Akebono Proact Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads Review

One of the essential parts of a vehicle is a brake pad [1]. And using the right brake pads not only improves road performance but also makes driving more fun.

Brake pads, like most mechanical parts, are subject to break down and wear.

Unfortunately, looking for the ideal replacement isn't an easy task as numerous expensive products are floating on the market.

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you want the right brake pad replacement for your vehicle. Thankfully, the Akebono ProAct brake pads reviews will discuss the best brake pads for your car.

What You Should Know

Having the right brake pads parts in your vehicle improves safety and guarantee better road performance. 

Below are some of the critical features of Akebono ceramic brake pads.

Features of the Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit

  • Brand: Akebono
  • Model: ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit
  • Position: Rear
  • Weight: One Pound

Find out more about this product here.

Features of the Akebono ACT787 ProAct Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

  • Brand: Akebono
  • Model: ACT787 ProAct Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake
  • Position: Rear
  • Weight: 4.1 Pounds
Find out more about this Akebono brake pad on this website.

Top Pick Section

Best for Braking Performance - Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit

This brake pad kit is efficient, responsive, and sturdily designed to improve performance significantly.

Best for Durability - Akebono ACT787 ProAct Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

ACT787 is manufactured with a ceramic material to ensure optimal resistance against wear, friction, and noise.

Reviews of the Best Akebono Proact Brake Pads

1. Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit

Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit

Akebono is a well-known company for making reliable brake pads, and ACT914 is another wonderfully crafted part of the company.

This ceramic brake pad set is for those who want to upgrade from using organic, semi-metallic, and metallic brakes to enhance braking performance. They are made with ceramic to maximize durability and braking power.

The brake pad set is ultra-responsive and quiet, unlike most conventional ones. Your vehicle quickly stops when you engage the brakes, preventing a compromised situation.

Akebono ACT914 exceeds OE quality standards, so they offer the braking performance that is uncommon amongst others within its price range.

Speaking of price, this brake pad is affordable, considering its quality and features.

It is also highly resistant to fading, wear, and rust [1]. The ceramic technology design ensures there is no wear on the rotor for more effective performance. Plus, it minimizes friction, so your car stops smoothly without any compromise.

However, I was displeased to see that the set didn't include any brake hardware, slide, or spread pin while testing it. Without these, installation won't be hassle-free. Also, these pads aren't suitable for cold or icy roads.

Overall, the product is worth the price, and installing it in your vehicle will offer a better road stopping performance.

2. Akebono ACT787 ProAct Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

Akebono ACT787 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

If you need a solidly-designed OEM brake pad to replace the worn-out ones in your car, then ACT787 ProAct is good for you.

This brake pad set is made of ceramic, which offers one of the best braking performance. With this, your vehicle's stopping response and braking power are improved.

Due to the ceramic, there is only low brake dust produced when you engage the brakes.

More importantly, ACT787 ProAct is manufactured to fit into the rear side of several vehicle models [3]. And it's straightforward to install. Therefore, newbies won't develop any issue while installing this set of brake pads.

Furthermore, these ultra-premium brake pads resist friction and fading. They cause only minimal wear on the rotors due to their high classic material design, resulting in a world-class braking performance.

They are also quiet during operation, eliminating the typical vibration and squealing noise associated with low aftermarket parts.

However, this brake pad set doesn't come with metal slides and pad clips. This hardware is needed for the installation of the pads. So, you either use the existing one or make a purchase, which is an extra cost.

Overall, ACT787 ProAct is great for daily driving. They are quiet, put no pressure on the rotors, produce low brake dust levels, and are great value for money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Akebono ProAct Brake Pads

Choosing the best Akebono ProAct brake pad involves a lot of factors that you must consider beforehand. They are crucial and will determine if the brake pad is suitable.

We shall be looking at some of these factors in this Akebono ceramic brake pads review.

Vehicle Model

When buying an Akebono brake pad, you need to consider if it will be compatible with your vehicle.

Several vehicle owners are victims of this issue. They choose a product without verifying it's compatible or not.

Check the specifications and configurations of both your car model and the brake pad. If you can't verify that, meet up with an expert.

Ease of Installation

Brake pads that include all the necessary accessories are easier to install than those with some missing hardware.

When buying your brake pad, ensure it comes with complete accessories.


