A Comprehensive Raybestos Master Cylinder Review for 2023

One overlooked part that helps to improve an automobile’s stopping power is the master cylinder [1]. The Master cylinder holds the brake fluid. When you brake, the braking system converts the fluid to hydraulic pressure, and that's how your vehicle comes to a stop.

Unfortunately, replacing a master cylinder isn't easy, as many products on the market are substandard and incompatible.

These Raybestos Master Cylinder reviews have rounded up the best master cylinders to enhance braking.

What You Should Know

A brake master cylinder from Raybestos facilitates an efficient braking mechanism without any hassle. Below are some key features of the products here.

Features of the Raybestos MC39496 Professional Grade Brake Master Cylinder

  • Brand: Raybestos
  • Model: MC39496 Professional Grade Brake Master Cylinder
  • Material: Cast-iron and aluminum

See more features about this product here.

Features of the Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390426

  • Brand: Raybestos
  • Model: Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390426
  • Material: Hybrid

Check out more features about the product on this website.

Features of the Dorman M390259 New Brake Master Cylinder

  • Brand: Dorman
  • Model: M390259 New Brake Master Cylinder
  • Material: Aluminum

Find out more about this product here.

Features of the Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390571

  • Brand: Raybestos
  • Model: Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390571
  • Material: Aluminum

See more features about this product on this website.

Features of the Cardone 13-2871 New Brake Master Cylinder

  • Brand: Cardone
  • Model: 13-2871 New Brake Master Cylinder
  • Material: Cast-iron

Find out more here.

Features of the Centric Parts 130.62028 Brake Master Cylinder

  • Brand: Centric Parts 
  • Model: 130.62028 
  • Material: Cast-iron
See more about this product here.

Top Pick Section

Best for Overall Performance - Raybestos MC39496 Profesional Grade Master Cylinder

The Raybestos Master Cylinder produces a great braking performance and lasts very long on usage.

Best for Durability - Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390426

This master cylinder is designed with a top-notch aluminum material to offer increased durability and quality performance.

Best for Ease of Installation - Dorman M390259 New Brake Master Cylinder

This master cylinder is super easy to install, as it comes with all the accessories you need to carry out the process.

Best for Affordability - Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390571

This master cylinder comes just at the right price.

Reviews of the Best Raybestos Master Cylinder

1. Raybestos MC39496 Professional Grade Brake Master Cylinder

Raybestos MC39496 Professional Grade Brake Master Cylinder

Raybestos MC39496 is a durably made master cylinder that offers premium-quality road performance. This reliable brake cylinder is a hybrid of cast-iron and aluminum materials to provide optimal resistance to wear and rust [2].

The Profesional Grade master cylinder is thoroughly tested to ensure safe and incredible braking efficiency. This means you won't encounter any safety issues while using this brake cylinder.

It has no fitment issues, as it’s designed to match OE fitment specifications. It fits into most automobiles perfectly, regardless of their type of brake systems. Plus, this cylinder comes with all the required accessories to make installation seamless.

Besides, the brake cylinder requires no form of assembly. It arrives ready-made, making installation even easier. All you need to do is to buy and install. That's it!

In terms of weight, the Raybestos brake cylinder is one of the lightest my team has tested. With just 1.76 ounces of weight, the automotive part won't add extra weight to the brake assembly and the general car's weight. It promotes better control and enhances the driving experience.

Conclusively, the price is okay. Compared to other brands, this master cylinder is one of the cheapest around, making it a worthy investment.

2. Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390426

Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390426

If you want an affordable master cylinder that provides a safe and effective stopping performance, you should consider this BPIMC390426.

This master cylinder part is designed with highly-resistant materials like cast-iron to minimize rust formation, friction, and offer quality braking. It regulates brake fluid and responds adequately to the engagement and disengagement of the brakes. The single-bore-dual hydraulic channel produces the needed force to enforce the braking.

Raybestos BPIMC390426 is designed to meet OE standards. It's OE designed to fit into most vehicle models, including trucks and heavy-duty cars. However, ensure that you find the correct match for your vehicle to avoid impaired performance.

In addition to that, the high-quality brake cylinder is simple to install. It comes with complete accessories, making the installation process smooth, even for a beginner.

