Top 5 Best OP Parts Rotors Review - Buyer's Guide

Brake rotors are one of the hardest things to buy for a car. There are thousands of different options out there, coming from hundreds of brands.

That’s why we needed an OP parts rotors review. So, you could learn about one of these brands that are genuinely worth considering.

Here, we’re going over 5 of the highest-quality brake rotor models this brand offers. And we’re also explaining how you can get the most out of each accordingly.

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Our Top Picks OP Parts

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Our Top 5 OP Parts Rotors Review

This information was difficult to come up with, but we found exactly what we needed to make something useful. If you’re struggling to find information about these rotors, then you’ll be happy to read more about them:

OPparts 5382B Disc Brake Rotor

One of the best OPparts rotors, the 5382B model. It offers everything you could need in a brake rotor, from a sturdy build to a ready-to-install design.

It all starts with its compatibility with high-end SUVs like the Dakota and the Durango. That means this is not a simple front rotor like any other – it is one of the sturdiest you will find.
And for such a price, you can expect excellent results without breaking your bank. That’s another advantage no buyer should overlook when looking for quality.

Still, the dominant feature is the ready-to-install capacity. You won't have to make any modifications or spend hours trying to install this rotor. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, then bringing to a mechanic won’t be a bad choice either. And it will take even less time to install.

Overall, it is a nicely-priced rotor for anyone who wants quality and practicality. It will surely stand out.

Pros & Cons OPparts 5382B Disc Brake Rotor

The good

  • Magnificent price for the quality
  • Convenience design is ready to install
  • Ideal compatibility with Durango & Dakota SUVs

Scope of improvement

  • Not compatible with most other vehicles
  • Not as durable as expected

OPparts 5569B Disc Brake Rotor

Quality comes in a wide array of sizes and designs – and that’s precisely what the OPparts brake rotors tell you.

This model of rotor stands out for its capacity to work in the most demanding SUVs and trucks out there. From a Cadillac Escalade to Chevrolet Blazer, Cheyenne, and even Tahoe to GMC – this rotor is ideal for 4x4 vehicles.

That also means it is sturdy and resistant. You won’t have to worry about the rotor braking or wearing out faster than expected. And it will surely improve how well your truck or SUV stops as soon as you install it.

The best of all is the price. You won’t find any rotor as affordable as this one - and even less so for the same quality.

If you want something that stands out without emptying your wallet – then this rotor from OPparts will work well enough.

2.Pros & Cons of OPparts 5569B Disc Brake Rotor

The good

  • Top-Notch compatibility with large SUVs and trucks
  • Unbeatable cost for the quality
  • Improves stopping capacity

Scope of improvement

  • Not the easiest to install
  • Not the best for off-roading

OPparts 5329B Disc Brake Rotor

If you have one of those weird sedans, convertibles, or SUVs which brake rotors are hard to find – then you may find this part ideal.

Yes, this OPparts 5329B disc brake rotor works well with a wide array of odd vehicles. You can name names such as the Chrysler LeBaron, Imperial, Laser, TC Maserati, and others.

It also works with Dodge Aries, Caravan, Daytona, and Shadow. And to make it even weirder, it goes well with Plymouth Acclaim, Sundance, and Voyage.

If you’re struggling to find an ideal rotor for this kind of vehicle, then this is your best bet. And you can still enjoy excellent durability and top-notch install. It comes ready to be installed, so you won’t have to make any modification or special tweaking to make it work.

And for such a price, this is a total steal. If you have any of the previous vehicles, then don’t hesitate to get this rotor.

Pros & Cons of OPparts 5329B Disc Brake Rotor

The good

  • Unique compatibility with super strange vehicles
  • Excellent build for resilience & durability
  • Easy to install & tweak

Scope of improvement

  • Exclusive design only fits old models
  • Not the best brake performer

OPparts 34075B Disc Brake Rotor

This is yet another high-quality and affordable front rotor from OP brake rotors. The 34075B is an excellent addition to Audi vehicles.

Yes, it is hard to find the best rotors for Audi’s cars, such as the TT – but luckily you won’t have to spend a fortune on one when OPparts has the ideal choice.

Despite its meager cost, this rotor offers the chance to enjoy high-quality stopping and excellent durability. You need to install it on any front wheel, and it will perform flawlessly for your needs.

