Shimano M315 Review [Buyer’s Guide]

Shimano is a state of the art company with decades of producing bike braking parts amongst other outstanding new technologies. They are also known for manufacturing wheels and pedals for a variety of bikes.

If you are a sportsman or a cyclist or someone that loves riding a bicycle, then you have to pay close attention to this Shimano m315 review for optimum hydraulic disc brake and shifter purchase. With a good buy of brakes and shifter, you are sure of a safer and better riding experience.

The challenge of most cyclists is how to purchase a brake set that is durable and long-lasting since there are lots of models available in the market.

However, getting the complete details of the product you are purchasing can be very challenging. To relieve you of the stress, we have made a list of some unique Shimano m315 products to assist you in your purchase.

This article also entails other factors that will help you to use and manage your brake sets properly.

Benefits of Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake

If you're a serious cycling enthusiast, you already know that having the right equipment is crucial to your performance and overall enjoyment of the sport. That's why so many riders swear by Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. 

But if you're still on the fence about making the investment, here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience when you upgrade to Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

1. Long lasting

The major cause of brake failure occurs when pads and rotors become hot. However, Shimano has created an ice-technology which cools the brake system thus making it long lasting. When the pads and rotors get hot, the system transfers heat to all other brake parts; thereby improving cooling.

2. Easy Bleeding

Most Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes come pre-bled. However, self bleeding is also enhanced through the one-way bleeding system. It allows you to refill oil while removing bad oil and bubbles.

3. Presence of Center Lock Rotors

Shimano also has a lock ring that makes it easier to install and remove rotors. There is also the spine-based mounting system that helps enhance braking.

Other benefit are:

  • Cost- effective.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are easily adjustable.
  • Highly compatible with any bike.

4. Consistency 

Hydraulic disc brakes offer consistent performance, no matter how hard you're braking or how long you've been riding. This is because they use a sealed system that prevents contamination from dirt, grime, and water.  

5. Increased Control 

With Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, you'll have more control over your bike, thanks to the precise modulation and improved braking power. This is especially useful when navigating technical trails or riding in inclement weather. 

6. Lighter Weight 

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are also lighter than their mechanical counterparts, which means less weight on your bike and an easier ride overall. 

7. Low Maintenance 

One of the biggest advantages of hydraulic disc brakes is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike mechanical disc brakes, which need to be adjusted and aligned regularly, hydraulic disc brakes self-adjust as they wear. This means less time spent tinkering with your brakes and more time out on the trails. 

8. Improved Braking Performance 

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes offer superior braking power and modulation compared to traditional mechanical disc brakes or rim brakes. This means you'll be able to stop on a dime, no matter the terrain or weather conditions.

Other benefit are:

  • Cost- effective.

  • They are easy to install.

  • They are easily adjustable.

  • Highly compatible with any bike.

Our Top Picks Shimano M315 Review

JGbike Shimano MT200 MTB Hydraulic Disc Brake Set for Mountain Bike Bicycle MTB XC Trail, e-Bike, Fat Bike, The Best Upgrade kit for Mechanical Disc Brake

This Shimano m315 hydraulic disc brake is one of the company's outstanding products with quality and durability. It is an all-in-one brake that combines both class and price for beginners riders with its lever designed explicitly for smaller hands.

This brake has a variety of designs that makes it compatible with various bike patterns to help you stay safe at all times. Beyond that, the brake also features less noise while riding to give you an enjoyable riding experience.

With its small lever reach design, this brake is suitable for both adults and kids. It also has an easy and quick, seamless mounting option that makes it easy to set up and install. However, to have a lasting effect, you are required to maintain it regularly.

The brake set comes with front and rear settings with the left side to the front and the right side to the back.

For safety assurance, brakes also come with a pre-bled caliper, brake lever, and hose. Also, this package comes with front and rear mount brackets of 180mm and 160mm, respectively.


  • Hose length of 800mm on the left and 1500mm or 1650 on the right side.
  • Pre bled caliper, brake lever, and hose.
  • It has a 180mm front mount bracket and 160mm back.
  • It is suitable for beginner riders.


  • Small lever handle.
  • Easy to fix.
  • Very durable.


  • Maintaining can be challenging, but it's possible with the help of a bike expert.
JKSPORTS SHIMANOBR M315 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front 800mm and Rear 1400mm BR-BL-M315 M315 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front and Rear

The beautiful idea about buying brakes is to purchase one that has both qualities, durable, and also affordable. This is what this Jksport Shimano br m315 hydraulic disc brings.

With this brake, you need not worry about any riding hazard. It is not as expensive as the others, but it offers more value and durability by giving you both safety and leisure.

It has both front and back lever, caliper, and pre-bled hoses. It also comes with a disk, 800mm in front, and 1400mm at the rear and an adapter for easy and efficient usage.

This brake set grants you optimum protection, whether you are riding on and off-road tracks with its left and right levers. It also comes with a full set of cables and calipers.


