Eicher Brake Parts Review in 2023: [Future of Stopping Power]

Using durable, reliable, and high-quality brake parts is necessary for the smooth running of the brake systems and the vehicle. Additionally, using the best brake parts will boost your car's durability and save you costs of constant replacements and fixing.

Due to the availability of several brake parts, both OE and Aftermarkets, choosing the best replacement brake part is not easy. More so, some of these brake parts come at high prices and may not be compatible with your vehicle.

Thanks to our team of experts, we found Eicher brake parts. We were satisfied with its braking power and performance. Hence, our reason for coming up with this Eicher brake parts review.

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What You Should Know

Eicher is a famous brand in Britain, with manufacturing plants in Scotland. Below are some features of their brake parts:

Eicher Premium Front Brake Pad Features

  • Brand: Eicher
  • Model: Front brake pad
  • Material: Semi-metallic
  • Friction Material: Bonded

Find out more about this product on this website.

Eicher Premium Rear Brake Pad Features

  • Brand: Eicher
  • Model: Rear brake pad
  • Material: Semi-metallic
  • Friction Material: Bonded

Find out more about this product on this website.

Top Pick Section

Best Overall - Eicher Premium Rear Brake Pad

This rear brake pad is designed with high-quality materials that provide exceptional braking performance.

Best Durable Brake Pad - Eicher Premium Front Brake Pad

The premium-grade front brake pad is made with semi-metallic and bonded friction materials for long-lasting use.

Reviews of the Best Eicher Brake Parts

Eicher Premium Front Brake Pad

Eicher Premium Brake Pad is a premium-quality pad designed for your vehicle's front. The Eicher brake part ensures that your car runs smoothly, without having any breakdown.

The premium-grade front pad is made of a bonded friction material that generates enough friction required to stop the wheels when the brakes are applied. Furthermore, the friction material maximizes its durability so that you can use the brake part for a long time.

Besides, the pad is made of semi-metallic material, infused in the bonded friction material to enhance the braking power. Semi-metallic pads are durable and offer excellent heat transfer, which boosts overall vehicle performance.

Additionally, the Eicher brake front pad is reliable and backed with 24k miles warranty/ 24 months, so you are assured of its high-quality. Compared to its counterparts, we can assert that the brake pad is affordable and compatible with over 90% of vehicle types.

Things I like

  • Semi-metallic material to boost durability and resistance to warp.
  • Compatible with many vehicle types
  • Offers great durability

Things I don't like

  • It's a bit noisy
  • Less effective in low weather conditions

This Eicher Premium high-quality rear brake pad will offer you the comfort that you deserve.

While testing the brake pad, we didn't find any issue with installing them. It was easy to install and didn't come with any complication, as witnessed while testing other brake pads.

The rear brake pad is made with semi-metallic materials, ensuring you have the best durability and braking power. Semi-metallic brake pads are great for regular vehicle commuting, so I'm confident they will last in your small and compact vehicles.

We tried installing the brake pad in a medium-sized vehicle, and we didn’t have the best experience. It didn’t fit properly, and when it did fit in, it generated so much squeaky noise. After testing, we resolved that the rear pad is slightly compatible with medium-sized vehicles.

Things I like

  • Designed with long-lasting materials
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with small-sized vehicles
  • Boosts vehicle performance

Things I don't like

  • Not compatible with medium-sized and high-acceleration cars
  • May cause rotor damage

Factors to Consider When Choosing Eicher Brake Parts

Undoubtedly, Eicher brake parts will make a good replacement part for your vehicle. However, to be sure that you don’t spend on inferior parts bearing the same name as the Eicher brand, I’d suggest that you consider the following:

Friction Material

Brake parts manufacturers use either bonded or riveted friction material to attach to the metal plate. Bonded friction material allows the brakes to last relatively longer than riveted material, although they wear down to the metal plates when it’s worn out.