The master cylinder is durable and includes tight-fitted seals to prevent fluid leaks. It ensures that the brake fluid level is maintained to facilitate braking. Also, the rubber seals prevent the fluid from mixing with debris and dirt - two things that could impair your vehicle's braking performance.

Overall, this part is efficient. Though it's a little heavy, it won't add much extra weight to the brake system and the car's weight generally. This leads to better maneuverability.

3. Dorman M390259 New Brake Master Cylinder

Dorman M390259 New Brake Master Cylinder

Dorman, a company founded in the US, is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket auto parts that offer the braking convenience and efficiency you need.

The M390259 is another affordable brake master cylinder on this list that you can trust to have in your vehicle. The New Brake Master Cylinder is manufactured to facilitate fast and responsive stopping performance.

It fits into both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, making sure you brake with comfort. This cylinder is highly durable, thanks to the aluminum material used. The material guarantees better resistance to wear and rust, ensuring you use it for a long time.

Unlike some products that include just the master cylinder, the Dorman product comes with reservoirs, caps, and fluid sensors. In addition to that, it arrives ready-made. All you need to do is install the part in the vehicle, and you are good to go.

The installation process is also smooth. Since all the accessories included came complete, my team didn't find installing it difficult. A beginner won't find it hard to install it in one pass.

4. Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390571

Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390571

Brake Master Cylinder BPIMC390571 is manufactured to facilitate the best response when you engage the brake pedals. The design of this cylinder is great, and its efficiency is excellent.

The brake cylinder connects to the brake pedal and other brake parts seamlessly, thanks to the single-bore-dual hydraulic channel. It delivers the necessary force and fluid to bring about effective braking when you engage the pedal.

Thanks to the tight rubber seals, the brake master cylinder has no brake fluid leaks. Consequently, the brake master cylinder creates the required fluid level to convert to hydraulic pressure for stopping the vehicle.

My team loves the weight of the cylinder. It weighed a little over 1.5 pounds, which is considered lightweight as far as brake master cylinders are concerned. This not only makes it easy for your car to stop but also makes driving more comfortable.

Another thing my team loves about the cylinder is that you can bleed it conveniently. Bleeding is making sure the cylinder aligns with the brake pedals as well as other parts. The process ensures you have a smooth braking performance.

However, this brake master cylinder doesn't fit into many automobiles. If you have an automobile like a heavy truck, you may find it slightly difficult to fit the cylinder into the assembly.

5. Cardone 13-2871 New Brake Master Cylinder

Cardone 13-2871 New Brake Master Cylinder

This master cylinder isn't from Raybestos, but it's made from one of the best aftermarket brands globally, Cardone. It is efficient, made to withstand wear, and offers incredible braking.

This Cardone Master Cylinder is engineered to meet OE parts specifications. It's designed with quality cast-iron material to offer optimal and reliable braking performance, minimize and prolong its lifespan.

The cylinder's parts, such as the rubber seals and reservoir, are thoroughly tested to prevent leaks and exceed OE standards. Plus, they survive high temperatures, making them suitable for the daily commute. The durability of the seals and reservoir is impressive, and the parts are guaranteed to last for an extended time.

The installation process is easy. The inclusion of the mounting hardware and other accessories makes it possible to install the master cylinder without any complications. Moreover, the brake cylinder is convenient to bleed, so you can make adjustments when necessary to boost the vehicle's stopping ability.

The downside of this master cylinder is that it's not suitable for use in right-hand drive vehicles, so if your car is one, we don't recommend that you buy this unit.

Overall, the Cardone Master Cylinder provides the braking result that you need. It's effective, corrosion-resistant, and worth investing in, despite its price being a little on the high side.

6. Centric Parts 130.62028 Brake Master Cylinder

Centric Parts 130.62028 Brake Master Cylinder

Centric Parts is another good brand that you can trust regarding buying premium-quality master cylinders. This company makes durable parts that last for a lifetime.

The master cylinder is well-made too. It's manufactured with a cast-iron material with thorough testing to ensure it's safe to use. Additionally, the cylinder is rust-free and resistant to wear, thanks to the cast-iron.

