Top 7 Prime Choice Auto Parts Reviews

When it comes to buying car parts, it's always best to purchase them from one reliable source. And what could be more dependable than prime choice auto parts?

This brand lets you make your purchase through an outlet store or from an online shop. You can go for whichever is the most suitable for you. Moreover, each of their products is available at a reasonable price. What more could one ask for!

Hence, we are here to provide you with proper information regarding their best products and what they have to offer. This is one of the prime choice auto parts reviews that you can genuinely rely on.

Selected Prime Choice Auto Parts

Top 7 Prime Choice Auto Parts Reviews

While this brand offers a lot of right products, some of them surely top the rest. Hence, in this prime choice parts review, we will focus on its top 7 productions.

Prime Choice Auto Parts PR65135LR Rear Set 2 Drilled Slotted Performance Brake Rotors 6 Stud

Brake rotors are one of the essential parts of a car's braking system. To avoid accidents and increase your vehicle's performance, you must go for the finest one. Hence, these prime choice brake rotors are highly recommended for you.

These drilled discs provide top-notch performance and safety. Their unique design makes sure they perform just as well under any circumstances. Not only do they endure rough conditions, but they also ensure added comfort to the users as well as the durability of the other components in the system.

On the other hand, the surface has been machined in a way that ensures complete unity between the brake pads and rotors. Moreover, after a long day of use, you don’t have to worry about them cracking due to heat. Their venting system provides cooling when necessary to avoid such issues.

However, this tool is made of using soft metal. Hence, it can warp easily, providing excessive vibration when the brakes are applied. So, a little caution would be needed when heavy braking.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts PR65135LR Rear Brake Rotors 6 Stud

The good

  • Unique design lets them perform well under every circumstance
  • Great endurance
  • Complete unity between brake pads and rotors
  • Venting system provides cooling

The Bad

  • Soft metal construction

Prime Choice Auto Parts RK850 Aluminum Radiator

If you want a better cooling system for your car, then here’s just the right product for you.
With increased efficiency and optimum quality, you will never miss your previous cooling system again! This prime choice radiator does not require any hassle-some process of installation either. All you have to do is directly fit it into the spot for effortless insertion.

This radiator is built to be compatible with most vehicles. However, whether it will be suitable for your car or not, will be specified in the specifications. On the other hand, you can rest assured that it will last for quite a while because its core is made of aluminum solely, although it does contain plastic tanks.

Even though the build quality of this tool is pretty good, its lower radiator shroud is not up to the mark. It often spins even at the smallest inclination, which may be a little unpleasant.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts RK850 Aluminum Radiator

The good

  • Increased efficiency and optimum quality
  • Easy to install
  • It is compatible with most vehicles
  • Made of aluminium for durability

The Bad

  • Lower radiator shroud spins at the smallest inclination

Prime Choice Auto Parts HB615056PR Front Pair 2 Wheel Hub Bearing Assemblies 6 Stud

If you are looking for a hub bearing assembly that is designed to exceed expectations, then look no further.

This product provides premium quality service and a brand new feel with every use. It is specially manufactured using the latest generation scheme. Hence, it delivers fantastic performance each time. Other than that, it is built with individual sensors that match particular models for convenience.

You will be amazed by how sturdy this product is. First of all, it is machined with absolute precision. With a coating of corrosion-resistant lubricant, you can expect it to neither rust nor corrode. On the other hand, it comes with a unique seal design, which makes sure the hub bearing is clean and long-lasting.

This tool comes at a low price. Hence, it is not constructed to be a high-end quality product. Such as, after a few months of use, the backplate might fall off. So, you may need to replace it.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts HB615056PR Front Pair, 2 Wheel Hub, Bearing Assemblies 6 Stud

The good

  • Manufactured using the latest generation scheme
  • Built with special sensors
  • Coated with a corrosion-resistant lubricant
  • Includes a unique seal design

The Bad

  • Backplate might fall off after a few months of use

Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100091PR Rear Strut Assembly Pair

The strut assembly, being an essential segment of a car's suspension system, is not something you would want to take for granted. Hence, make the right decision by trusting this prime choice auto parts strut review.

This product is incredibly effortless to install. You will not need any additional tools to set it up. All you have to do is, detach and replace the entire tool in one piece. Moreover, each of these assemblies is explicitly designed for vehicle applications.

The complete assembly includes a lot of additional tools and parts for providing advanced service. For instance, it comes with a dust boot, a strut, and its mount, a bumper kit, etc. Moreover, each of the strut included is charged with nitrogen gas for better performance.