  • Brakes contain mineral oil.
  • The set is with two levers, two cables, and a set of calipers.
  • Its hose length is 750mm left and 1350mm right.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • presence of internal hose routing for a clean appearance.


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Efficient for both off and on track movement.
  • It produces less noise.


  • It doesn't come with a rotor. However, you can buy rotors from online shops.
SHIMANO Altus SL-M315 Shifter Lever

If you require an affordable and efficient shifter, then this is the best option for you. This Shimano Altus m315 shifter is nothing less than what a bike lover would prefer. It comes with the right amount of grip and protection, especially if you are a lover of speed.

It features both left and right speeds of 2 and 3, and 7 and 8, respectively. It gets you ready for any surprises with its smooth, quick, and flexible options. Shimano also added a two release system that activates the shifter with a pull of the index finger or push of the thumb.

It's sleek plastic built lever body and numbered gear adds to its style and makes it easy for you to identify the position of the gear with a glance.

In this one, Shimano added an optislick cable that enhances cable routing experience and resists corrosion. The rapid-fire plus technology will give you more handling ability to change up to three gears in one shift.


  • Number gear for indicating the position of gear.
  • Slim lever body.
  • Optislick cable for quick shifting.
  • Rapid-fire plus technology is accessing up to three gears in a shift.


  • Easy gear adjusting options.
  • It has wide compatibility options.
  • It is reliable.


  • Installing may be difficult, but you can always get an expert to fix it.
SHIMANO Altus Shift Lever 7-Speed SL-M315

This Shimano shifter is a perfect option for you. It comes with a fast-shifting option and is compatible with various bikes making it easy for users to buy an ideal match.

This product has different numbers of gear that helps to indicate the angle of the gear at a particular time. Moreover, the shifter has rapid-fire plus technology, so you are sure of safety and a quick and three gear shift in a stroke.

Additionally, there is the option 2-way release that is released and gives you a fantastic gearing experience with just a pull of the index finger or push of your thumb.


  • Number gear for indicating the position of gear.
  • Slim lever body.
  • Optislick for quick shifting.


  • Highly durable options.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Compatible with various bikes.


  • Installing may be difficult, but you can consult the user manual for appropriate fixing and usage.
SHIMANO SL-M315-8R 8-Speed RapidFire Plus Bicycle Shift Lever - Right, with Optical Gear Display - ESLM3158RA

Are you tired of fumbling with your gears, trying to find the perfect ratio for your ride? Say goodbye to those frustrating moments with the SHIMANO SL-M315-8R 8-Speed RapidFire shifter.

This little gadget may look unassuming, but it packs a punch when it comes to smooth, seamless shifting. With its RapidFire design, you can easily move through all eight gears with just a flick of your thumb. No more awkward hand contortions or dropped chains – just pure, effortless shifting bliss.

But the SHIMANO SL-M315-8R isn't just about convenience. It's also built to last, with durable construction and high-quality components. It's the kind of shifter that will be by your side for the long haul, no matter how many miles you rack up.

So if you're ready to upgrade your ride and take your shifting game to the next level, give the SHIMANO SL-M315-8R 8-Speed RapidFire shifter a try. Your gears (and your inner cyclist) will thank you. 


  • 8-speed design allows for a wide range of gear ratios

  • RapidFire shifting system allows for quick and easy shifting

  • Durable construction and high-quality components

  • Compatible with mountain bike drivetrains


  • Easy to use: the RapidFire design makes shifting a breeze
  • Durable: built to last through even the toughest rides
  • Wide range of gears: 8 speeds allow for a variety of gear ratios to suit any terrain or riding style
  • Smooth shifting: the high-quality components ensure seamless transitions between gears


  • May not be compatible with all bike types (e.g. road bikes)
  • May require professional installation if you're not comfortable working with bike components

How to Align Brake Pads

When in use, brake pads tend to misalign. Causes of misalignment may be from crash or fall. When a brake pad has lost its effect, to ensure proper functionality and safety, one of the best things to do is to bring it to rest. Below are some of the necessary steps you need to engage in as you reset your Shimano brake pad. 

  • Place your bike on the repair stand and remove the pad retaining screw.
  • With the use of a clean cloth, wipe the piston surface and inner caliper body. After that, using a plastic lever, push the piston into a caliper body and watch to see if the movement of the piston is as a result of excessive fluid.
  • Install the pads as well as a floating shim
  • Squeeze the lever on both sides to align with the wheel. Do not force the lever when fixing the wheel. However, use washers when aligning pads to the rotors. Additionally, use bolts to firm the process.
To access this whole process, squeeze the lever when fixing the wheel.

How to Maintain Disc Brake

If you use a hydraulic disc brake, then it is essential to carry out a routine inspection for efficient use. There may be effects such as leaks and holes in the hydraulic pipes. Also, dirt may tend to build up at these spots. However, we will be looking at various maintenance of the disc brakes.

