Mityvac Brake Bleeder Review in 2023: Is It Worth the Price?

At a point in time, I decided to run a random check on my car brakes. Not for any reason, but just my routine checks on all the parts of my Honda Accord 2004 vehicle. I discovered some rattling around my car brake system. I decided to do a little bit of a job on it. But, I ended up being a lousy mechanic at the end of the day. I had gotten oil and other brake fluid puddled up in my garage. I still did not have the issue fixed. I only got a headway after getting a mityvac brake bleeder from a gear shop very close to my house. Fixing my car brakes issues has never been easier!

Mityvac Brake Bleeder

Mityvac Brake Bleeder

This product from Mityvac makes bleeding brakes very easy. The product packaging provides you with all the necessities you need to work through the process, including a manual. The manual gives you all the information required to get through the hassles of brake bleeding.

The product comes at quite a high price. The price is, however, justified by the amount of utility you can derive from this product. You cannot overemphasize its ease of use. All you have to do is now in a few necessary steps. The Mityvac brake bleeding kit provides a lot of work ease and efficiency. These features are possible with the functions of their parts.

The Mityvac brake bleeder kit has made its statement amongst other brake bleeders. It comes with a lot of features that go on to make it a different kind of bleeder. The delectable features the product has will offer you a whole lot.


  • Easy UsageThe stress of bleeding a brake can get tiring. It most times is not a job just a person can handle. It requires the involvement of two persons at the least at times. But this is different when you make use of the Mityvac brake bleeder kit. It gets a lot much easier for just a person.
  • Quick and Clean PumpThe pump helps you in dealing with the brake fluid. It helps you extract the fluid contents from the brake. And it does this extraction speedily and without any crease.
  • Clutch and Hydraulic Systems EfficiencyThis product does not stop at being a perfect solution for your car brakes alone. It also works perfectly for your car clutches and any other kinds of hydraulic systems.
  • Multiple Options The adapter that comes with this product has various ways. This adapter provides you with more options and satisfaction. Apart from the adapter, the tubing also offers a lot of options. All of these increase the amount of utility you can derive from using this product. The product will work for cars, boats, cycles, trucks, and other kinds of vehicles.
  • Well-explanatory User ManualThe product package comes with a manual to guide users. The manual is also available on the company’s website.
  • Easily AccessibleThis product is very accessible. You can get it in several places around you. You can get it in Cycle Gear, Harbor Freights, and any other automobile store close to you. The easy accessibility of this product makes it a must-have for anyone dealing with either automobiles or motorcycles.
  • An All-round KitThe kit contains a whole lot of items that make the job easier. It includes a reservoir jar for the vacuum pump, storage, and a transfer lid, adapter for premium brake bleeding. A manual and an ID tubing of ¼ inches to make a total of 24”.

All of these features make the Mityvac brake bleeder kit, an excellent buy to all that need it.

Pros & Cons of Mityvac Brake Bleeder


  • It is easy to get a copy of this bleeder kit.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • Tubing and adapter provide options for users.


  • The price is entirely on the high side. It is, however, worth every cent.
  • You cannot return the product after purchase. Never mind, there will be no reason to do so.

Why is Mityvac brake bleeder the best?

There are a whole lot of brake bleeders out there. The brake bleeder market has quite a lot of products. Most of these products are as cheap as their prices. Some others come with a high price but are not even worth the cost when you use them eventually. Only a few are enough quality for a high price. One of such brake bleeder kit is the Mityvac brake bleeder kit. It is one brake bleeding product that is worth every penny.

Unlike other brake bleeder kits out there, this brake bleeder kit stands out for a lot of reasons. Check a few of the idea out:

Easy to Get

First, you have to consider the accessibility of the product. You can quickly get this product from local stores close to you. Other products will demand you to go as far as ordering them online to purchase them.

Simpler to Use

Apart from these, there is the simplicity that comes with this product also. The Mityvac brake bleeder kit makes it a lot much easier to handle brake bleeding. The tasking two-men job can now be handled easily by one man.

