How to Change Your Front Rotors on a Ford F150 4×4

Every vehicle has its ups and downs. Wear and tear of trucks have their effect on your brake rotors and other brake systems. When replacing your rotors, it is best to repair all other braking components, like the pads, drums or discs and bearings.

The rotors can get rusty when the brake calipers have been used for a long time without replacement. The job of replacing your rotors is best to be carried out alongside the replacement of other braking components. This will give the braking system an improved quality, and you will also enjoy the smooth operation of your brakes.

Knowing how to change front rotors on ford f150 4×4 is a job that requires little experience. And anyone can carry it out on their own with the help of some mechanic tools. It also helps to save money. Not everyone is a master mechanic, but this is a job that doesn't require much expertise. Once you carry out the steps, you will be able to change your rotors on your own.

How to know when rotors need to be replaced

Brake rotors are one major part of a vehicle that keeps it in shape. But they are mostly looked down upon by vehicle owners. It is rather rare to have a driver checking his rotors regularly, except it breaks down with a major issue. Constant use of your braking system causes them to wear out with time.

How to change front rotors on ford f150

There are some signs to look out for in your rotors to know when they need to be attended to. You don't have to wait till they totally breakdown before you have them replaced.

Visual inspection

You should check out your rotors often. Look through your wheels to see your rotors and brake pads. If your rotors are worn out, have them changed. Your rotors are expected to be smooth on the surface, if this is not so, then your rotors need to be replaced. Also, have in mind that the performance of your rotors depends on the brake pads. If your brake pads are bad, they can cause more harm to the rotors.

Listen for squeaking sounds

If you hear squeaking sounds from your brakes, it is a sign that your rotors and most likely, brake pads need to be replaced. 

Shaking brakes

When you apply your brakes, you will feel it shaking through your legs. It is a sign that your brake rotors are damaged and are warped. This requires quick attention.

How to change front rotors on f150 4×4


  • Braking kit
  • New rotors to be installed
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Chock
  • Grease


Use the jack stands to raise the truck off the ground at the front wheels. But first, shock the rear tires, so you don't have your car in motion during the process. Remove the front wheels. You can adequately check your brake pads and rotors here.

With the help of a wrench, loosen the nuts that hold the caliper in place. Remove the caliper, and be careful not to twist the brake line. Beyond the caliper, you will see the brake bearings, remove it. Pull out the cotter pin with your plier, straighten it out as it would have been bent.

Then you can pull out your rotor from the bearings. Use a rag to clean the sides as it will be dusty and have grease over it. Bring the new bearings you want to use and soak them in grease for a while.

Bring out the bearing from the grease and place it at the back of the rotor. Carefully place it and set it to be aligned with the rotor. Pack a whole lot of grease on the back of the rotor to make it lubricated. It will also help the bearings align well with the rotor.

Insert the rotor on the spindle and leave space for the bearings. Lubricate the smaller bearings with grease and tighten the lug nuts. Insert the pins back into the lug nuts and make sure it doesn't slip out.

Insert the caliper back into the rotor, tighten the lug nuts. Then insert the wheel back to the car. You can then lower the car back to the ground. Repeat the process for the other side.

Ford F150 Brake Rotor Install

How to change front rotors on ford f150 4×4 [FAQs]

How long do front rotors last?

This depends on the model of the car you have, the environment in which you use the car, and how you maintain them. But generally, they are expected to last for 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

How do I know my rotor is bad?

One common symptom to know when you have a damaged rotor is that they produce noise. Squeaking and wobbling sounds characterize a warped rotor.

Do I have to replace my rotors when I change the brake pads?

You do not have to change them every time. You can change your brake pads alone once the rotors are not warped.

What keeps a brake rotor in place?

What holds the brake rotors are lug nuts. The tires grip the brake rotor to the hub, and the lug nuts hold the tire to the hub.

How do I know when my brake rotors are warped?

Warped rotor causes vibration in the brake pedal when pressure is applied. A little amount of pressure on the brake pedal causes vibration.

Can I put new brakes on old rotors?

During braking, a part of the brake pad is transferred on the rotor, and this helps with the pressure needed for bringing the car to a stop. When the rotors are still good, and the brake pads need to be replaced, it is allowed.

How long can I drive on bad rotors?

Brake rotors are designed to last for 30,000 to 60,000 miles. They can last longer, but that is the general. However, the time it takes depends on how you maintain your vehicle, the car weight, and the quality of your brake materials. It is not advisable to drive on bad rotors, as this might cause significant damage to the braking system.


Changing brake rotors is a job that requires a little experience and can be carried out by anyone. Having an idea of what to do when your rotors are damaged saves you a lot of headaches. It also saves costs. You will as well have a knowledge of what your mechanic is doing when you have to take it for proper checking.

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