Centric master cylinders come with complete accessories, ensuring that you install the piece without any issue. Plus, the cylinder is a perfect fit for most automobiles.

Whether you have a truck, an SUV, or a sedan, there is a chance that this product will fit in impeccably. However, you must verify if the part is compatible with your vehicle for the best output.

The cap is also well-designed. Unlike some that are plastic, the cap on this cylinder is made with steel. This offers maximum protection to the brake fluid inside while ensuring it doesn't mix with debris and dirt.

The oil reservoir is sturdy. Like the cylinder, it's cast-iron. Thanks to the material, the reservoir won't have any cracks and break even when exposed to extremely hot temperatures.

Buying Guide of Raybestos Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is a vital part of a vehicle's brake system. It's necessary that this part is in good condition to guarantee optimal performance.

However, if the unit wears out, replacing it is the next best option. For a user who has never bought a master cylinder, getting it right for the first time may be complicated. That's why my team came up with this buyer's guide.

To buy a Raybestos master cylinder, you need to consider the following factors.

Build and Material Quality

Manufacturers use either cast-iron material or aluminum to make master cylinders. However, these two materials differ in quality, performance, and cost.

Cast-iron is the least expensive but heavy. Additionally, they are more prone to rust and wear. With aluminum, you get a better guarantee of rust and wear resistance [3]. However, they are expensive and lightweight.

Specs Compatibility

You need to make sure that the cylinder matches the specs of your car's manufacturer. Lots of products are falsely labeled. If you don't look carefully, you may purchase the wrong product with the notion that it meets your car's specs.

Fitment and Ease of Installation

It's one thing to find a compatible part and another for it to fit into the vehicle perfectly. When buying a master cylinder, ensure that it's both compatible and has the perfect fit. It must include all its accessories to make the installation process seamless and precisely fitting.


Look out for parts with lengthy warranties. Some brands offer fewer warranties on their products, while others provide far more. These brands can offer as high as three years warranty.

Fortunately, all Raybestos Master Cylinders arrive with lengthy warranties. You can use these products for a long time before they break down.


Raybestos master cylinders aren't that expensive. However, you must avoid overly cheap products by all means necessary. Most of them are built with inferior materials that can reduce their performance.

How Do I Change a Master Cylinder?

Changing a master cylinder is not easy, especially for a newbie who might have difficulties identifying the components. However, this detailed guide will help you to change the master cylinder easily.
Below are the steps to take;

  • Locate the master cylinder. It usually sits in the engine area beneath the brake fluid reservoir.
  • Remove the oil from the reservoir using a turkey baster.
  • Pull off the brake fluid sensor with your hand.
  • Use a wrench to loosen the brake fluids lines and remove them.
  • Remove the bolts attached to the master cylinder and detach them with your hand.
  • Replace the old master cylinder with the new one.
  • Connect and tighten all the bolts. Add the brake lines and fluid sensor back.

How Do You Fix a Master Cylinder?

Some issues may arise that may not need you to do total replacement of the master cylinder. Sometimes, all you need to do is to fix them.
Over the years, the piston and seals may wear out, causing fluid leaks. Instead of changing the entire master cylinder, you can simply fix the issue by replacing them with new seals. Below is how to fix the problem.

  • Locate the master cylinder in the engine compartment of your vehicle.
  • Loosen the brake lines with a wrench.
  • Remove the bolts on the master cylinder’s body with a wrench.
  • Detach the master cylinder and set it on a clean workbench. Cover the brake line spaces with a clean rag to prevent contamination.
  • Drain the brake fluid in the reservoir into a clean, covered bowl.
  • Take out the lock ring holding the pistons. Remove the ring keeping the valve in place.
  • Add the new seals and couple the parts accordingly.
  • Replace the master cylinder in the compartment.
  • Bleed the brakes.

What is the Best Brake Master Cylinder Replacement?

To get the best brake master cylinder replacement, you need to, first of all, choose whether you want OEM or aftermarket parts. For buyers working on a tight budget, going for aftermarket brands is the ideal option, as OEM parts are on the high side.

The best brake master cylinder replacement is the Raybestos MC39496 Professional Grade Brake Master Cylinder. This master cylinder delivers an exceptional braking and promotes safe driving. 

