Top 5 Pick of the Avid 1 Wheels Review

One of the best brands in the auto-parts market for wheels is Avid.1. But despite being one of the best, it is not one of the most popular. Luckily, you have us to explain all it offers.

In this Avid one wheels review, we’re going over several options it offers, as well as a small buying guide. You’ll learn everything you need about its highest-quality wheels and how to pick the right one.

So, are you ready to start learning more about this great wheel brand? Then keep reading!

Our Top Picks Avid 1 Wheels

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Top 5 Pick of the Avid 1 Wheels Review

There’s no better way how good a brand is than reviewing what it offers. Here are 5 of the best wheels that Avid.1:

Avid.1 AV-12 Gold / ML (15x8) +25 (4x100)

Our first Avid, one wheel review, is the AV-12. This is a unique option due to its color options. But still, it handles an excellent construction that sets it apart from the competition.

We chose this one from its ability to provide excellent compatibility despite having a 15x8 size. That’s enough to fit in small and large vehicles without problems.

The color options are the best it offers. You can pick from its Gold tone to a Machined chrome-like color, the Black-Bronze, and a pure Black. Each one looks fantastic, making your vehicle stand out and looking neat every time.

It boasts an offset of 25mm and comes with center caps. You can easily pair it up with any vehicle, and it will perform amazingly well. And with its top-notch build, it is set to last a lifetime for a friendly cost.

Pros & Cons Avid.1 AV-12

The good

  • Beautiful set of colors and unique design
  • Perfect size at 15x8 for most small vehicles
  • Comes with center caps for mounting ease

The Bad

  • Not ideal for trucks or tall SUVs
  • Slightly more expensive than competitors

AV-20 Matte Black 18" x 8.5", 33 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 73.1mm Hub

The AV-20 is the closest to the Avid 1 wheels recall. This is an excellent choice for anyone in search of exceptional appearance.

It comes with several size options, going from 17x8 and 17x9 up to 18x8.5 and 18x9.5. You will have enough sizes to fit this wheel on both small and large vehicles. Of course, it looks better on SUVs, but there’s still no limit to where you can install it.

But the real advantage comes from the wide array of colors you have. You can pick the Matte Black as well as the Bronze, White, Machined, Gun-Metal, or Hyper. All of them look amazing, which ensures a superb appearance on your vehicle.

Finally, it is made to last with aluminum. Along with the unique finishes that prevent scratches and bumps, it also handles the weight of time well.

Pros & Cons of Avid.1 AV-20

The good

  • A wide array of sizes for different kinds of vehicles
  • A unique variety of finishes for stunning looks
  • High-Quality aluminum construction lasts a lifetime

The Bad

  • Slightly overpriced
  • Not ideal for off-road vehicles

 AVID.1 AV-06 Bronze Custom wheels - 18" x 9.5", 18 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 73.1mm Hub - Bronze

If there’s a wheel that stands away from the competition, then that’s the Avid one wheels AV 06. This superb model comes with a unique array of finishes along with fantastic construction.

First off, it comes in eight different sizes to pick from. You can get the 17x8 size up to the 18x10.5 – enough for almost any kind of vehicle.

But it is not the size availability that stands out the most, but its color options that do. You can get in Matte Black, Bronze, Hyper, and White or the magnificent Gold. Each one looks terrific, and will undoubtedly make your car outstandingly beautiful.

The wheel is made of high-end aluminum alloy as well, which along with the finish, delivers top-notch durability. Overall, there’s nothing about this wheel not to like.

Pros & Cons of AVID.1 AV-06

The good

  • Excellent set of sizes for better compatibility
  • A unique Gold tone that stands out from the competition
  • Durable & resilient with an aluminum build

The Bad

  • Not ideal for large vehicles

Avid.1 AV-21 Custom Wheel - 18" x 9.5", 38 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 73.1mm Hub - Black

Next, it is the time of a more straightforward wheel – the AV-21. This is a lightweight option for those who want speed and excellent sports performance.

The wheel comes with a light aluminum alloy construction with the aerospace build. This ensures an amazing speed capacity without harming overall resilience.

You will also get a low-pressure casting process. This sets the finish on the wheel amazingly well, adding extra durability. And with the powder-coating and clear coat layers, it stands any weather condition.

The finishes come in Matte Black, Bronze, and Gun Metal. These three colors offer enough availability so you can get it and make your vehicle look however you prefer.

