Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake Review: Best V-Brakes You Can Find In 2021

If you're looking to improve your off-road and mountain bike's braking ability, installing the best v-brakes is crucial. Having v brakes made with high-quality materials will make it easier to stop the bike's brake lever.

As a first-time buyer, it's normal to get confused about which v-brake pad will be ideal for your bike, as many of these brakes might be incompatible with your brake lever - not to mention that some of these brakes are relatively difficult to install.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about making the wrong v-brake choice, as my team will expertly discuss Shimano v brakes in this Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake review.

What You Should Know

Shimano brakes are reliable and made with the best materials for long-term use. Below are some of the features of Shimano Deore V-brake pads.

Features of the Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610

  • Brand: Shimano Deore
  • Model: Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610
  • Material: Aluminum

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Features of the Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610 - Silver

  • Brand: Shimano Deore
  • Model: Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610
  • Material: Aluminum

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Top Pick Section

Best for Easy Installation - Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake

This set of brakes comes in a full kit that makes installing it easy.

Best for Design - Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610

This brake set comes in a black and white, stylish design to complement the buyer's outfit and style.

Are Shimano Deore Brakes Any Good?

Shimano Deore brakes are superb brakes that’ll provide more braking power via the levers. They are easy to adjust, easy to maintain, and are designed with long-lasting materials.

Additionally, Shimano Deore brakes are incredibly affordable, despite possessing excellent braking ability. They don't add strain on the bike's hubs, improving the bike's overall performance and other parts of the bike's life span.

Review of the Best Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake

SHIMANO Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake - T610

Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610 comprises premium-grade materials that work to improve your bike's braking ability. With its good brake pads and strong screws, you can stop your bike conveniently.

My team of experts was impressed with the stress-free installation process of the brakes. The direct-pull brakes were easy to install, unlike some disc brakes. Once you have the right tools, installing them is seamless.

The durability of these brakes is top-notch. The aluminum design ensures the brakes are wear-resistant, prolonging its lifespan. Its durability also ensures that the bike can ride on wet and muddy surfaces without any issue.

Though a little heavy, the brakes' weight is not really felt when installed in the bike. You can ride on it comfortably as you would on any bike with lighter brakes. The brake requires little push, so you can stop the bike when needed.

Furthermore, they are quite affordable. Compared to other bike brakes types, my team considers this Shimano brake set an excellent value for money.

Things I like

  • Wear-resistant
  • Has great stopping power
  • Easy installation
  • Premium-grade material
  • Excellent value for money

Things I don't like

  • Doesn’t include noodles
  • The rear brake can lock up during installation.
SHIMANO Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake - T610

This Shimano Deore BR T610 v-brake is designed to enhance mountain and offroad bikes' stopping power. It comes in stylish aluminum designs to withstand wear and tear and for durability.

These sporty 107mm arc v-brakes will ensure your bike has great maneuverability and control on muddy and wet surfaces. While it improves the braking power of the bike, it does so with little to no noise.

This Shimano v-brake is easy to maintain, meaning it's going to last you for a long time. Additionally, there are replacement parts available in the market. The brakes are easy to change on the go, provided you have the necessary tools [1].

More importantly, these pads are cheap. For its price, my experts consider it to be of great value for money. Overall, I was impressed with its performance.

I'd recommend this brake if you need efficient brakes with the right color combinations to suit your outfit and style.

Things I like

  • Delivers great stopping performance
  • Installation is seamless
  • Highly-durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in a stylish design

Things I don't like

  • Has fitment issues
  • Not suitable for some bikes

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake

Before buying Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake, you need to consider what it provides to your bike. Furthermore, you need to find out if it's constructed with good quality materials for longevity and if it's compatible with your bike.

Below are factors you should consider;


Build quality differs in v-brakes. Expensive types are usually made with high-quality materials to last longer, while the super cheap ones use low-quality materials. Thankfully, Shimano Deore v-brake pads are designed with high-quality, durable aluminum materials.


Many buyers end up making the wrong v-brake choice because they fail to determine if the brake is compatible with their bikes. A v-brake may be premium-grade and has all the features in place, but this doesn't guarantee that it will be compatible with your bike's lever.


Most v-brakes tend to be heavy, mainly because of the material used in designing them. However, Deore T610 is relatively lightweight and mechanically defined. Thus, you won’t experience any additional weight while riding on your bike.


