VHT Caliper Paint Review: Top Options for an Eye-Pleasing Treat

Painting your brake caliper is one sure way to personalize your car and give it that lively ‘pop.’ Although an optional addition, caliper paints add a sportier look for owners whose car wheels show off the caliper.

In fact, more often than not, we have seen automotive manufacturers distinguish their products with a painted brake caliper. The problem, however, is that many paint brands in the market don’t give a pleasant treat to the eyes. Some even offer less than satisfying quality and peel off in no time.

However, if you want to follow high-end manufacturers’ suits and give your car the desired and stylish look it deserves, this VHT Caliper Paint review is for you.

What You Should Know

VHT paints are high-quality paints that give the desired finish and offer lasting durability.

Features of VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

  • Brand: VHT
  • Manufacturer: VHT
  • Item weight: 12 ounces

Find out more about this paint here.

Features of VHT SP736 Gold Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz. by VHT (1)

  • Brand: VHT
  • Manufacturer: Hardware & Outdoor
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HRD-PN-79143039

Find out more about VHT SP736 on this website.

Features of VHT SP734 Gloss Black Hi-Temp Brake Paint

  • Brand: VHT
  • Manufacturer: VHT
  • Item weight: 15 ounces
Find out more info about this product on this website.

Features of VHT SP730 Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

Brand: VHT

Manufacturer: VHT

Item weight: 11 ounces

Find out more info about this product on this website.

Top Pick Section

Best Overall - VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

This product comes with all first-class qualities that will make your calipers look sparkling new.

Best for Easy Application - VHT SP736 Gold Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz. by VHT (1)

VHT SP736 comes in cans that make the application super-easy, giving a neat finish.

Best for Budget - VHT SP734 Gloss Black Hi-Temp Brake Paint

This coating comes with the perfect composition and durability and at a budget-friendly price.

Reviews of the Best VHT Caliper Paint

1. VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

Not only does VHT SP731 make old calipers look like the factory caliper, but it also holds up for years. It has got the superior chemical and heat resistance that is characteristic of all VHT products.

This paint has been designed specifically for brakes, calipers, and drums.  And if appropriately cured, it can withstand temperatures of up to 9000F.

With SP731, the color comes out just as you would like, and the light-medium coats settle in nicely.

Also, the paint color coverage is superb and does not really require prior priming to cover properly.

What’s more? The coat would not come off even if you try to knick it. However, it only adequately withstands chemicals when baked to a certain temperature (2000F).

Although it is expensive, I can say it’s worth getting this high-temperature resistant and easy to apply paint.

I’d recommend this product to be laid on bare metal. But, overall, it is an impressive product that comes at a great price and with great durability.

2. VHT SP736 Gold Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz. by VHT (1)

VHT SP736 Gold Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz. by VHT (1)

This high-temperature caliper paint is budget-friendly and easy to use at any angle.

Unsurprisingly, VHT SP736 has a comfort-tip nozzle and offers incredible chemical resistance.

It also offers glossy and wear-resistant color varieties. Hence, it gives buyers a flurry of options to choose from. Sounds good? Right!

What’s more?

These paints have incredible chemical resistance and shield brake calipers from grime and road salt.  

In addition, VHT SP736 Gold Brake Caliper Paint has this peculiar self-leveling trait that makes it leave a smooth finishing touch with every coat.

Not only that! This product provides the ultimate protection against corrosion. It also prevents the oxidization process from taking place and permanently cures against rusting on application. 

However, the downside to this coating is it takes more time to dry than expected. Plus, this kit might not be enough to cover all four calipers.

Importantly, the paint nozzle sprays on quite a lot, so I advise that you keep your distance.

3. VHT SP734 Gloss Black Hi-Temp Brake Paint

VHT SP734 Gloss Black Hi-Temp Brake Paint

Painting your calipers doesn’t have to be difficult. With VHT SP734 Gloss Black Hi-Temp Brake Paint shades, you can paint them whatever color you like. 

This product makes it super-easy to paint your brake calipers, whether you brush on the pigment or dip them into the provided paint can.

More importantly, the VHT SP734 comes in a full package, and the application process is seamless.

Also, it dries quickly to an attractive satin finish and displays minimal dripping - a very desirable factor for car owners who are new to caliper painting.

Not only does it guarantee certain protection against rust and corrosion, but it also cuts through tough grime with no problem at all.

It sprays on excellently well and has nice coverage. Plus, all colors run a darker shade, although this product doesn’t have too many color options.

Any downside? Yeah.

VHT SP734’s packaging often lacks information about this product’s heat resistance capacity. So, it is vital to know the heat resistance to avoid chipping or peeling of paint. I’d advise that you do thorough research before making your purchase.

Also, it sometimes absorbs dust and fades in the absence of a clear coat. And sometimes the color is slightly different from the cap.  

VHT SP730 Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

Attention all you funky brake caliper enthusiasts out there! Are you tired of those drab, uninspiring calipers staring back at you every time you open your hood? Are you ready to give your ride some serious attitude and flair? Then listen up, because I've got just the thing for you - VHT SP730 Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint!

