Wilwood 140-13476 Brake Kit Review in 2024

You may have many options when it comes to choosing a vehicle, but for each specific vehicle, you have your designated brakes to match your car. Brakes are something that holds great importance since it will provide you with the stopping power needed for your safety at high-speed cruising.

In this particular Wilwood 140-13476 brake kit review, you will witness a range of highly advanced features, which is meant to satisfy your needs concerning brake kits. 

The extensive use of brakes deteriorates the quality and performance of the product over time. In order to obtain swift and smooth operation along with minimum dust and noise, Wilwood brakes are here to the rescue.

If you are a proud owner of any of Mustang’s vehicles from 1965 to1969, here is your chance to grab the ideal model providing optimal functionality for your particular vehicle.

Wilwood 140-13476 Brake Kit

Wilwood 140-13476 Brake Kit

There are many key features setting this model aside from all its other counterparts. First-generation Ford Mustang vehicles that are considered to be both robust and rapid cars require brakes that harmonize with these heavy-duty vehicles.

Braking power is directly proportional to the top-notch condition of the brake itself, and for that, you need superior sets of brake kits. 

Before you can say knife, let us jump to the swarm of features that makes Wilwood brakes kits most exceptional.

Powder Coated Finish

The durability of the exterior of a brake kit is a major factor, considering the amount of wear and tear it undergoes. A brake demands consistent aid, and for that, you must maintain your equipment properly.

How about Wilwood pitches an attribute that cancels out your concern regarding this criterion? This extraordinary brake kit is coated with powder to garner the utmost resilience.

Not only does the powder coating provide you with a protective layer, but it also authorizes you to decorate your model according to your preferred color. It is a blessing in disguise!

Through the combination of coarsely ground particles and resin that is electrostatically sprinkled all over the body of the designated device, a durable yet appealing exterior is achieved.

Moreover, the electrically charged particles stick to the surface of the product, which is then heated to garner a smooth surface. It is considered to be the most viable option since it resists harsh abrasion as well as comes with limitless finishing options that include no color restriction and satin, gloss, metallic finish.

Powder coating maintains both affordability and efficiency. It is also an eco-friendly option as powder coating inhibits the usage of industrial chemicals, which contributes to the rising issues of the climate. Besides, the lack of solvents that consists of pollutant is also the reason behind its cost-effectiveness.

Hard-Anodized Calipers

Hard-Anodized Calipers

What are calipers, you ask? Well, in every car's braking system, calipers hold the utmost importance when it comes to stopping your car. It contains your vehicle's brake pads and pistons. Furthermore, by generating friction with the brake rotors, the calipers provide the brakes with adequate braking power.

In that case, calipers need protection as much as any other part of the braking system. Therefore, Wilwood brakes mustang provides you with a hard-anodized surface to ensure the ideal safety of the equipment.

Surfaces that undergoes hard anodizing achieves the ability to conduct heat properly. The spread out of heat is uniform and even.

Moreover, due to its increased strength and durability, hard-anodized calipers forbid the formation of rust. Most cars suffer the same fate of corrosion after long-term usage, especially when it comes to any metal, which is prone to oxidation, rusting is a big problem. But with Wilwood brakes, you are exempt from this issue.

Complete Bolt-on Installation

Why is bolt-on installation superior to any other form of installation? The answer is simple; it is because the parts are firmly fastened with the use of bolts. Even though it allows tight attachment, which is nowhere near flimsy, but it also sanctions you to replace the parts effortlessly if a need for change arises.

Ease of use, along with affordability, is both guaranteed with bolt-on installation. You do not need to construct extra holes in order to twist the bolt in; you can simply use the preexisting opening for hassle-free application!

5 Lug Conversion

A conventional 5-lug conversion kit consists of rear axles, front motors, and five lug drums along with axle bearings. Let us establish the fact that 5-lug conversion is far superior to its previous conversion kits since it allows five lugs to support the burden with its higher strength and robustness.

As for the aesthetic factors, five lugs are significantly more attractive compared to other types. And its resilient characteristic gives rise to better-adapting qualities.

Metallic Composite Compound Brake Pads

Metallic Composite Compound Brake Pads

Metallic brake pads contain approximately 30% to 70% of metals, including iron, copper, or additional composite alloys. The formation of the brake pads comes to completion with the use of graphite lubricant along with further fillers.

Ford Mustang (1965-1969) is a high-performance car that demands a greater stopping power.

In fact, most vehicle operator fancies brake pads made with metallic composite compound over other sorts. That is because of metal's inherent ability to assemble substantial braking power at different temperatures and situations.

Subsequently, metal is a good conductor of heat and is capable of spreading heat evenly throughout the surface.

Vented Plain-face Rotors

Ever wondered why ventilated rotors are so important? Improved airflow determines the ability of the rotors to disperse heat, which in turn permits the user to obtain remarkable stopping power.

Vented rotors are typically found in most braking systems, as it impedes the brakes from reaching a high temperature that may result in the deformation of the equipment.

Pros & Cons of Wilwood 140-13476 Brake Kit


  • Vented rotors allow you to have total dispersion of heat
  • Metallic brake pad permits significant braking power due to its composition
  • Five lug conversion brings greater support to carry a load
  • Calipers are hard anodized to resist corrosion


  • Semi-metallic brake pads tend to be noisier
  • The lower inner part of the caliper meddles with the spindle arm
  • Several installation issues

1969 Ford Mustang Wilwood Disc Brake Install

Wilwood 140-13476 Brake Kit Review FAQs

To enlighten you with better knowledge, let us indulge in a few of the frequently asked questions.

1. Does installation instruction come with Wilwood brake kits?

Yes, you will get a manual once you purchase the item. It will guide you in stages to install the brake kits properly.

2. Do you have to bleed every caliper?

Definitely, you need to bleed every caliper. It is ideal for getting rid of the air bubbles in your braking system.

3. What happens if you do not bleed caliper?

Bleeding Wilwood brakes are necessary because if air enters the brake line, it hinders the process of stopping and result in a brake failure, which could amount to disastrous accidents.

4. What signs to look for brake malfunction?

Excessive screeching and squealing noises from the brake is a symptom of your brake having problems. The sensation of vibration while you operate your car is another vital sign. Moreover, the most significant symptom would be a funky smell coming out of your brake.

5. What happens if you put new brake pads on bad rotors?

Due to friction, the strong construction of brake pads hampers the already deteriorating rotors. Over time, the functionality of the rotors will be non-existent.

Final Verdict

After all is said and done, we hope you have found your required information about the Wilwood 140-13476 brake kit, which gives you phenomenal operation with increased stopping power and sturdy construction. This model ensures more bounce for an ounce!

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