle Struts in the first place is the warranty that comes with their kits. As a first time purchaser, once you discover a factory fault on any of the products, Detroit Axle will replace that part. This ensures that consumers are utterly satisfied.

Enhances Vehicle’s Performance and Control

Detroit Axle Struts ensure that your car runs smoothly without any issue. They offer better steering control and eradicate that metal clanking noise that you usually hear from the steering.

Maintains a Vehicle’s Stability

Installing Detroit Axle Struts ensure that your vehicle doesn't sway while you make turns.


Detroit Axle Struts come at reasonable prices, which wouldn't scare off consumers while still offering quality.

How to Install Detroit?

Struts are essential components in suspension systems. And that they keep the vibrations level emanating from the bumps low and contribute to managing the car's weight makes them priceless.


If you observe that your vehicle is having oil leakage or having issues maintaining its stability, it's a sign that you need to change your faulty struts. I will take you through some simple steps I undertook to change mine when I was in a similar situation.


  • Find the strut and its bolt by opening the hood or assembly.
  • Take out the wheel by loosening its bolts with a wrench .Remember to jack up the car so that you can carry out your repairs conveniently.
  • Detach the brake support. Though I didn’t find my brake support as a threat, you may need to take out yours to give you more access to the strut assembly.
  • Take out the bolts from the knuckle.
  • Keep the strut towers in place and don't unscrew the middle bolt to prevent total collapse. After that, take out the tower bolts.
  • Uninstall the faulty strut and take out the spring.
  • Add the replacement strut into the spring.
  • Put the replacement strut in the assembly and knuckle. While assembling, make sure the bolts are slightly sealed in position.
  • Replace the wheel and check to see everything is done properly.

Detroit Axle Strut Assembly

Detroit Axle Strut Assembly consists of a set of parts included, enhancing the vehicle's performance. This set of parts are ready to install and will not need any equipment to fix it.


Detroit Axle Strut Assembly includes a front-driver, coil, mounts, springs, and struts itself.

Detroit Axle Shocks vs. Struts

Many people find themselves confused with whether shocks and struts are the same. Before now, I used to believe that I can interchangeably use shocks and struts until I discovered that my insinuation was wrong.

Shocks are designed to absorb shocks and dissipate heat generated from the suspension system, while struts are made to carry the vehicle’s weight.

Detroit Axle Struts vs. Monroe

Monroe is a good company that produces a great line of shock, struts, absorbers, and other products. Like Detroit Axle, they are based in the US and commenced operations two years after Detroit Axle had begun operations.

Both Monroe and Detroit Axle struts deliver excellent performance to vehicles. Monroe struts are durable and easy to install. However, they are not as affordable as the Detroit Axle, and this is where Detroit Axle struts win.

Detroit Axle Strut Review Video:

Detroit Axle Strut Review (FAQs)

Where are Detroit Axle Struts Made? 

Detroit axle struts are made in Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Axle plants are expanding to other American cities and outside Latin America.

Who Makes Detroit Axle Struts?

The company, Detroit Axle, makes Detroit Axle Struts. The company was founded by the father of the current CEO and Co-Owner, Mike Musheinesh. Detroit Axle manufactures axles, wheel hubs, and bearings, suspension systems, shocks, etc.

What are the Parts of a Strut?

The parts of a strut include; a coil, springs, and mounts.

What Happens if a Strut Breaks While Driving?

If strut breaks while driving, you will find it difficult to control the vehicle's steering. The car will ultimately lose its stability. Hence, making turns will become complicated.

Can I Replace Struts Myself?

Yes, you can replace struts yourself. However, you shouldn’t forget to consult a technician or a professional for a guide if you don’t know how to fix the struts yourself.

Final Verdict

Having a good suspension system will provide the best driving experience. Thanks to the Detroit Axle Strut reviews, getting one won’t be difficult anymore.


So far, Detroit Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly Set proves to be a superb option and is worth every penny. It's designed with high-quality, premium-grade steel material, which enhances its durability and toughness.


Besides, it's easy to install, further explaining why I recommend this kit. This product is definitely worth buying, and thus, deserves my 4.8/5 rating.