Helpful Kits and Manual

The product is also a better choice when compared to other bleeder kits out there, due to its explanatory manual. The explanatory manual is a part of the so many helpful tools the product contains. It also comes with a multi-faced adapter and many other components.

All of these unique features and components set the Mityvac brake bleeder kit apart when discussing bleeder kits. They add to the amount of satisfaction you can get. And, the product provides you different options for your pleasure.

Can you bleed your brakes without screws? 

You cannot have a good job done on your brakes without using the screws. Depending on what exactly is wrong with those brakes, you might want to take a different route to solve it.

How can you get the air out of your brake lines?

The only way to do this is simply by bleeding your brakes. The air in your brake lines makes your pedal soft. This condition is not safe for you while driving, which is why you have to bleed your brakes.

Should you bench-bleed a new master cylinder or bleed it in the car?

Failure to bench-bleed a master cylinder will leave you at the peril of not being able to prime the unit. This failure means that it will not get to the pump. If you try bleeding it in the car, you will only get it all wrong and messy. I advise you to bench test it.

How to Know a Brake Bleeding Kit is of Great Quality

In this case, unlike the famous saying, you can judge the book by its cover. From the look of the kit, you can tell whether it is of good quality or not. Apart from the condition you find it in, the services it renders is another way of knowing if it is of excellent quality.

How to Know if your Brake Bleeder Kit needs a Calibration

Once you discover that the outcome the kit gives does not reach the mark, there is an urgent need for calibration.

How to Bleed your Brakes

This process should not get stressful, especially if you are making use of the Mityvac brake bleeder kit. You also have to get the following:

  • A combo wrench or a brake bleeder wrench. It has to go in perfectly into your car’s bleeder nozzle
  • Appropriate fluids for your brakes.
  • A clean jar.

Follow the following steps:

  • Locate the brake bleeder screws just behind your brakes.
  • Loosen the bleeder screws with the appropriate wrench.
  • Fix in the hose with one end placed over the screw’s period and the other inside the glass jar.
  • Pump the brake pedal a few times.

Brake bleeding with a Mityvac vacuum pump step by step

Mityvac Brake Bleeder FAQs

Which liquid will you advise I use for brake bleeding?

Your fluid choice is highly dependent on the brake’s model.

Why can’t I leave the bleeding to be done by a specialist?

Bleeding your brakes on your own, especially using the Mityvac brake bleeder kit, saves cash and time. It also adds to your handy skills.

How Can Trapped Air Affect Me?

Your brake response gets damaged, and that places your own life at risk while driving.

Which is the best way to go about brake bleeding?

The best way to go about brake bleeding is the reverse bleeding method. 

Is there a need to keep on maintaining the kit even after use?

Definitely! You have to keep it in the best shape to keep getting good results.

Can I go about bleeding my brakes with the tires on?

You can, even though it will be very stressful. My advice is that you take the tires off to save you the stress.

Do I need to have my engine working when bleeding my brakes?

If you are only dealing with the base brakes, you do not need your engine running. However, if the ABS is what you are dealing with, you will need the pump to run while you do so.

Is it bad if my brake pedal goes to the floor?

It is not right! You have to ensure your brake gets regular supplies of the fluids that keep it running.

Do I have to bleed all four brakes?

It is only conventional to do so. It isn’t mandatory in any way. But in a case where the brake you want to bleed is independent, you do not have to bleed the other three.

How much will it cost me and how long will it take to bleed my brakes?

A budget of $40 (without the cost of the brake fluid) should do approximately. And it should not take you more than 30 minutes.

Final Verdict

Having used a copy of the Mityvac brake bleeder kit myself, I must say it is one of the best quality out there for that price. This mityvac bleeder will give you quality for your cash. It provides you with ease of use as well as a guide for practical usage. All of these are the reasons I strongly recommend the Mityvac brake bleeder for your brake bleeding.