However, at times, with heavy rough use, this product might fall apart. It is not as durable as you would expect a more expensive tool to be. Other than that, it is good quality equipment.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100091PR Rear Strut Assembly Pair

The good

  • Minimal effort required for installation
  • Designed specifically for vehicle applications
  • Includes additional tools for a better service
  • Each strut is charged with nitrogen gas

The Bad

  • Does not last long if used roughly

Prime Choice Auto Parts CST080-132PR Set of 4 Complete Strut Assemblies

You can always trust prime choice auto parts quality. Hence, if you liked the rear strut assembly, then you will like this even better. It comes with a set of 4, for both the front and the back, providing full support to your car’s suspension system.

This high-quality product isn't one to disappoint. It provides excellent value for money, through its advanced features at a lower price. For instance, the complete assembly consists of extra parts that offer better facilities to the suspension system — each one with its unique benefits.

On the other hand, compared to other strut assemblies, this one is straightforward to set up. No additional tools are required for the process. All you have to do is detach the entire piece and then replace it, and there you go!

More importantly, its outer layer is a hard gloss black, coated with powdered neoprene for extra longevity.

If you expect all four of them to last for years, then you should lower your expectations a little bit. For its price, it does provide optimum service. But it might fail to last for long enough.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts CST080-132PR Set of 4 Complete Strut Assemblies

The good

  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Complete assembly consists of extra parts
  • Easy to set up
  • Outer layer coated with powdered neoprene

The Bad

  • One (or more) of them might fail after months of use

Prime Choice Auto Parts CAK404-568 Pair of Lower Control Arms With Ball Joints

To hold your car’s wheels in the perfect position, you will need the best lower control arms. This is just as important (or even more) as the other parts of a vehicle. Hence, go for the right brand- which is this one, because prime choice car parts never disappoint.

If you want something worth every penny of your investment, then we can assure you that this tool will satisfy you. For unmatched sturdiness and strength, it is built using strong steel tubing. Along with that, it contains solid plate supporting brackets to provide top-notch service.

For an extended life span, it comes with a corrosion-resistant coating. This saves it from both rust and disintegration.

Moreover, they are very convenient to install. Hence, you won't have to go through the hassle of learning how to set them up. Additionally, since they are specifically designed for vehicle applications, they are compatible with most cars.

Although it is a great product, it does not match the quality of other expensive tools. Hence, if you are looking for lower control arms on a budget, then this is indeed the perfect one for you.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts CAK404-568 Pair of Lower Control Arms With Ball Joints

The good

  • Strong steel tubing construction
  • Contains solid plate supporting brackets
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Very convenient to install

The Bad

  • Does not match the quality of expensive tools 

Prime Choice Auto Parts CST080-132PR Set of 4 Complete Strut Assemblies

If you want an assembly pair specifically for the front part of your vehicle, then take a look at this. This excellent quality product will never fail to give support to the suspension system of your automobile. All of the prime choice strut reviews will vouch for it!

For a longer life span and sturdiness, its piston is plated with chrome. Hence, you can expect it to resist corrosion and rust, since chrome is a durable metal. On the other hand, its outer layer is tough and gloss black. It has a coated finish of a powder, which provides toughness and a beautiful look to the tool.

Each of the struts in the pair is charged with nitrogen gas. Moreover, it is manufactured in a unique way, which makes sure it delivers impressive performance. Its design also enables it to fit easily into the vehicles it is compatible with.

This is quite a decent product. However, it is not a firm one. It may not be able to withstand abuse. Hence, please don't use it roughly.

Pros & Cons of Prime Choice Auto Parts ST10592PR Front Strut Assembly Pair

The good

  • Its piston is plated with chrome
  • The coated finish of powder and gloss black
  • Struts are charged with nitrogen gas
  • Comfortable fit

The Bad

  • The tool is not firm

Prime choice auto parts Buying Guide

While this store offers amazing tools mostly, there are still some key factors you should keep in mind before making a purchase. Without the right information and guidance, you might as well end up buying the wrong product.


Since you will be buying a part for your existing vehicle, your top priority should be to check whether there is enough compatibility or not. Usually, that is the information you will already be provided within the specifications of that particular tool.

Other than that, you can lookout for a few other things. Such as, if you are buying a part for the car's body panel, then it should match the color of the automobile. You also need to make sure whether you are actually looking for the exact part that it needs.


Whichever tool you choose to purchase, it should provide optimum performance. Starting from a radiator to brake pads, if it doesn't execute its task correctly, then it is pretty much useless. Hence, you need to make sure that it will indeed perform well.

For instance, you can look through the factors that determine its efficiency and effectiveness. You could take a look at what it is made of or how certain aspects of it operates. Eventually, you will get an idea of how it will turn out before buying it.


Some parts of a car undergo harsh conditions, whereas others- not so much. Such as, you would prioritize the sturdiness of the tires above that of the radio or the radiator.

Hence, at first, you should determine how heavy-duty it needs to be. Then, focus on the materials it is made of. Different materials ensure different parts' durability. On the other hand, you should also focus on how tightly or firmly, it is attached or constructed.

Who are Prime Choice Auto Parts?

