Brakemotive, Powerstop, Callahan & Stoptech: Which is Best?

This article is about the Difference between Brakemotive, Powerstop, Callahan and Stoptech. Using high-performance and compatible brake and brake parts will enhance the stopping power of your car. Not only will it enhance, but it will also improve the durability of the vehicle and help cut down the costs of frequent repairs [1]. For this reason, installing high-quality brakes is non-negotiable.

When it comes to producing brake parts, several companies come to mind. However, what’s tough is determining which brand makes the best set of brake parts amongst these several hundreds of brake parts brands.

During our experts' tests, we discovered a few brands that design excellent brakes and brake parts, which is why our team of experts has come up with this Brakemotive vs. Powerstop comparison review.

Brakemotive vs. Powerstop

brakemotive vs powerstop

Brakemotive and Powerstop are two heavyweights when it comes to making long-lasting and high-quality brake parts and rotors.

Brakemotive brakes are compatible with several sedans, and the fact that they’re cheap makes it a good option for car owners. They are very durable, lasting over three years, and are best suited for daily driving.

But here is the thing; Brakemotive brakes aren't suitable for towing or aggressive driving because they tend to wear out faster. They're also noisy, and the pads can squeal unceasingly.

Unlike Brakemotive, you can use Powerstop brakes for towing and for offroading as well. They’re low-dust,  near-silent noise, and are more durable than Brakemotive.

I consider the carbon-fiber ceramic construction of Powerstop the most significant edge over Brakemotive [2]. That has helped in producing near-silent noise.

Now, to the downside. Powerstop brake parts tend to be expensive, but considering what it offers, I'd say it's worth it.

Brakemotive vs. Callahan

brakemotive vs callahan

Callahan, a company in the US, manufactures Callahan brake parts and rotors. Like the rest of the other brands in this review, Callahan is a famous company that has gained the trust of millions of people globally via their innovative and high-quality products.

Brakemotive and Callahan are similar in many ways. Like Brakemotive, Callahan uses metals and semi-metals to manufacture their brake parts to offer a blend of superior performance, quality, and robustness. They are dust-free, delivering superb stopping performance. However, they can be slightly noisy.

Both Brakemotive and Callahan brake parts are affordable, mainly due to the semi-metal and metal materials used. If you aren't an aggressive driver, I'd recommend you purchase either a Brakemotive brake part or the Callahan.

Stoptech vs. Brakemotive

stoptech vs brakemotive

Stoptech is another leading brand in the brake industry, famous for making performance brake parts. Manufactured in California, USA, Stoptech brake parts are designed with low-dust and uniform friction material to enhance performance.

Stoptech brakes excel in everyday driving conditions and come coated to prevent rust, offering more protection. For aggressive driving or track use, I wouldn't advise you get Stoptech brakes because they'll wear out more, like Brakemotive.

Unlike Brakemotive brake parts, Stoptech uses metals, semi-metals, and ceramic to make their brake part [3]. These materials prolong the lifespan of the brake parts, cutting down on replacement costs.

Side by Side Comparison Performance Rotors from Brake Motive versus others


Without any doubt, purchasing the best brake parts from reputable and trusted brands speaks nothing but confidence, optimal safety, and increased performance.

Brakemotive, Powerstop, Callahan, and Shoptech are excellent brands that design brakes and brake parts that will improve your driving experience, as evident in this Brakemotive vs. Powerstop review.

While some brands tend to be more affordable than the others, our experts can attest that all their products are relatively convenient to install and are made with robust materials for prolonged use.

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