Best brand for Brake Master Cylinder

So many good brands manufacture brake master cylinders. However, the differences between one brand's product and another center mostly on the price factor and the quality of material used.

Raybestos, Wagner, Girling, AC Delco, Cardone, and Bosch are the best master cylinder brands. These excellent brands manufacture great master cylinders.

These aftermarket brands have been in operation for more than seven decades. That makes them highly experienced in producing efficient brake master cylinders.

Additionally, they make use of cast-iron and aluminum materials. These create master cylinders for best stopping performances, as seen in the Dorman Master Cylinder review.

How Does the Brake Master Cylinder Work?

The master cylinder, commonly situated in the engine territory, is responsible for converting pressure on the pedal to hydraulic pressure on the brake circuit. This conversion is what causes the vehicle to slow down when you hit the brake pedal.

The master cylinder features two different brake circuits that control the two pairs of front and rear wheels. That is, one circuit controls the front pairs, while the other controls the rear tires. The master cylinder is designed to prevent the total collapse of the brake system if there should be a leak in any part of the system. 

Signs of a Failing Master Cylinder

Once the master cylinder starts to wear out, there will be specific signs that will indicate that. Some are easier to notice, while you may have a hard time noticing others.

However, if you suspect any issue, you should address it properly before it becomes too dangerous. Below are signs that the master cylinder needs a replacement.

Brake Warning Light

This sign is one of the easiest to notice. If the brake warning light comes on in the dashboard, it indicates that there may be an issue with the brake lines. It may not be the brake master cylinder, but it's essential that you still check it out.

However, if the ABS light displays, it's highly probable that it could be the master cylinder. Also, if there is a drop in brake fluid pressure, the master cylinder could be faulty.

Leaking Fluid

As earlier stated in this Raybestos Master Cylinder review, a drop in brake fluid is a sign of a failing master cylinder. The brake cylinder needs a specific fluid level to create the required hydraulic pressure for stopping the vehicle. If the brake fluid is leaking from the reservoir, stopping the car will be impaired

Sagging Brake Pedal

Sagging brake pedals is another sign of a failing master cylinder. Once you notice the brake pedal not returning to its original position when you take your foot off it, you should check the brake cylinder.

Worn-out Rubber Seals

Rubber seals lock the brake fluid in the reservoir and prevent it from mixing with dirt and debris. If the seals are damaged, the fluid gets contaminated, and the brake pressure will drop significantly.

Additionally, the damaged rubber seals can result in the reservoir leaking fluid internally. It can make the pedals feel spongy.

Overfilled Master Cylinder Discussion with Raybestos Brakes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you tell if the master cylinder is bad?

You can tell if the master cylinder is bad in many ways. For example, the brake pedals will feel spongy when your feet are on them. There will also be fluid leaks, sagging brake pedals, and uneven wear on the pads.

How do you check a master cylinder?

You can check a master cylinder by opening the lid to see if everything is in order. By opening it, you can check if both brake circuits are filled with the required brake fluid level and if the fluid is leaking.

Can you drive with a bad master cylinder?

You can, but the risks are astronomically high. Driving with a failing master cylinder can endanger your safety and negatively affect other parts of the vehicle.

What causes a master cylinder to fail?

Uneven brake pad wear, faulty brake circuits, leaking brake fluid, and contaminated brake fluid are some of the things that cause a master cylinder to fail. 

How many miles does a master cylinder last?

Since master cylinders don't have plenty of moving parts inside, they can last more than 90,000 miles before you can start thinking of replacing them. Plus, they are always covered, minimizing dust and debris penetration.

Final Words & Recommendation

Master cylinders are crucial components that vehicles can't do without, as seen in this Raybestos Master Cylinder review. Therefore, you need to install the best to improve the output of brakes and guarantee maximum efficiency.  

The best Raybestos Master Cylinder is the Raybestos MC39496 Professional Grade Brake Master Cylinder. This master cylinder is super efficient and designed to fit into automobiles.

They are durably designed with premium-quality cast-iron and aluminum to maximize resistance to wear, rust, and high temperatures.

It is one of the best master cylinders on the market. Therefore, I rate it 4.9/5.

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