How Much Do Ceramic Brake Pads Cost A Auto Zone

There are various types of brakes in the market today. With the iron, copper and ceramic plates being the most popular ones. However, ceramic plates brake pads has stood out as the best of them seeing it has loads of benefits. Some of them include its durable and high performance features.

However, most drivers have taken the opposite side when considering getting a ceramic brake pad due to its expensive nature. For this reason, we will answer most of your questions about ceramic pads and how much it cost at AutoZone.

What are Ceramic Brakes?

Ceramic brakes also known as ceramic composite brakes are made from durable materials. They are one of the most common brakes used in luxury and high-performance cars like Ferraris.

What’s the Difference Between Ceramic and Conventional Disc Brakes?

The typical standard brake is made from cast iron or steel. On the other hand, ceramic brakes are made from specially treated ceramic and carbon. Combining ceramic materials like silicon carbide alongside properties of carbon fiber came from the space shuttle. So, you can imagine how durable ceramic brakes are.

Should I Get Carbon Ceramic Brakes For My Vehicle?

This depends on your car model. If you have a regular car, you don’t need a ceramic brake. A conventional metallic brake will serve you just fine. 

You can get a ceramic brake for your vehicle if:

  • You’re a high-performance driver
  • You take your vehicle to the track quite often
  • You don’t like to service your vehicle’s brakes very often
  • You hate cleaning the brake dust on your vehicle’s wheels

Benefits of Using Ceramic Brakes

1. Brake Fade Resistance

One of the major advantages of using a ceramic brake is its resistance to fading. Unlike the conventional brakes, ceramic brakes are resistant to brake fade as they don’t distort under high temperature.

They are also good at transferring friction heat, making it difficult for them to reach an excessive temperature. So, they can provide good and consistent braking performance in all seasons. 

2. Durable

Since ceramic brakes are resistant to wearing off and tear, it makes them a very durable choice. A ceramic brake can cover more than 100,000 miles without replacement, unlike the conventional cast iron brake. Ceramic brakes can even outlive your vehicle. However, the ceramic brake also lasts depending on the type of driving you engage.

3. Cleaner Brakes

Ceramic brakes are highly abrasion resistant and as such do not generate brake dust. And even when they do, the brake dust is so fine it just gets blown away as the car goes.

4. Lightweight

Ceramic brakes are very lightweight. A ceramic brake weighs half the standard weight of a conventional brake. So, it reduces the unsprung weight of your vehicle and alo improves handling. Aside from that, ceramic brakes are also corrosion resistant.

How Often Should You Fix Your Brake

How often you should fix your brake depends on the following factors.

Environment: The location and environment you drive your car can determine its lifespan. City life driving, one that involves you stopping to pick people, can greatly affect your braking system the same goes for driving in mountains driving that involves riding the brakes to control the speed down hills. 

Driving Pattern: If you are a driver who stops abruptly or rides the brake often, then you are in the risk of always replacing pads as they will often water off. Drivers who stop their car gradually will enjoy a longer brake use.

Materials: The material used also affects brake pad durability and lifespan. Hgh-carbon based “severe duty” pads will last longer than standard semi-metallic mates too . Ceramic brake pads produce less dusting and give a quiet braking system and are better than the conventional copper brake. 

How Much Does a Ceramic Brake Pad Cost at AutoZone?

There is no straight answer to the cost of a ceramic brake. That’s because every auto shop charges at a different rate and every manufacturer’s part price varies. 

Replacing your brake pads for four wheels may cost between 35 to 150 dollars, and that’s aside labor. And it is advised that replacing your rotors alongside your pads is best for effective braking and maximum safety. Running new pads on old rotors can cause lots of issues with the new pads, leading to vibrations squealing, etc.

New rotors cost between 30 to 75 dollars, depending on the brand. Products like Duralast Gold which features a coated hat and edge ands have been designed to outperform most vehicle original equipment cost a bit more.

How Much Can I Spend on a Brake Job

The amount you’ll spend on a brake job differs as every mechanic charges at a different rate. The labor cost of replacing brake pads runs between 80 to 120 dollars per axle. Adding the value cost of a brake pad will even increase the cost.

Labor at a shop to replace rotors and pads is approximately $150 to $200 per axle. Brake rotor and pad repair generally comes out to around $250 to $500 per axle when visiting a professional shop. Calipers are the most difficult and expensive aspect of the braking system to replace. A single caliper can cost up to $130 and several will reach prices even higher. 

A complete brake repair that involves changing the caliper, pads and rotor runs at an average of 300 to 800 dollars. So depending on your car model you can spend over $1000 to get a complete brake job done.

What Should You Do If Your Brake Disc Isn’t Working As Expected?

If your brake is not working, we advise that you get it checked by a professional mechanic. You can either take your car to an auto dealership shop or request for a mobile mechanic.  We prefer you take the second option as you wouldn’t want to drive to the mechanic shop with a faulty brake.

Also, when picking a mechanic, go for those who are ASE-certified, offer a service warranty, and use only high replacement parts.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does AutoZone sell ceramic brake pads?

Yes, AutoZone sells ceramic brake pads. Their Duralast brake pads are made with platform specific, ceramic friction material tailored to meet your vehicle needs.

Are ceramic brake pads worth it?

Yes, ceramic brake pads produce less dust and don’t wear down fast. Thay are also more reliable in a broader range of temperatures and driving conditions.

How many miles do ceramic brake pads last?

Out of all brake pads, ceramic brake pads offer the longest usage. A typical ceramic brake pad can last up to 75,000 miles.

What is the best brake pad made off?

The best brake pads are made of ceramic plates. They have fantastic stopping power and evenly disperse heat. Ceramic pads are also long lasting and produce little or no noise when in use. This is why most domestic and foreign vehicles are equipped with ceramic brake pads from the factory.

Do ceramic brake pads wear rotors fast?

Ceramic brake pads only wear rotors if the rotors are not the same quality as the brake pads. For this reason, it is important to purchase the entire braking system equipped with parts that are built to work together.

Wrap Up!

Ceramic brakes are not just extremely durable and resilient, they are also long lasting and provide one of the best braking performance. However, they may not be suitable for most drivers because of their cost.

Also, if the conventional brake is what suits your pocket, you can go for them.

Meanwhile, AutoZone sells one of the most affordable ceramic, iron or steel brakes , if you are looking for a hassle free and cost effective choice.

John D. Archer