Disc Brake Rotors

Check the rotors for clogs of dirt or debris and also ensure that they are straight and do not tend to rub on the brake pads. To clean dirty rotors, use alcohol and sandpaper and rub lightly on their surface. Also, check the state of the bolts to ensure that they are the right fit as loose bolts can result in parts that lead to producing noise when braking.

Brake Levers

The brake lever can attract dirt over time or slip out of position. You can also check for leakage of hydraulic fluid near the lever. To check for leakage, during full engagement of the lever, squeeze the brakes.

There should be at least 1inch space between the inside edge and the handlebar. Do not press the brake lever when the wheel is detached from the fork when using hydraulic brakes as it may cause the brake pads to clamp together, which can be challenging to remove.

Shimano Altus BR-M315 disc pad replacement

Are your Shimano Altus BR-M315 disc brakes feeling a little lackluster lately? It might be time for a pad replacement.

Now, we know what you're thinking – "Pad replacement? That sounds like a hassle." But trust us, it's actually a pretty simple process. And the benefits of fresh, new disc pads far outweigh any temporary inconvenience.

So, let's get down to business. First things first, you'll need to gather your tools. You'll need a 5mm Allen wrench, a small flathead screwdriver, and a set of replacement disc pads (obviously).

Once you have your tools ready, it's time to get those wheels off your bike. If you're not sure how to do this, consult your bike's manual or give your local bike shop a call for guidance.

With your wheels off, it's time to get to work on those disc pads. Using your 5mm Allen wrench, loosen the two bolts that hold the pads in place. Once they're loose, use your flathead screwdriver to gently pry the pads out of the caliper.

Now it's time to install your new pads. Simply place them into the caliper, making sure they're seated properly, and then use your Allen wrench to tighten the bolts back up.

And that's it! A quick and easy process that will give your Shimano Altus BR-M315 disc brakes a much-needed boost. Just remember to always use caution when working on your bike and to follow proper procedures to ensure your safety.

So don't let worn-out disc pads slow you down – grab a set of replacement pads and get back to enjoying the smooth, reliable braking performance of your Shimano Altus BR-M315s.

Care Tips

For safety and better cycling experience, take the following brake, pads, and rotor care tips.

  • Check pads and rotors regularly, especially in wet seasons.
  • Do not touch rotors with bare fingers. Handle with oil.
  • Do not use spray lubes on them
  • Use the proper disc brake products or Isopropyl to clean them
  • Always use spacers for brakes when wheels are detached.

Shimano Altus BR-M315 disc pad replacement

Shimano M315 (FAQs)

1. When should I replace the fluid in my brake?

The hydraulic disc brake is made up of a cable filled with hydraulic fluids. When the brake is activated, this fluid is pulled up by pressure into the caliper, causing it to press against the disc. Although Shimono’s manual has no defined period to change the fluid, it did indicate that fluids should be replaced when it becomes discolored.

2. Should I get hydraulic disc brakes?

Yes. Hydraulic brakes have a higher performance ability than the mechanical disc brakes. They are also more efficient as they require less pressure to get high braking power.

3. When should I change Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

The best time to change your Shimano hydraulic brake is when it has a faction or any surface development. Development can be in the form of bends, which results from excessive hotness or impacts from the crash. However, these changes can be slight but can be detected when rubbed against the brake pad when turning the wheel. The thickness of the brake is also an indicator that it should be changed. Measuring its thickness is through a micrometer or digital caliper.

4. What is bleeding?

Bleeding is a way of removing air from the hydraulic brake when air bubbles get into the pipes. The air in the brake system can lead to low brake performance as it results in inconsistency in the pressure system during hot periods. It can also lead to the inactiveness of the lever during hard brake application.

5. How often should I bleed my disc brake?

Bleeding of disc brakes depends on the frequency of usage and distance of ride. However, you can bleed your Shimano hydraulic disc brake every six months. It can be less mostly if you notice some signs on your brake. The most familiar sign is when you pull the lever down to the handlebar before the brake is activated.

6. What kind of oil does Shimano disc brake use?

Shimano has been producing brake fluids since the 1960s and 70s. They produce mineral oil for their brakes with a higher boiling point than other DOT fluids. Also, the quality and boiling point of their brake fluid has not changed because of their inability to absorb moisture.

7. What size of disc brake do I use?

The type of disc brake to use is dependent on the size of the wheel. For back wheel braking, 140mm is the minimum size. However, the 160mm disc will cause the back wheel to slide easily. But with this disc size, it may be challenging to get the bike to stand on edge, which is why most are built with 180mm disc at the front. Also, for the best brake power, a 200mm disc is recommended. Big disc tends to heat up and cool off in less time than the smaller ones.

Final Words & Recommendation

With these written words, whether you are in for a hydraulic disc brake purchase or a shifter, you are sure to get the best. This Shimano m315 review highlights the company's m315 since they are noted for quality with their effectiveness and ability to offer great products.