How To Clean Your Brake Rotor: The Safe And Easy Way

Taking care of your car may cost your money and time both. But it is going to pay off for sure in the long run. Braking is one of the most frequent things we do when we are driving in the city. Even if you go to any car mechanics garage, you will notice that brake-related complexity and problems.

A good braking system can give you the guarantee of a good stoppage. On the contrary, a bad brake may send you to hospital fighting with serious injuries. To maintain an excellent brake, you need to clean your brake rotor regularly.

So, in this guide, we are going to show you exactly how to clean your brake rotor.

Why Do You Need to Clean the Brake Rotor?

The brake rotor is very much exposed to the environment, and this is the main reason you need to clean it up frequently. If you avoid taking care of your rotor, rust is going to appear very fast.

Not only that, even your car is stand by in your garage for a long time, rust is not going to leave your brake rotor.

So, don’t put a burden on yourself by not properly checking and cleaning your rotor. If you make it too late to clean your rotors, then you need to buy another pair of rotors.

How to Check Brake Pads

How to Clean Brake Rotors?

There are various ways you can clean your rotors. You can do it by yourself by following some easy steps. Have enough confidence that you can complete the task even if you are doing it for the first time.

So, the cleaning ways are the following:

Regular Clean-Up

The process of doing that is to start with the lug nuts off your wheel. Loosen them and then take off the wheel. Now the rotor is fully exposed at easy to clean with a bare hand.

This one is the easiest type of cleaning up your rotor. All you need to do is that you take a fresh cloth and clean the surface of the rotor.

Every time we go for hangout, our cars get dirty, so do the rotors. So try to clean it regularly. It will keep your braking performance smooth.

Create Fiction in the Breaking System

Sometimes when you go for a long tour and leave your car at your garage. After coming from the 2-3 months of the tour you will notice that a good amount of rust is present and visible in your rotor.

In this type of case, you can choose a highway that is not busy or a wide area. Run your car at a prolonged speed. Please keep the pace below 25 kmph and make some hard brake.

Do this around 7-8 times. By doing this, you can generate significant friction in your braking system, which means that your brake pad will have an extreme side by side friction with the brake disc or rotor.

It will help the rust to go away from your brake rotor. Give a final check by opening your wheel and have a look on your rotor.

Clean with Stainless Wire Brush

Start by removing the lug nuts from the wheels. In this process, you do not need to remove the rotor.

Just check the amount of rust on the surface of the rotor. Then rub the surface with a stainless wire brush. It will remove the rust very fast from the rotor.

After that, wash the rotor with any high-quality washing liquid formula. You will have a shining rotor in front of you.

Clean with an Angle Grinder

If you have an angle grinder of your own, then you can also use it for the cleaning purpose of your brake rotor. In this case, you need to take off the rotor from the braking system.

After opening the wheel by removing the lug nuts, you can remove the rotor by removing the brake caliper. You also need to remove the bolts of the rotor. Because it is connected with the mounting bracket, a hex wrench will help you best in this case. Now it is effortless to remove the rotor.

Finally, with the use of your angle grinder, you can remove the rust from the rotor surface. Make sure when you are working with the angle grinder, you don't give too much pressure. Or else your rotor surface can be damaged.

After 3-5 minutes, your rotor will become thoroughly clean.

Watch The Video on How to Clean Your Brake Rotor


Now you know the process how to clean your break rotor. If you think you can do it alone, then go for the task. But if you do not feel like doing it or don't hold enough confidence, then it would be better for you to go to a professional garage.

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