Top 7 Pick of Tektro Brakes Review

Biking is fun! In terms of health and mobility, there is nothing that beats the convenience of a bike. But if you have a bike, having a good brake system is a necessity, and that goes without saying. Without it, you will have a rough and strenuous journey.

When discussing brakes, one company that stands out in the world of biking is Tektro Technology. For smooth bike riding, there is nothing that beats the elegance of these brakes.

Today, we are going to take you through some Tektro brakes reviews that will hopefully shed some light on the mechanics of this system. 

Tektro Brakes Comparison Chart

Name & Image



Tektro CR720 Canti Brakes

Weight: 5.6 ounces
Dimensions: 7.8 x 4 x 2.2 inches

Model: 126CR720AS

Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc Brake Syste with 160mm Rotor

Weight: 14.4 ounces
Dimensions: 2 x 6.3 x 6.7 inches

Tektro Caliper Brake for Beach Cruiser - 26" Wheel Rear 79-99 mm reach OE Packaging

Weight: 10.4 ounces
Dimensions: 7.2 x 6 x 2.2 inches

Tektro Linear Pull Mountain Bicycle Brake - M530

Weight: 8.8 ounces
Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.8 x 2.3 inches

Model: 126M530AE

Tektro Draco Hydraulic Disc Brake Set with Levers Calipers and Rotors

Weight: 2.3 pounds
Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches

Tektro 857AL Linear Pull Brake Gray w/ Fender Clearance

Weight: 0.3 ounces
Dimensions: 8 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches

Model: 857AL

Top 7 Pick of Tektro Brakes Review

If you are looking for good brakes, look no more than this list. We are going to talk about some Tektro bicycle brakes that will give you the best value for money. Keep reading; we hope it will be immensely helpful to you.

Tektro CR720 Canti Brakes

We have a cantilever brake here. These are the hottest brakes on the road. In the 90s, these brakes were one of the most advanced systems, and every bicyclist at the time would dream of owning these one day. Thanks to the progress of technology, these brakes are a lot more accessible now, and the performance is also better than ever.

On these brakes, you will have a high leverage system. What this will achieve is that you will be able to get greater output with every fraction of the input you feed into the system. If you are on the go, you will be able to make stops faster, owing to the added advantage of having such an efficient leverage point.

You will be able to gain the right balance of mechanical advantage here. This means that even with a slight push on the lever, the force on the brake shoe will have a great resistant force, and therefore, the timing of the stoppage will decrease by several degrees.

Pros & Cons of Tektro CR720 Canti Brakes

The good

  • Requires very little force
  • Makes smooth stoppages
  • Will allow smoother speed transitions
  • Setup is pretty quick and straightforward
  • Comes in two different colors to choose from

The Bad

  • Color gets chipped off too quickly
  • The brakes drag against the forks of the cycle

Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc Brake Syste with 160mm Rotor

If you are someone who is planning on upgrading their brakes after the initial installation, then this hydraulic disc system will be the best suit for you. These can be modulated very easily, to be made more powerful than they already are. This one also has high leverage, which makes it really easy to mount them on high slopes.

You will be given the hand brake, disc, bolts, caliper, hose, and even the line will be included in the kit. They will be completely ready for installation. You will also get rear mounting brackets among the accessories, and you can set the whole thing up all by yourself. Click here to know how to install brakes.

Pros & Cons of Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc Brake System

The good

  • Comes with standard circular rotors
  • Has a 2-finger blade on the lever
  • Allows easy and fast stops with little effort
  • Every accessory required for set up comes in the box

The Bad

  • No adjustment is possible - has to be bolted on directly

Tektro Caliper Brake for Beach Cruiser - 26" Wheel Rear 79-99 mm reach OE Packaging

This is just a caliper brake. It comes alone; you will not be getting a cable, or a brake lever with it. These are good quality caliper brakes and will fit fat tires very easily. No force spacing will be required. If you want sturdy, these calipers will, very conveniently, give you a steady, sturdy performance.

Beach cruisers are heavy bikes. Not every caliper will be able to carry the load of these bikes. However, these ones can. They will be able to exert enough force to stop the bike immediately. Slow and fast turns are what they boast, in terms of their performance.

You will feel that bike riding becomes even more satisfying when you don’t have to put a lot of tension on the timing of the brakes.

Pros & Cons of Tektro Caliper Brake for Beach Cruiser

The good

  • Very solid and sturdy in construction
  • Will make stops faster and more reflexive
  • Gives good mount up the slope

The Bad

  • Does not come with any cables or levers

Tektro Mountain Bike Front&Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake 160mm Black

Now the brake we have for you here comes completely alone. It does not have any sort of rotor or screws drilled into it. Just the front and back discs will come along with the package. If you need a replacement, then these will be the best to give your brake system a powerful boost in performance.

Since these brakes are hydraulic, they are more efficient and will result in less damage from friction than regular brakes that function on air power. The dimensions are simple - front comes in a diameter of 75 CM, while the rear comes at 130 CM. Installation of these brakes is very easy as well.

But while doing so, remember that the right one goes to the front, and the left one goes behind. This slight dysfunction in the system is the only setback of the system. Other than that, you will be perfectly good to use these for your beloved bike.

