SHIMANO BR-T4000 V-Brake Review: The Best Durable Brake Sets

Whether you’re spending some dollars on a new lightweight race bike or other cheaper ones, the most important thing is that you get the best you can for your money.

V-brakes are a side-pull version of cantilever brakes, but with longer arms attached to the cable housing. They are powerful and are the most common on the mountain and off-road bikes.

V brakes were named by Shimano and are referred to as “direct-pull” by other companies. They are the most common implementation of the Shimano brand.

Since there are many low quality brake sets in the market, it might be difficult to make the right choice.

I have, therefore, come up with this Shimano BR-T4000 V-brake review to help in your decision making.

Top Pick Section

Best for all-round performance – Shimano BR-T4000 front brake set

The fronts have a wider body than the rear and make contact correct by placing the pad close to the rim. 

Best for wet weather: Shimano BR-T4000 rear brake set

This rear brake set is effective for wet weather 

condition, and not like the front brake set that accumulates mud.

Reviews of the Best Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake

Shimano BR-T4000 Front Brake Set

This V-brake set is designed for the front part of your mountain bicycle’s braking system.

They fit perfectly and are easily installed. The installation process was relatively easy for me, who had never installed a brake pad before.

The brakes have strong retract springs and come with adjustment screws to set them so they don’t rub with the wheel.

Also, adjusting the pad was easy and well-coordinated, and this makes it a perfect replacement for old broken brakes.

The brake pads are excellent, though pricey. However, they are worth the price.

This brake set is designed for smooth and quiet stopping power and comes with a mudguard that prevents mud accumulation while riding.

The brakes are of good quality, and they come with both sides of the brake, brake pads, metal noodles, and rubber boots.

Overall, BR-T4000 Front gives you that comfort and smooth braking experience that you desire.


  • Brand: Shimano
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Vehicle service type: Bicycle 

Pros & Cons of Shimano BR-T4000 Front Brake Set


  • Comes at a top-notch quality 
  • Easy to install, adjust and use
  • Comes with a mudguard that prevents the excess accumulation of mud
  • Efficient design with low operating forces
  • Designed for quiet stopping power


  • They’re a bit pricey
  • The depth of the inside does not match with the depth that comes standard with every bike

Shimano Road Rear V brakes

These V brakes are designed for the rear part of your bicycle’s braking system. They come as a set with the front V brakes but can also come separately.

They are used with a short pull braking system, and the arms of this V brake is shorter than those of the Front V brakes. This helps to reduce the pull required. 


Also, it comes with the perfect sizing for your bicycles. 


Shimano Road Rear V brake is designed for super pull compatibility. Although it is called Rear brakes, I noticed that it could also fit in the front braking system. You will only have to change the direction since they are oriented opposite to each other. 


However, it is better to get this V brake as a set with the front V brakes. 


The installation process was quite easy as the front V brakes also.

If you’re tired of the cantilever brakes on your favorite mountain bicycle, then this is the replacement you’re looking for. 

Pros & Cons of Shimano Road Rear V brakes


  • Easy to install and use
  • They are easy to maintain
  • Does not hinder the mounting of the kickstand


  • Does not have a barrel adjuster but can be adjusted with the nut that holds the cable

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake

At one point or the other, you would need to replace or change your brake pads when they begin to wear out. Although there are a number of brake sets to choose from, with these factors, you would be able to make the right choice for your bike. 

Bike Requirement

When choosing a brake pad, you have to consider what the bike is used for. This helps in the decision making of your braking needs. Some brake pads are suitable for mounting bikes or touring bikes, while others won’t function well except on normal bikes. You should consider this so you don’t end up purchasing a brake pad that won’t serve the purpose of buying it. 

Weather Condition

Some brake pads work best in wet weather conditions, while others in dry weather. Wet-weather pads can also be used in dry weather but do better when it’s raining. You have to consider the kind of weather condition in your area before making your purchase.

Brake Pad Material

Brake pads come in different materials: metallic, aluminum, semi-metallic, organic, and ceramic. Each brake pad material comes with its advantages and disadvantages, affecting its performance and lasting effect.

For instance, metallic and semi-metallic brake pads provide better braking power than the organic brake pads, but the rotors experience a great amount of wear and damage from the pads. Ceramic brake pads are expensive but offer the best durability and warranty. They also have minimum wearing out power.