Eicher brake parts should fit in seamlessly to boost the performance of the vehicle. It would help if you checked that the brake parts would fit into your car before spending. To get a first hand of whether the brake parts are compatible with your car's model or not, you need to contact Euro Car Parts or the dealer to clear your doubts further.


As far as brake parts are concerned, durability is an imperative factor that comes to play. You should get replacement brake parts that will last long enough.

You wouldn’t want to be in situations where you have to change your parts now and then. In the long run, the overall costs of frequent replacements will be overwhelming.

First off, check the material used in manufacturing it. Brake pads are designed with semi-metallic, organic, low-metallic, and ceramic. I prefer ceramic materials because they are quiet and offer more outstanding durability than other types of materials.

The downside of ceramic materials is they tend to be expensive. For regular driving, I’d advise that you go for semi-metallic brake pads.

Thankfully, this Eicher brake parts review contains products that are semi-metallic materials to offer excellent all-round performance. What's more? They are coated with anti-squeal plates, meaning you are less likely going to observe any signs of squeaks anytime soon.

Eicher vs. Pagid vs. Bosch for Car Discs and Pads

These three brands are excellent brands that design high-quality and super easy to install brake parts. While the Eicher is ideal for regular commute vehicles, the Pagid and Bosch brake pads are suitable for high-end applications.

 Aside from their applications, Eicher brake pads are the cheapest, while Pagid is the most expensive.

Brembo or Eicher?

Brembo is a reputable company that manufactures brake pads. They design high-performance brake pads with durable materials for long-lasting use and optimum braking performance.

Brembo pads are compatible with motorcycles and most vehicles.

The difference between Brembo and Eicher is that Brembo brake parts are more suited for heavy use and sporty cars than Eicher brake parts. Several Brembo brake pads reviews have asserted that they are compatible with many vehicle types, including luxury cars such as Porsche, Bugatti, etc.

 If you have a sporty or a luxurious car, I'd suggest installing Brembo brake parts, as they offer extra braking power and are less susceptible to warping.

Eicher Brake Discs - Any Good?

Eicher brake discs are suitable for the average daily car commute. I have used them without any problems. However, I'd advise that you use it in your vehicle's rear rather than the front to avoid rusts.

Eicher Discs and Pads - Any Good?

Eicher discs and pads are pretty decent for the low price. They are best for an average daily commute, as they can't withstand the heat of heavy use, especially sporty activities. They will wear out faster, warp, and get easily corroded if subjected to heavy use [3].

Eicher Brake Parts Review (FAQs)

1. Who makes Eicher brakes?

TMD Friction manufactures Eicher brakes pads - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of original equipment (OE) brake materials. However, they are 100% distributed by Euro Car Parts, a leading distributor of vehicle brake parts in the UK.

2. Which brand of brake pads is the best?

Several brands manufacture excellent, high-performance, and durable brake pads. Eicher, Brembo, StopTech, EBC, Pagid are some of the best brands you can trust. Textar brake pads are also good alternatives.

3. Are Mintex good brakes?

Mintex brake pads are good pads to use. They are highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and above all, cheap.

4. Are premium brake pads worth it?

Despite its high price, premium brake pads are worth it. Premium brake pads are made with high-quality materials, resulting in longer life, less warping, and lower wear.

5. What are Brembo brake pads?

Brembo brake pads are high-quality brake pads manufactured by Brembo that will enhance your brakes' performance. They are mostly made of organic resins, semi-metallic, and ceramic to provide absolute comfort, high-performance, and durability.

Final Words & Recommendation

Knowing that your vehicle’s brake system has the best brake parts will offer the peace of mind and comfort you need. Thanks to the Eicher brake parts reviews, getting a compatible brake part at an affordable price will no longer be problematic.

Based on this review, I recommend the Eicher Premium Rear Brake Pad. It's a premium-grade brake part that's highly durable and reliable. It's easy to install and readily fits in regular car commutes.

Overall, our team was satisfied with its exceptional performance and would recommend this brake pad. Our team rates the product 4.7/5.

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