Pros & Cons of Tektro Mountain Bike Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

The good

  • They have a good, reliable stopping power
  • The rear and the front are both hydraulic
  • Comes with a bolt in the box

The Bad

  • You may need to get a longer bolt to get the system running

Tektro Linear Pull Mountain Bicycle Brake - M530

These brakes are made with tough aluminum arms that stay true to their performance, no matter rain or shine. With their resistance and sturdiness, they will last you a long time indeed. Unlike the other brakes that we mentioned here, these brakes are unique because they come with mounting pads.

The pads measure approximately 60 mm in length, which gives the right balance needed for a good mount. And the material used on the pads is made of a hard rubberized compound, which is quite comfortable to ride on.

But if you buy these brakes for a re-installation, you will need to get two of them, as they only come in singles.
Built particularly for mountain bikes, do not be surprised at how modifiable this brake system is.

Pros & Cons of M530 Tektro Linear Pull Mountain Bicycle Brake

The good

  • Very powerful and affordable
  • Built from strong and sturdy materials
  • Pads are made with a comfortable material to sit on
  • Easy setup - the bolt can be used directly

The Bad

  • Only sold in singles - meant for modifications

Tektro Draco Hydraulic Disc Brake Set with Levers Calipers and Rotors

This is a two-piece braking system which comes in a bracket design for easy installation. All the units are made of aluminum, which is a material known for being durable and sturdy in times of adversity and challenge. You will get everything you need for a complete setup, in the package.

It comes with 6 bolts, and pre-installed pads that sit in the middle of the mounting rod. Get a stable hold on your bike, and be prepared to live the smoothest transitions and stops of your biking experience. You will be able to install the system yourself - all that you need is given to you in the set of accessories.

The entire set will come ready for direct installation. Just follow the instructions and get the system working for you.

Pros & Cons of Tektro Draco Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

The good

  • Comes ready for installation
  • Has a very sturdy build
  • Everything required for installation comes in the package

The Bad

  • The main cylinder has a rickety make
  • Has a chance of having leaks

Tektro 857AL Linear Pull Brake Gray w/ Fender Clearance

This elegant, sleek piece of apparatus is meant to give you easier control on the bike. You will be able to bend low, get a hold a of the brake and pull it, to immediately get your bike to stop in its tracks. These are very efficient stoppers but will cause a bit of turbulence as you exert strength on it.

These are definitely not as smooth as hydraulic sets. But they are completely manual, and so they allow better control of the entire body of the bike without fail. These brakes are more suited to the needs of recreational bikers. Alternate noodles are provided so that you have the flexibility to get these installed on any sort of bike.

The brakes are pretty solidly built and will be highly durable in the long run.

Pros & Cons of Tektro 857AL Linear Pull Brake Gray w/ Fender

The good

  • Very reliable brakes
  • Gives you manual control
  • Has a durable body and sturdy construction
  • Everything for setup comes in the package

The Bad

  • A bit shorter than regular pull brakes

How to Choose the Best Tektro Brakes

We have talked about some of the popular Tektro brakes in the market, but not will all of them be the right fit for you. What you need is to go in-depth and understand the basics. We are going to touch upon the subject here, and we hope you will get a clearer idea.


Rotor measurements are vital to the setup. There are the diameter and width of the rotors that you need to be aware of. You need to make sure that there is enough space between the pads and the rotors to ensure that unnecessary friction doesn’t occur in between.
Although these dimensions vary, as a rule of thumb, remember that bigger rotors have more braking capacity.

Amount of Modulation

Most brakes in the market can be modulated. Make sure that your brake system allows a good amount of modulation. Otherwise, the wheels will keep getting locked in the system when the brakes are used.

Types of Tektro Brake

This is the most important thing you need to know. There are two basic types - mechanical and hydraulic.

Hydraulic Brakes

These are known to be smoother than mechanical ones because they operate with the help of a special fluid that is used in brakes due to being incompressible. They generate a steady and forceful push on the brakes and get them to work more smoothly.

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Mechanical Brakes

With these, you will need to exert far more pressure. They have a steel adjustment, with the cables directly exerting force on the brakes, for them to come to a stop.

Tektro Brakes Review FAQs!

If you have any questions about anything related to brakes, leave them for us in the comments. We have answered some on our accord down below.

1. How do I maintain the glaze on my brakes?

You have to keep them clean by using some sort of special chemical. For Tektro brake systems, the recommended solution is that of isotropy alcohol.

2. How do I know which caliper goes to the front and which one goes in the rear? 

By checking the ratio of the distance from the mounting bolt.

3. Are all Tektro brake systems adjustable?

Nope! You will have to check with the manufacturer. Most mechanical ones are in-adjustable.

4. Which type of brakes is the easiest to control when going downhill?

Disc brakes are generally much easier to control than other ones.

5. Are cantilever brakes a good suit for mountain bikes?

No, cantilevers are more suited to lighter bikes. 

Final Words & Recommendations

Finally, if we have to make a suggestion, we would definitely recommend the Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc Brake System, because it has just the right amount of leverage to make stops and transitions feel smooth and solid. It also comes with all the necessary accessories and will not require you to run to the store later on.

We hope you enjoyed and learned from this Tektro brakes review guide. And we hope you find the right one for yourself. Have fun riding!