It comes in either 18x8.5 or 18x9.5 sizes so that you can pair it up with different cars. Whatever you pick, this wheel will surely stand out and make your car super amazing.

Pros & Cons of Avid.1 AV-21 Custom

The good

  • Outstanding aluminum build for durability
  • Super good-looking finishes for any vehicle
  • A high-quality set of coatings for resilience

The Bad

  • Not many size options to choose from

AV-02 Black 15" x 6.5", 38 Offset, 4x100 Bolt Pattern, 73.1mm Hub

The traditional Avid 1 wheel, the AV-02, is a fantastic option in every way.

It all starts with a pressure-die-cast aluminum build. This construction ensures outstanding durability without leaving behind results. That means you can use this wheel for sporting or off-roading without problems.

You won’t have as many different color options as other models, but the Black Matte is still exceptional. This not only ensures that you get a super durable product but also increases its compatibility.

Boasting a single size of 15x6.5 – this wheel is excellent for small cars. And that’s something that sets it apart from the competition.

If you want something simple in looks that will fit your small vehicle like a gem – then this is your best bet.

Pros & Cons of Avid.1 AV-02

The good

  • Superb durability with an aluminum alloy build
  • High-End matte black finish for a beautiful appearance
  • Perfect size for small vehicles

The Bad

  • It comes in only one size option
  • Doesn’t offer many color choices

How to Choose the Best Avid 1 Wheels?

We couldn’t make an Avid one wheels review without going in-depth about what to look for. Here are some factors we think are essential when choosing one of these wheels:

Colors & Finishes

The first thing you’ll notice when going over all these wheels is, they come in different finishes. This is something that makes Avid.1 wheels stand out, as the color options are almost always fantastic.

But you should be careful. You won’t like to pick something super shiny by mistake when you wanted something simple.

Among the many different color options, you will find Matte Black and the White, which are the simplest. You will also find metallic options like the Machined, Hyper, and Gun Metal. And for those who want something shinier, there are the Bronze and Gold finishes.

Not all wheels come with these many options, so be careful when picking the right one.


The second thing to think about is the construction of the wheel. While it is challenging to find Avid 1 wheels broken, it is still important to pick the right build.

We often recommend aluminum alloys as the best option. It is the highest quality material you can find from Avid.1 wheels. However, you can also consider other things, such as coatings, layers, and build processes.

For example, you will find die-cast builds, which are often more durable. And coatings with several layers prevent any weather conditions from causing damage. These are excellent options to go for and will probably improve how much time the wheel lasts.


Finally, when looking for Avid 1 wheels, consider the size you need. Remember, all vehicles use different wheel sizes, but it also depends on what you are looking for.

You can mount small wheels on large vehicles, but you can’t fit large wheels on small cars. Be careful when choosing.

For Avid.1, you may find models going from 15x6.5 in size up to 18x9.5. Pick something that matches your car and needs.

Avid 1 Av20 Wheel Install

The Avid 1 Wheels Review FAQs!

Before you make any final decision, we recommend going over these common questions. They may help you find the answer to any doubt you could have:

1. Are Avid 1 wheels any good?

Yes, they are amazing. Thanks to a unique combination of excellent materials and high-end finishes, every Avid.1 wheel performs amazingly well.

2. Are Avid 1 wheels ideal for sports use?

Yes, you can use Avid 1 wheels for race tracks, off-roading, or just boasting. They perform well in almost any kind of situation thanks to their build & appearance.

3. Where can I find Avid 1 wheels for sale?

You can find them on Amazon, directly on their website, or in any other online retailer. They are almost everywhere despite not being as popular as they should.

4. Who makes Avid1 wheels?

Almost all Avid.1 products are part of the Autotech Accessories distribution system from California. This means they come directly from the US so that you can expect high-end quality every time.

5. Are Avid 1 wheels good for trucks and SUVs?

Yes, and no. Some Avid one wheels are specially made for trucks and SUVs, but most of them are only ideal for small vehicles. Avid 1 focuses on sports cars and sedans, but they still offer a few large-size vehicle wheels. Find them and get them.

Final Words & Recommendations

After reading our The Avid 1 Wheels Review, you’re probably wondering about which model to go for. Well, don’t rush out and hear us out.

We think the Avid.1 AV-06 wheel is the best option. There's no mistake about it. From its build to the different finishes and even the sizes – it is the complete option you can pick. 

But there still are many other models from Avid.1 to choose from. Each one offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks, so pick accordingly.