As a 5-lug rotor, it demands little to no installation efforts. So, you can mount it yourself in minutes if needed.

Overall, it leaves nothing to be desired. It is well-made, easy-to-install, and fits perfectly in most Audi cars.

Pros & Cons of OPparts 34075B Disc Brake Rotor

The good

  • High-Quality bui8ld stands several years of use
  • Compatible with unique Audi models
  • Easy and straightforward installation

Scope of improvement

  • Won’t fit other cars apart from Audi
  • Will not improve brake performance

OPparts 3151BH Disc Brake Rotor

If you want something that works wonders with your OPparts brake pads, then you'll want to go for the 3151BH Disc Brake Rotor.

What sets this model apart from the competition is its capacity to work with most Ford and Mazda trucks. Finding parts for models like the Courier from Ford and the Sundowner or Rotary Pickup from Mazda is not an easy job. Luckily, OPparts has your back.

This disc rotor ensures an excellent brake performance without leaving durability behind. Its compatibility is so magnificent that even the installation is simple.

Apart from all that, it is amazingly cheap. You won’t find any other disc rotor at such a fantastic price for such type of old vehicles.

If you want to save some bucks while providing exceptional value – then this rotor will come like a gem.

Pros & Cons of OPparts 3151BH Disc Brake Rotor

The good

  • Exceptional quality for the cost
  • Perfect compatibility with old Ford & Mazda trucks
  • Super straightforward installation

Scope of improvement 

  • Could be more durable
  • May rust over time

How to Choose the Best Op Parts Rotors?

Now that you’ve gone through our reviews, it is time to learn about these disc brake rotors in-depth. Here are a few factors that you must always think about:


First things first: how durable is the disc brake rotor? You’ll find that most OPparts products are utterly affordable – and that could damage their durability slightly.

It doesn’t mean that all products will fail to provide a long-lasting experience, but some of them may do.
To make sure that you’re getting the right durability out of a disc brake rotor, consider its construction.

The right materials always make a huge difference in whether the product will last or not. Also, consider the type of use the part can handle. Some rotors will be ideal for all kinds of applications, while others won’t handle off-roading or constant harsh use so well.


Another exciting part to consider when choosing OPpart products is the compatibility with specific types of cars.

This is important because most of these disc brakes will only fit a particular set of vehicles. For example, some will only fit large trucks like Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Sierra, while others will only match with Audi, and so on.

You will have enough to pick from depending on your car’s needs. But be sure it is exactly what you need. Otherwise, you may end up spending money on something that doesn’t even match your car.


Finally, make sure the installation of the OP rotor product is easy. That’s a huge plus because it will save you time and possibly even money.

It sometimes goes more into the design and parts of the car than the rotor itself. But you should still be aware of how easy it is.

Luckily, OPparts often make every product easy to install. They come ready, so you can mount them up and enjoy them as soon as they arrive at your home.

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Op Parts Rotors Review FAQ!

After going through our OP rotors reviews and buying guides, it is time to go over a few common questions most people make about this brand. Are you ready to learn more about it? Then read up!

1. Where do OPparts products come from?

All products from this brand come directly from China and/or India.

2. Question: Are OPpart rotors worth the investment?

Answer: Yes, as long as you're looking for something cheap that still handles heavy use. You won't find them as durable as other brands or as reliable – but they will still be worth the investment, especially for such a small cost.

3. Question: How many years does an OPparts rotor last?

Answer: You can get anywhere from 6 months up to 5 years of an OPparts brake rotor. With heavy use, they may wear down, rust, or break faster than expected. But if you take good care of them and only use them for general and small use – then you won’t have any problem getting several years out of them.

4. Question: Do OPpart rotors need any maintenance?

Answer: Apart from some cleaning now and then, no. They don't need any cleaning if you want to keep them working correctly.

Final Words & Recommendations

This OPparts rotors review has the only purpose of explaining the quality and low price of this brand. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost much and still works well – then this brand is your best bet.

Our recommendations start with the OPparts 5382B Disc Brake Rotor as the perfect low-budget rotor for Durango and Dakota SUVs.

The OPparts 5329B Disc Brake Rotor will work wonders in any GMC or Chevy truck and SUV. While the OPparts 34075B Disc Brake Rotor won’t let you down when working with Audi cars that are so hard to find parts for. 

Choose accordingly, and you will have a perfect part at a low cost for your vehicle.