Aluminum brake pads, like the ones in this Shimano V-Brake review, has a low density and high thermal conductivity. Aluminum is strong and resists corrosion and rusting over an extended period. I recommend aluminum brake pads if you desire to use your brake pads for a longer time. 

What makes Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake unique?

Optimum Performance and Safety

The Shimano BR-T4000 V-brake is designed for optimum performance and maximum safety in your riding experience. It is readily available in the market and comes in easy to install package. For the installation of this brake set, you don’t have to be a pro to do that, as it can be installed on the go.


This V brake comes in very efficient aluminum material. It also comes in a set of both front and rear V brakes. This means you do not have to purchase them separately, even though you can do that if you only want to replace a part of the braking system.


Although this V brake set is quite expensive, it is worth the investment, and if you do not want to keep replacing your brake pads now and then, the V brakes are for you. They last longer due to the ability to resist corrosion and wear.

How to Install Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake?

Shimano V brake sets are easy to install and adjust, whether you’re a pro or you’ve never installed a brake pad before. You can save money and still fix your bike yourself. Below are simple steps to follow to fix your brake pads yourself. 

Get the new brake pads

Once you know the model and type of brake pads to use, you can get it from any bicycle shop. They can also give you suggestions on the kind to buy if you do not have one before. 

Remove the nut and washers from your old brake pads

You will need to pull out the old brake pad from the caliper arm of the bike. On some bikes, it might not be necessary to remove it first. The caliper is removed to allow for workspace on it. Remove the nut at the top center of the caliper, slide the assembly out and replace the nut on the stud, being careful not to allow the assembly to separate.

Install the new pads

The pad height has to be near the center of the metal rim of your wheel. If the pad is mounted too low, it may cause a dangerous situation, or if too high, it may cause the pad to rub against the tire's sidewall. Make sure that the pad surface is aligned to the tire.

Shimano BR-T4000 V-brake Mounting Hardware

The mounting hardware for the Shimano brake set is the mounting bolt. The brake set comes with its mounting hardware, which makes it easy to assemble. The mounting bolt is not readily available on its own, and that is why Shimano ensures to provide it with the brake set. 

Shimano Mountain Bicycle V-brake BR-T4000 dimensions

Shimano V-brake is an X-type V-brake with a 107mm arch. 

Height: 2.5 inches 

Length: 7 inches 

Weight: 0.7 pounds  

Dimension: 10.16 x 2.54 x 7.62 cm; 0.28 grams

Watch Shimano V Brake BR-T4000 Unboxing

Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control FAQs

What are the best V brakes

There are a lot of good brands that manufacture reliable and durable V brakes. Shimano, Sumo, and Eicher are some of the best brands you can go for. 

Are V brakes better than cantilever? 

Yes, V brakes are better than cantilever, but they are an evolved version of cantilever brakes and are easier to adjust and replace than the cantilever. 

What is Shimano V brake?

Shimano V brakes are a side-pull version of cantilever brakes and are extremely powerful. Shimano named the V brakes, but other companies call them “direct-pull” or “linear-pull”.  

Are V brakes bad? 

No, V brakes aren’t bad. They are powerful and are a good set of brakes. 

Should I use front or rear brakes on bike? 

Use front and rear brakes for your bike. Front brakes are different from rear brakes in function. Front brakes provide more stopping power than rear brakes, while rear brakes are good for riding on gravel, sand, and wet leaves. 

How can I improve my V brakes?

You can improve your V brakes by getting new cables or using fat and thin washers on the brake pad. You can also wind in the levers closer to the handlebar. This helps to make them closer to your arm. 

Final Verdict

A bicycle brake system is one of the essential parts of the bicycle. Therefore, they must be treated with the utmost care.

With the Shimano BR-T4000 reviews, you will be able to get or fix the best Shimano V brakes at affordable prices.

Having tested these products, I recommend Shimano Mountain Bicycle V brake BR-T4000 Front brake set.  

They have a wider body and make up for the difference between the 

forks and the rear triangle. This allows for a more comfortable riding experience. Also, it is easy to install and adjust.

My team rates this product 4.7/5 as we were satisfied with the performance, and therefore, I would recommend this brake pad.

Are you interested in buying this brake pad? Check it now!