The Surprising Truth About Why do People Break Check?

The brake is that part of the vehicle that brings a vehicle a stop by applying pressure to the wheels.

The mechanical device uses friction to inhibit the motion of any moving system. It uses friction to convert kinetic energy into heat.

There are different types of brakes: frictional brakes, pumping brakes, and electromagnetic brakes.

There are two major types of frictional brakes, the shoe and pad brakes. These brakes are used on rotating devices with a rotating wear surface and stationary pads.

The brake disc slows down the rotation of the wheel. It’s made from ceramics, and it is connected to the wheel; To stop the car's wheel, the brake pad brings both sides of the disc together, this causes friction and makes the vehicle to stop.

Because the goal of this article explains why people check brakes in moving objects, we would focus our attention on the frictional brakes.

What is Brake Checking?

Brake checking or brake testing is when a driver intentionally brakes so hard in front of another driver who is following closely.

This makes the driver in the other vehicle to swerve, to avoid collision with the vehicle in its front.

The brake check is also pressing the brake so hard to activate the brake lights, and this sends a signal to other drivers to increase the cushion space between the vehicles.

When you stop suddenly without warning such that if the vehicle following you doesn’t pay much attention, the person will hit you. That is brake checking.

Back in 1940’s brake check was used to know if the brakes of the vehicle are functioning well. In fact, in 1944, Law Enforcement agencies did a nationwide brake program to check drivers’ brakes.

But as time goes on, brake checks anything other than checking the quality of the brake. It got to the point that the law enforcement agencies labeled it dangerous to practice.

Why do People Brake Check

Is break checking illegal?

Brake checking is considered dangerous, especially in motorsport. And a driver who does that is always penalized.

Before you bring a car to a stop, you ought to draw the attention of the driver following you to that. Also, know that not all rear collisions are the fault of the rear driver.

Brake checking is a form of road rage. According to the law, road rage is illegal, and it is a reckless form of driving. Anything that puts the lives of other road users at danger is not welcomed.

Why do people brake check trucks?

Brake checking is done for various reasons. Heading the list comes bad behavior; another is the insurance company scam.

People brake check trucks mostly because of the weight of the vehicle. It takes time for them to speed up back again; this makes them easy prey for anyone who wants to scam the insurance company.

To guide against this ugly behavior, some truck drivers have installed Dash Cams into the cabin of their trucks to have video evidence in case a crash occurs.

Why do people brake check semis?

Some drivers are poorly trained. They overtake at wrongly or at dangerous bends on the road. This may be the reason for brake checking.

Also, some vehicles are underpowered, and they take a lot of time to pick up after overtaking. An unskilled driver who doesn't know this may pass at a point not safe for overtaking; this may lead to a collision.

A skilled driver will only overtake with a low powered car when there is enough space to accelerate to avoid brake check.

Why do people brake cheque vehicles immediately?

As said in the things written earlier, people break cheque for many reasons. In addition to those things which have been listed, other reasons would be listed here again.

  • Inexperienced driver/ driving
  • Insurance scam
  • Conflict of judgment
  • Bad behavior
  • Low vehicle capacity

What's the point of brake checking?

There is nothing to gain from brake checking. So what is the point? Your car gets damaged. Your life is at risk. You stand a chance of being sued for such behavior.

Above all, your life is at risk. Brake checking may lead to loss of life is things get terrible. Stay off Brake checking.

Brake checking is unethical. If you want to stop or slow down your vehicle, ensure that the vehicle following you is appropriately notified. You have nothing to gain and all to lose for brake checking.

 Don’t press brake when a vehicle is too close to you. If need be, allow them to pass before you have to.

Why do People Brake Check FAQs

Is brake checking illegal even if it doesn't result in accidents?

Safety is the first rule of driving. Anything you do that threatens the safety of other road users, and the government frowns against it. That is why brake checking is not an acceptable thing on the road.

Why do people brake check after overtaking? 

We have several reasons for this. It may be due to bad behavior on the driver’s side. Lack of experience may lead to that. Some people do it to scam insurance companies. And some cars are underpowered.

Is there any other meaning to braking beyond causing an accident? 

Yes, there are. When you want to overtake a vehicle, especially at night, the right thing to do is to flash your headlamp at them. Doing this means you are saying, 'allow me to pass.'

If they allowed you, courtesy demands that you slightly press the brake to shine your brake lights, telling 'thank you for allowing me to pass.'

Is it right to Brake Check a tailgater? 

According to the law, brake checking a tailgater is illegal. Because it is almost impossible to prove yourself in court, if you feel like you have been stepped up, find your way out of that place without causing an accident.

If brake checking causes an accident, who is at fault? 

In judging this, the distance between the two vehicles would be considered. However, most time, the one at the back is always considered to be the one at fault.

What are the measures to out in place against brake driving? 

All kinds of people drive on the road. You can predict what will happen, but you can guide against some accidents. One of those ways is having a Dash Cam. It provides video evidence in case of crash occurs.

What should I do if I am brake checked? 

Reach out to the law enforcement agencies, but ensure you have enough evidence to prove that you are not at fault.

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Final Words

Looking at the above-written article, you would come to conclude that people engage in brake testing for different reasons. Many of which have been highlighted in the article. These two solutions are probably the best in handling brake testing: Have a Dash Cam to provide video evidence, and report to the police immediately it happens.

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