This 11 oz can of pure awesomeness is exactly what you need to transform those boring calipers into the talk of the town. And with a heat resistance of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, you can bet your bottom dollar that these bad boys will stay looking fresh and fabulous, no matter how hard you stomp on the brakes.

But don't just take my word for it - try it out for yourself and see the magic happen before your very eyes! The glossy finish will have your calipers shining like beacons of glory, and the clear coat ensures that the color of your choice really pops.

However, beware - this caliper paint is not for the faint of heart. Once you experience the thrill of having the most stylish calipers on the block, you may become addicted. You may find yourself ignoring all other obligations just to gaze upon your newly painted calipers in the garage. 

Your friends and family may beg you to paint their calipers as well.

So if you're ready to take the plunge and give your calipers the makeover they deserve, don't hesitate - grab a can of VHT SP730 Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint now! Your calipers (and your ego) will thank you

Things to Consider When Buying VHT Caliper Paint

No doubts, you have to get the best VHT paints that suit your brake calipers. To get such paints that will keep your calipers stylish, new, and clean, here are the things to consider.

Caliper Type

Although lots of people paint with their calipers on, there is an increased risk of staining other areas that you don’t wish to show colors.

Basically, there are two caliper types in a car: (1) Fixed calipers (2) Floating calipers.

Fixed calipers have pistons on either side of the rotor that is forced together whenever hydraulic pressure is applied. On the contrary, floating calipers have one piston on a side of the rotor which uses pins and bushings as the clamp. This caliper type’s piston slides back and forth and is removable.

Usually, drivers prefer to paint with their calipers dismounted. Floating calipers are perfect for them as they pose no problem. However, the same can’t be said of their fixed counterparts. But they are best for painting as they the most heat resistance.

Heat Resistance

A lot of heat is generated as you drive, and temperatures could even rise to about 200 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, in luxury cars, they get up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and can be hotter than the car engine.

Such temperatures can peel paint off in less than no time, so you need paints that can resist these high temperatures for an extended period.

The best caliper paints have a heat resistance of about 600 – 900 degrees Fahrenheit for more than ten minutes, without melting or peeling. Some polymer-based high-end paints have been found to resist 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. However, I’d advise that you go for paints with reasonable temperature resistance.

Chemical Resistance

Your car’s brake calipers are will probably come in contact with substances like salt, mud, gravel, dirt, grease or oil, and water; hence, they go under the effect of corrosion.

It is, therefore, essential to choose VHT caliper paints that are heat, chemical, oil, and water-resistant. Polymer-based paints are durable as they provide effective protection against cracking and peeling.

Density is also of importance, as overly thick layers can cause your paint to look muddy and dense. Since we all want our calipers to look bright and glossy, the balance on the quantity of enough paint is essential.  

Application Method  

The best caliper paints and durable and easy to apply. Thankfully, there are three different ways to apply paints on brake calipers: dipping, spray painting, or brushing.

Spray painting is efficient and gives a better paint distribution, although you are more likely to spray on prohibited surrounding parts.

On the other hand, brush painting affords you more control over the area of interest and prevents getting paints to prohibited areas.

However, if you would be willing to remove the brake calipers and go for an efficient and yet faster paint distribution, I’d recommend that you dip them in paint.

The overall decision comes down to whichever one you can control better. You should go for a method that suits you best and ensures you mask the surrounding areas well to get a perfect job.

Drying Time

I’m sure you don’t want to wait several hours for your paints to dry, as this can get really frustrating. Although aerosol cans and brush on caliper paints require some minutes between coats to form a super solid layer, the best VHT caliper paints dry within 60 – 120 minutes.

You should, therefore, go for paints for fast-drying paints.


Your choice of paints largely depends on the numbers and sizes of the calipers you need to cover.

Since performance vehicles, trucks, and RVs have larger brake calipers, they require more paint.

The rule of thumb is to get more paints for larger brakes. If you need to cover the rear calipers fully, get 11 – 15 ounce aerosol cans. However, if you need to cover all four brake calipers, consider purchasing more cans.

Is VHT Caliper Any Good?

Brake calipers now stand out as the use of sleek modern and custom wheels begins to grow. However, more focus is usually on caliper’s performance than appearance. But the truth is that painting your caliper has functional benefits and upgrading your car’s style.

Here are a few reasons VHT caliper paint is good for your ride.

A Budget-Friendly Upgrade

Usually, upgrades to your ride can cost as much as thousands of dollars. However, VHT caliper paints are relatively cheap. So, with them, you can get your desired custom look without having to break the bank or creating a hole in your pockets. 

A Custom Touch

Expressing your desired style with VHT caliper paints is pretty easy as there are varieties of colors to choose from. In fact, you can paint your calipers in different colors.

Your choice of caliper paint can distinguish your wheels and make them ‘pop’. And with VHT paints, the options are near endless.