Prime Choice Auto Parts is a company that has been in the business of providing and selling genuine wholesale auto parts to customers. Prime Choice Auto Parts has been in the auto parts business for over 30 years, providing customers with high-quality auto parts at the lowest affordable rates. They ensure that all products are inspected before they are shipped to respective destinations.

Prime Choice Auto Parts is one of the cheapest distributors in the world. Prime Choice Auto Parts sell brake pads, rotors, fuel pumps, rotors, power window guides, radiators, bearings, ball joints, suspensions, and others.

OEM vs. Aftermarket: Which is Better?

The main reason why people choose or prefer OEM products to the aftermarket is their durability. In the real sense, OEM products are made with durable materials that can last for a lifetime. You can't say so of aftermarket products. However, the con of OEM products is that they are too costly. You can get an aftermarket product less than half the price of an OEM product.

These days, many aftermarket products shipped from China have product guarantees, so at least, you are confident that the product will last for quite some time.

Prime Choice Auto Parts Pros and Cons

Let's look at the pros and cons of this distributor in this Prime-Choice Auto Parts reviews - what makes this auto parts dealer the best and whether they are worth it.


  • Great Price - Prime Choice Auto Parts offers one of the lowest prices for their auto parts globally. Their prices are unbelievable and unbeatable. These products come with guarantees, so you are sure about great price and longevity. With Prime Choice Auto Parts, you can get a part or parts half the price of OEM products.

  • Wide-Range of Products - You can find anything and almost everything related to auto parts in Prime Choice Auto stores and the company’s website. They have a stock of all auto parts for any car make or model. All you need is to visit the company’s site to make your order.

  • Convenient - Convenience is a priceless factor that Prime Choice Auto Parts value, and that's what they want their customers to experience. You can search your car make, model, and about any part on their site with ease and hit the checkout button. All you need to do is relax and wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep.

  • Experienced - As you know, experience can't be bought, and this is what Prime Choice Auto Parts have. They are vastly experienced in the auto parts business and have been doing so for almost three decades. Because they are experienced, they have been able to provide customers with the right product promptly and rapidly satisfy their needs.


  • Physically Inspecting the Product Before Ordering is Impossible - As it is with most online stores, you can't possibly see whether the part is right or wrong. You are at the mercy of the picture and whatever that's being described of it. Even if you are buying a well-known brand name, the chances are that the part is damaged at one end.

  • You Might Receive the Wrong Parts - Few customers have complained about receiving the wrong parts from Prime Choice Auto Parts and, as a result, have had to return them. Sometimes, this happens due to the customer filling the incorrect specifications of their cars make and model.

Prime choice auto parts reviews FAQs!

1. How many conventional prime choice auto parts locations are there?

There are many. But they reside in some of the major cities. You can find out more by searching for “prime choice auto parts New York” and “prime choice auto parts Ottawa” since they have outlet stores mainly in Canada and the USA.

2. Are prime choice brake pads good or bad? 

They are very good for the price. However, if compared with more expensive brake pads, then they may not be up to the mark. Other than that, they offer good quality.

3. Why are all the prime choice products reasonably priced? 

The factory that manufactures the products directly sells them to the customers. There is no intermediary in this. Hence, there's no chance of price increase.

4. Are prime choice car parts compatible with most car models? 

Yes. However, it is still best if you check the specifications of the product to see if it is compatible with your vehicle.

5. Can tools from prime choice auto parts be ordered online? 

Yes, they do have an online shop. This provides quality service along with information regarding all of their available tools.

6. How Long Has Prime Choice Auto Parts Been in Existence?

Prime Choice Autos Parts have been manufacturing and distributing auto parts for more than 30 years. They are vastly experienced, and this makes them one of the best auto parts distributors. Prime Choice Auto Parts is a high-quality auto parts company that's based in the USA. They have locations in Ottawa.

7. How Can You Order a Part from Prime Choice Auto Parts Website?

First of all, go to Search for the part that you want. Fill in your car make and model and once you are done selecting the part, proceed to checkout where your order will be processed. Sit back, relax, and wait for your order to be shipped to you.

8. What Are the Benefits of Buying from Auto Parts Stores?

First of all, auto parts stores like Prime Choice Auto Parts have an extensive inventory of quality parts at affordable rates. Also, you can order these parts from the comfort of your home, which promotes convenience. We stated these in the pros in this Prime Choice Auto Parts reviews.

9. How Long Does It Take to Get a Part Delivered from Prime Choice Auto Parts Website?

That depends on the location of the country. Usually, it takes between 1 - 14 days to get a part delivered to your location, irrespective of how distant the country might be.

Final Words & Recommendations

After comparing the prime choice auto parts reviews of all the products here, we concluded that the prime choice aluminum radiator stands at the top. It is highly recommended for you because it is an amazing coolant at a low price.

Other than that, it can also last for a while, so you will not have to look for replacements any time soon. Overall, it is a commendable tool.