Akebono brake pads price differs, as some are costlier than others.

Although most ceramic brake pads are expensive, Akebono keeps their products cheaper than the average value.

How to Install Akebono Proact Brake Pads

When brake pads wear out, you should replace them with a better one. However, not everybody knows how to install a brake pad, and the costs of hiring a professional are slightly expensive.

If you want to save labor costs, installing the brake pads yourself is the ideal thing to do. 

  • To install Akebono ProAct brake pads, you need:
  • Akebono ProAct brake pad
  • Floor jack and jack stand
  • Breaker bar
  • C-clamp
  • Wrench

Here is how to install Akebono ProAct brake pads. 

  1. Ensure your vehicle is properly parked on a level surface. It is to avoid the car rolling off forward or backward when you are removing the brake pad.
  2. Lift the car with a floor jack to remove the tires. Once all four tires are off the ground, add a jack stand beneath for extra support.
  3. Remove the nuts by loosening them one by one. Once you have taken them off, pull the wheels off and keep them aside.
  4. A brake caliper usually houses brake pads. Loosen the bolts on the caliper to access the pads. I advise that you only loosen the nut on the lower end of the caliper.
  5. Rotate the caliper upwards and remove the piston if it's not attached to the pads. If it is, carefully use a wrench to compress it.
  6. Take the old brake pads out from the assembly. At this time, take your time to study the assembly and know how the pads were previously installed. It will help you when installing the new ones.
  7. Place the Akebono ProAct brake pads in the assembly and couple everything in their original places.
  8. Tighten the nuts.

Akebono Act Vs. ASP

Act and ASP are Akebono products that maximize braking efficiencies. However, there are slight differences between the two in terms of use and power.

Akebono Act is mostly used for regular or light-duty driving. They don't perform on all road conditions.

On the other hand, ASP is a high-performance pad. They are for car racing, towing vehicles, etc.

However, both brake pads are ceramics, so you are guaranteed good road performance.

Does This Product Fit Your Vehicle?

Akebono is compatible with several vehicles, as evident in the Akebono ProAct brake pads reviews. There is every chance that they will fit into your car impeccably.

These pads are compatible with vehicles like Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Honda, etc. The brake pads are designed as a universal fit with durable materials to enhance efficiency.

Why Should You Use Akebono ProAct Ceramic Brake Pad?

There are so many reasons why you should choose ProAct.

Akebono is highly experienced in the industry, having been manufacturing brake pads for almost three decades. This speaks a lot about their long years of service in delivering reliable and high-performance brake pads.

Their brake pads are engineered to withstand wear, minimize friction and rust, and eradicate vibration. Plus, these brake pads also produce ultra-low dust, preserving the wheels' cleanliness.

Unlike some brake pads with durability issues and wear out in a short time of usage, Akebono brake pads last long enough. They are designed with the best and durable ceramic materials to guarantee long-lasting use.

ProAct doesn't cause squeaking noises. It doesn't wear out the rotors, enhancing braking performance and the user's driving experience.

These brake pads also meet OE quality standards and specifications, further showing that Akebono pads are safe to use and offer unparalleled braking power.

Additionally, they fit a wide range of vehicles and are seamless to install, unlike some aftermarket brake parts.

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A vehicle's brake system is a critical part that demands using the right brake caliper. Thankfully, the Power Stop brake reviews have provided us with the right brake caliper that will maximize your car's stopping ability.

My team was satisfied with the performance of these Power Stop brake calipers during testing. However, S4299 Performance Caliper proved to be the best option, as it's lightweight, durable, and installed quickly on the brake pads.

It comes at a low-budget price. I'd recommend this product to any buyer in demand of an affordable aftermarket brake caliper.

My team rates the product 4.8/5.

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Final Words & Recommendation

Brake pads are indispensable components in a vehicle that you need to maintain and check for optimal results regularly. Once they start to wear out or squeal, it means that you should replace them.

This Akebono ProAct brake pads review has listed the best ceramic Akebono brake pads, so getting a durable option for replacements won't be a problem anymore.

My top choice, however, is the Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit.

This ceramic brake pad is durable and resistant to wear, friction, and rust.

Also, they fit into many vehicles with no fitment issues.

Overall, the brake pads are efficient, so I rate this product 4.7/5.

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