Requires Only Little Mechanical Knowledge

All it takes to use your VHT paints is time, plastic, and a bit of tape. You can even easily reinstall your calipers if you need to remove them to cover the entire surface fully.   

Temporary Change

The best thing about VHT caliper paints is that you can decide to paint over them anytime you wish. All you need to do is buy another can (or two) to get your calipers’ new look.

How do you use VHT caliper paint?

Below are a few tips on how to use VHT caliper paint.

  • Track the wheels
  • Jack the car and raise it in the air using your owner’s manual and take the wheels off.
  • Clean up the whole brake system with a power washer
  • Now that you have it all cleaned off to take the caliper off
  • Ensure your emergency brake is not on. Then remove the slider pins up top as well as the bolts that are securing the bracket out  
  • Clean the caliper and bracket up to its bare metal using a drill and a wire wheel  
  • Mask off the sliders so they don’t get painted
  • Use some VHT caliper cleaners over the surfaces that you are gonna be painting. This removes all dirt that could have missed in the initial step.
  • Give your VHT paint can a shake and spray, then allow to dry. For the first coat, you don’t want it too thick.
  • Put the second coat of paint on the caliper and allow to dry for fifteen minutes  
  • Move the caliper and cover angles that haven’t been covered
  • Put your calipers back on the brakes.

How do you clean calipers before painting?

For this process, you’ll need Sandpaper, Brake cleaner, and Propanol.

  • Clean all the surfaces using the wire brush
  • Spray with brake cleaner
  • Clean again with the wire brush
  • Sand the caliper well using the Sandpaper
  • After sanding away all the dirt and pitting, clean again with the propanol. Ensure you allow the alcohol to dry properly before painting.

How do I stop my caliper from rusting?

Fed up with those rusty calipers ruining the sleek look of your wheels? Do you cringe every time you catch a glimpse of those unsightly orange streaks? Here’s how to banish those rust demons for good!

First and foremost, the key to rust prevention is cleanliness. That's right - all that brake dust that collects on your calipers can actually trap moisture and lead to rust formation. So, make sure to give your calipers a good scrub-down on the regular (yes, even in those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies). A clean caliper is a happy caliper.

Another way to fend off rust is to use a high-quality caliper lubricant on any moving parts. This will help to prevent moisture buildup and will also keep your calipers running smoothly. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying the lubricant, and use a product that's specifically designed for calipers.

But if you really want to have some fun and give your calipers the ultimate rust-proofing treatment, why not give them a fresh coat of paint? There are tons of top-notch caliper paints out there that are built to withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions that calipers face on the daily. Just be sure to properly clean and prep your calipers before painting, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

Painting Calipers with VHT Caliper Paint - Restoration of 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does VHT caliper paint need primer?

VHT caliper paints are specifically designed to resist super-high temperatures, corrosion, rust, and extreme weather, making them perfect for system protections. Hence, VHT caliper paints don’t require a primer to use a primer when the surface is adequately prepared.

2. What is the best brake caliper paint?

VHT caliper paint definitely ranks as one of the best. VHT pants are wear-resistant, high gloss, easy to use, and comes with all you need to get a perfect job.

Other great brake caliper paints are G2 caliper paints, POR-15, Dupli-Color caliper paint, and Rustoleum caliper paint.

3. How long do painted calipers last?

While quality painted calipers can be lasted between 3 - 4 years, high-quality aluminum caliper paints can last between 7 – 10 years.

4. Are caliper covers lame?

Using covers that denote what they are not is lame.

5. Is painting brake calipers bad?

Painting a caliper isn’t bad as long as you do it right. Here are a few DON’Ts.

Do not paint your entire calipers on a car as this can cause them to seize.

Don’t paint a single-piston caliper with bright colors. I’d recommend you go with black as it will make your wheels look better.

Don’t use the wrong products. You have to choose the right paints as car calipers can even get hotter than the car engine.

6. Do Caliper Covers cause overheating?

Although some owners believe that caliper covers interfere with cars’ natural abilities, in the real sense, they present some great benefits.

A frequent misconception is that caliper covers increase friction, and the heat produced. However, that’s not true. Caliper covers actually dissipate heat from brakes and improve the overall performance. Since lots of them are made from aluminum, it helps minimize the overall heat buildup.

Also, covers redirect dust from brake pads to the rear of the automobile so that just a little portion flies on the outside surfaces.

7. Can I spray paint my brake calipers?

Yes, you can spray paint your brake calipers. But ensure the paint in question is designed to withstand high heat temperatures.

Final Words & Recommendation

If you want to turn heads and see people watch in awe as you drive past them, then you are in luck.

As evident in the VHT caliper paint reviews, VHT paint options come with unique qualities that make them highly sought after.

My top choice from the list, however, is easily the VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper Paint Can - 11 oz.

With the perfect chemical composition, this paint superbly resists chemicals and heat. Not only that; it also settles in nicely and has impressive coverage. Most importantly, it holds up really well and is budget-friendly. Would you love to get this effective and affordable paint?