Powder Coated Brake Calipers in 2023 [The Ultimate Guide]

Brakes are an essential part of the vehicle. The brake calipers, which contains two brake pad change the kinetic energy of the moving fiction to thermal energy with the help of friction.

When you press the brake of a moving vehicle, the caliper brings the two pads close to the spinning roto to bring the vehicle to a stop.   

Brake pad was introduced in 1902 by F W Lanchester to replace the expensive and ineffective drum brakes. But they were not fully used until the end of World War II.

Arguably, brake calipers are the most critical part of the brake system. It determines how well a car in motion would stop. The disc brakes are the front wheel in today's car.  Brakes calipers stop vehicles by creating friction using its rotors.

Powder Coated Brake Caliper

Powder Coated Brake Caliper Review

This product is coated with electrostatic powder to prevent corrosion. It was pressure-tested to make it resistant to any form of leak.


  • Powder Coated Calipers: Being coated with powder make it extra durable. In that, it is resistant pressure, and brake rotors perform better.
  • Electrostatic High-Heat Powder Coated: The powder-coated makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The presence of a red coat makes its performance behind the wheel outstanding.
  • Premium Silicone Lubricant: Premium silicone lubricant makes the brake calipers to operate smoothly. 
  • 100% pressure Tested: Brake calipers were built for durability, during manufacturing, the products were tested under tension to prevent licks, and guarantee safety and quality.
  • High Temp EPDM Rubber: It comes with High Temp EPDM Rubber to extend the usage of the product.
  • Carbon-Fiber Ceramic: It has a low-dust ceramic formula and reinforced carbon fibers that provide severe-duty stopping power.

Pros & Cons of Powder Coated Brake Caliper


  • Its braking performance is dust-free.
  • Has red powder coated brake calipers
  • Comes with Zinc plated rotors for maximum protection against rust
  • The best braking performance assured because of its Z23 Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formula.
  • Presence of premium rubberized shims gives noise-free braking
  • Overheating prevented by its drilled and slotted performance technology


  • Paint sometimes scratch off easily

Why are Powder Coated Brake Calipers the best?

This product is proven to have resistance against corrosion and has complete protection against leaks. In addition to these features, it can also withstand high temperatures. 


Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers has made to satisfy the need of driving enthusiasts. It copper pins have high-temperature silicone lubricant to enhance its longevity. The Caliper and Bracket are reinforced with high-temperature red powder-coating.

Increased Braking power

The product weighs 15.2 pounds and has a dimension of 9.1 inches by 9.1 inches and 6.6 inches. It is fortified with Carbon Fibre Ceramics to allow you to enjoy increased braking power. This feature also makes the brake pad dust-free through its amazing friction formula.  

Excellent Performance and Style 

No other brake caliper matches it in performance and styles. The calipers are fitted with seals, new premium boots, bleeder screws, and high-temperature silicone lubricant to extend the life of caliper pins.

The stop power rotors are made from the G3000 metallurgy, the best in the world with OE tolerance. The unique thing about this is that its bolt-on upgrade, which means it doesn't need any modification.

Maximum Motor run-out 

Each Power Stop Performance Brake Caliper is mill-balanced and structured to fit your vehicle. The maximum rotor run-out runs at 0.0032, while the Maximum DTV tolerance specification is 0.0005.

Drilled, Slotted and Plated 

These three essential features make power Stop rotors different from other types of rotors. It is drilled; this keeps your brake temperature down during unpalatable operating conditions. It is slotted; the presence of slotted spots helps to avoid gas from getting in touch with the plates. It is plated; the presence of Silver Zinc Dichromate helps to build the resistance of the plate against rust and corrosion.

How to choose the right Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers

Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers were made to have the best braking performance you can find anywhere in the world. The calipers were made to have a sleek performance look; they are electrostatic and have a prolonged life span.

Through the years, Power Stop publicity has spread through word of mouth more than any other medium of advertisement because those who have used it have something positive to say about it.

Brake calipers have floating type Caliper construction. It comes with one piston, doesn't have any bracket. The pistol is made from Phenolic. It has a driving style suitable for Hauling and towing.

This product can be returned in case of any defects. We have an in-house expert who knows the products well and is ready to help when any challenge arises.

The company built her philosophy around making the best calibers with the most advanced material. It doesn’t have any plans to be nothing short of the best in the market. That is why it consistently develops new methods of making a better.

The company is selling the best calibers at the best affordable prices. When you want to change the brake components of your vehicle, PowerPoint is a name you can put a trust in.

How to Install Power Stop Performance Front Brake Calipers

The below-listed things are the material you need to get before you install a power stop performance Brake Calipers: Power stop brake pads, power stop cross-dried rotors, brake pad grease, a bottle of DOT 3 or 4 brake fluids, a car jack and a C-clamp. 

  1. Before you start fixing your powder coated brake caliper after you have removed the wheel and tire. Remove the bolts holding the caliper. 
  2. Check the bottom of the caliper to change the caliper from its mounting position. 
  3. Remove the brake line from the old caliper with a 14 mm socket
  4. Step 3 will make the brake fluid to start leaking until the new caliper is installed. Ensure you fill the reservoir to make sure it doesn't get low.
  5. On the new Power Stop Performance Front Brake Calipers, you want to install. Locate the yellow cap and crush washers.
  6. Attach the brake line to the new caliper using a 14 mm bolt. 
  7. Before you fix the new powder coat caliper. Pile up the crush washers.
  8. Use the old pads for orientation to locate the proper side of the brake pads. When that is done, use brake lube to coat the backside of the pads.
  9. Set the new pads, then use the12 mm bolts provided to. Reinstall the powder coating brake calipers.
  10. Check the Jeep maintenance manual to know how to bleed the brakes.

How To Powder Coat Brake Calipers - Powder Coating Custom Brembo Brake Calipers

Powder Coated Brake Caliper Review FAQs

Can be powder coat be applied to plastic?

No. it can’t. Plastics cannot withstand the level of head needed to do powder coating. 

Is it possible to paint my brake caliper?

Yes, it is. However, don't paint the entire surface; it can cause the caliper to seize. Brake calipers sometimes get hotter than the engine.

How long would the paint be on the caliper? 

Three to four years on the minimum. But if you used aluminum caliper coves, it can last for 7-10 years

Will caliper cover reduce brake dust? 

In addition to reducing dust, a caliper cover will make your car appear cleaner.

Is it safe to drive without a break dust shield?  

It is not advisable to do that because it can lead to brake failure. It makes break challenging to maintain and hard to clean.

Would I like to know the types of caliper paints I can use for my brakes?

For the best caliper paints, we recommend the following: Dupli-Color EBCP40200 Caliper Paint, POR-15 42806 Paint For Brake Caliper, and VHT SP731 Brake Caliper Paint. 

My wheels gather brake dust. What should I do?

To stop that from happening, so the following. Use high-quality brake pads, use dust shields, and wash the wheels regularly.

Final Words & Recommendation

The review above has given more than enough reasons to convince you that Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers is the best.

It has outstanding qualities that many of its competitors don't have, yet it comes at an affordable price. Three essential features make it different: it is drilled, slotted, and has the presence of Silver Zinc Dichromate.

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