The Motorcraft Brake Pads Review You Need to Read in 2023

In this article you will know about motorcraft brake pads review. Brake pads use friction to change kinetic energy into thermal energy. In 1888, Bertha Benz invented brake pads after the brake of her Patent-Motorwagon worn out during her first road trip. 

For the vehicle to stop without any hitch, the brake pad and disc have to work together. The disc brakes contain two brake pads per disc rotor. Both are held in place by a caliper.

Before selecting any brake pad, here are the things to be considered. Ability to resist wear caused by friction. The effect of moisture of brake fade, resistance against brake fade. The low friction coefficient between brakes and their ability to apply frictional force quietly while operating.

Brake pad wears out depends on the weight of the car and the speed at which the vehicle moves. So this means the brake need to be replaced at regular interval. The brake pad is equipped with technology to sound a note of warning to the drivers when then they need to be changed.

Motorcraft Brake Pads

What is the Motorcraft Brake Pads used for?

Motorcraft Brake Pads are front Disc Brake pad kit made by Ford Motor Company tailored according to the specification of your vehicle. If you bought a genuine Motorcraft Brake Pads, your vehicle is guarantee maximum safety and durability. It comes with unique vehicle-platform-specific friction formula made for each vehicle.

Motorcraft Brake Pads Review

Motorcraft Brakes are made for Ford and Lincoln vehicles. You can count on them for easy installation and long-lasting performance.  

The brake pad stands out from others of its kind because of these three things. Shims, slots, and chamfers.

The brake pad is coated with damping materials to reduce noise and improve the vibration of the car. The presence of the slot minimizes the rate at which the pad bends when heated. It provides passage for dust and gas at high temperature, so brake fade is diminished.

The chamfers take out the stick and slip vibration, which causes much noise. It reduces the rate at which brake pads dig into motors.


  • Uses chamfers, slots, and shims to reduce noise.
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard verified.
  • Can be used for fleet application and severe service.
  • They are vehicle specific.
  • Meets friction Materials Standard Institute (FMSI) specification
  • It has vertical grooves cut.

Pros & Cons of Motorcraft Brake Pads


  • It has Short installation time.
  • You can install it yourself, no need to call a professional.
  • It produces no noise.


  • A bit expensive 

Why is Motorcraft brake pads the best choice?

It is a premium placement product with OEM quality but comes at an affordable price. Motorcraft has established itself who doesn’t compromise on standard. It is made to make the vehicle come to a stop quickly in case of any emergency.

Motorcraft brake pads offer you a wide range of brake parts from drum brake shoes and wheel cylinders to choose from them. The factory directly replaces spring kits and self-adjuster repair kits.

Ford Motorcraft brake pads are made to precisely fit your vehicle.  Proprietary friction formulations are made from high-tech materials like Kevlar ceramics and semi-metallic.

How to choose Motorcraft brake pads

Before you decide the kind of brake caliper you are going to buy, check types that best fit your vehicle. You should know the life span of the new brake pads to know the next time you would change it in advance. Even before using it.

Consider the noise and vibration of the brake and how it feels when it’s engaged while driving. You would also want to know the brakes pad collect dust that clings to your wheel. All these things are to be checked before you consider buying a Motorcraft Brake Pad.

How to install a Motorcraft Brake Pad

1. Jack up the car and disassemble the wheels. 

Since all parts of the brake will be changed, you should jack up the car to be able to do your work easily. In jacking up your vehicle, it's hood you use a car elevator. Using a traditional car jack makes the task difficult.  

Start from the wheel where the brake components are situated. After you have removed, the wheels dismount the brake calipers using clamps and get ready to add the new ones.

2. Remove the brake pad from old calipers

After you have removed the brake caliper from the wheels, detach the brake pad. Loosen the brake pad holder with a matching screwdriver, then remove the brake disc from the disc hub.

Fix the new brake disc and pad. You don't have to change the entire braking system. However, you are expected to use a brake cleaner to clean the brake system component.

3. Fix the new brake discs and pads

Start by assembling the new brake pads and discs. Place the disc on the wheel and padding on the pad holder. Clean the surface of the brake pad holder with special brake oil, and this removes any unnecessary friction. One the brake pad holder has been adequately positioned connect it with the brake disc using a clean bolt

4. Vent the braking system 

You need a professional in the aspect. If the brake is not well vented. It may allow air into the braking system causing the brake system not to generate full power transmission. Venting should be done when all braking system was replaced, and you worked on both side of the axle.

5. Test the brake before 

It takes time for the new braking system to be correctly aligned. Don't embark on a long journey immediately after you change pads and discs. Go on short trips, slightly accelerate then apply break, till you can feel the proper resistance at your feet.


Motorcraft Brake Pads Review (FAQs)

1. Our brake pads made in pairs? 

We have the front and rear brake pads, and they come in pairs. If need be, you would have to repair the two at a time.

2. Must I replace all the brake pads at once?  

You don't need to do that. However, if all the pads are faulty, you can do that at one.

3. My brakes wear out on time, what is happening?

It depends on the size and weight of your car matter. Based on this, your rear brake pads would wear out faster. But if your vehicle has a proportional positioning valve, the front brake pad would wear out more quickly. 

4. What is the life span of my brake rotors? 

The brake rotors have a life span of 15000 to 35000 miles. And it can use up to 4 brake pads during its life span. 

5. When do I need a new brake pad?

You need a new brake pad when you start hearing a squeaking sound from the brake. The break is less than 0.25 thickness, vibrating brake pedal.

6. How many kilometers should I use before I change my brake pad?

75,000 is the maximum. Anything beyond that, you are putting your life at risk. 

7. How much does it cost me to replace my brake pads?

Changing your brake pad goes ranges between $100 and $300/per axle. It depends so much on where you get it done.

Final Words and Recommendation

Without a doubt, Motorcraft brake pads will be a good buy. It is durable and safe. It doesn't make noise. In addition to that, the brake pads are Federal Motor Vehicle Standard verified and meets the specification of Friction Materials Standard Institute. The brake pads are vehicle specific, no need to worry if the pads will suit your vehicle or not.