V-brakes that come with good quality materials will be easier to maintain.

This means that you can use them for a long time without any replacement, hence minimizing costs.


V-brakes' prices vary, and the choice is dependent on the buyer's budget. Nevertheless, Shimano Deore brakes come at affordable prices to suit every buyer's budget, which our experts consider lovely.

Shimano Deore BR-T610 V-Brake Test

When Shimano brake pads become a little unresponsive, it means that there's a fault with the rubber on the pads. Therefore, you'll need to replace the brake pads because they have become worn out.

How to Replace the Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake

To replace the Shimano brake, you'll have to remove the existing brake first. Without the required knowledge, changing a brake is relatively tough.

To carry out the replacement, you will need some tools, such as an Allen Key, 7mm spanner, mineral oil, etc.

Shimano Deore 610 2-Finger Mountain Bicycle V-Brake Lever Set

This quality lever set is easily compatible with Shimano Deore v-brakes and other v-brake brands. It will also work well with cable disc brakes.

As stated, the Shimano Deore lever is a 2-finger lever, meaning it can be used for liner brakes and mechanical disc brakes. The installation is simple, and the lever clamps securely.

Shimano Deore V-brake

Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake (FAQs)

The most importantly asked questions regarding Shimano Deore brakes:

1. What is Shimano V-brake?

A v-brake is a style of brake that’s common on off-road and mountain bikes. These powerful brakes are responsible for the stopping of the bike when the lever is applied.

2. What levers work with the Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake?

MTB levers and drop-bar levers will work well with Shimano Deore T610 V-Brakes.

3. How do you fit a Shimano Deore disc brake?

To fit a Shimano Deore disc brake, you'll need some tools like a Hayes bleed bottle, a 7mm spanner, bleed hose, small hammer, hose clamp blocks, Allen key, screwdriver, and a rubber band. 


After you must have gotten these tools, take the following steps;

  • Fit the caliper into the mount
  • Slide the lever into the handlebar of the caliper
  • Attach the hose
  • Ensure the piston is in position
  • Adjust the reservoir’s position to be horizontal
  • Push the 7mm spanner onto the nipple to create a vacuum
  • Fill the reservoir with the mineral oil. Ensure it doesn't run dry.
  • Tap the caliper with a screwdriver to free trapped air inside
  • Replace the top cap and pull the lever so that the piston contacts the Allen key
  • Readjust the brake pads, rotors, and fit them into the wheels.

4. How do you bleed Deore brakes?

Bleeding Deore brakes is easy. If the brakes on your bike feel a little spongy at the lever, it indicates the brakes have taken in some air. In that regard, the brakes need bleeding.


Below is how to bleed Deore brakes;

  • Mount the brake and remove the wheel
  • Insert a screwdriver between the pads to push back the pistons into the caliper
  • Loosen the lever with a 4mm Allen Key and rotate the lever horizontally.
  • With a 2.5mm Allen Key, remove the bleed port and the small o-ring.
  • Turn the bleed cup clockwise to tighten it.
  • Remove the dust cover off the bled valve and connect a bleed hose to the syringe.
  • Fill the syringe with mineral oil.
  • Use a 7mm ring spanner and attach the extreme to the bleed nipple's nose.
  • Force the oil into the system using the syringe.
  • Put a bag at the hose's end with a zip tie and ensure it doesn't clamp.
  • Open the valve and make sure you drain half of the oil.
  • Close the valve, install the bleed cup’s plug, and re-install the port screw, o-ring.

Advantages of v-brakes

  • V-brakes are inexpensive.
  • They are super easy to maintain, and replacement is hassle-free.
  • Have no strain on the wheel hubs, unlike disc brakes
  • Readily available in different components in the market.

5. Are v-brakes better than cantilever?

V-brakes are better and powerful than cantilever brakes. Though a little heavier than cantilever, v-brakes are versatile and can handle wet and muddy road surfaces, unlike cantilever brakes.

Final Words

Choosing the right v-brake system for your bike is essential in maximizing its stopping performance. Thanks to this Shimano Deore T610 V-Brake review, you have the best v-brake for your riding needs.

My team and I were pleased with the overall performance of the Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle V-Brake T610. It easily fitted into compatible levers and was easy to install too.

More importantly, they come at affordable prices. It's a low-budget option for budget-conscious buyers, and would recommend the v-brake type.

My team rates the product 4.7/5.

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