Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control Review

There is a high possibility that you have been worried about your car brake at least once or twice whenever you are driving. This case is the same for every driver. But it is more so for anyone that drives a trailer.

One way to stay safe behind the wheel, whether at work or what you do, is to be sure your brakes are working correctly. If there is any way to ensure your brakes’ efficiency while driving, it is by using the best brake control. A brake control like the Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control will do just fine.

Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control Review

Tekonsha, over time, has built a reputation for itself with an array of products to suit the needs of its customers. With their state-of-the-art output, their brake control products have been market leaders. 

The best of their products so far has been P3. With well-advanced features, P3 has raised the bar for a standard brake control system. The Tekonsha 90195 p3 electronic brake controller has features that make it the best brake control system available on the market.

This Tekonsha brake controller can work efficiently for as many as four trailers at once, providing your container with an efficient and proportional trailer brake control system. The diverse and simultaneous usage option gives you, as a driver, more work efficiency and a multi-tasking edge. You can also save five settings on the Tekonsha p3 brake control. The storage option provides room for different drivers to exact their preferences.

The Tekonsha p3 brake control has a weight of 1.45 pounds and a dimension of about 4.5 inches by 3 inches by 10.6 inches. The Tekonsha brake controller p3 comes in a design that is dashboard friendly. The size measures a proportional estimate of 5.5 inches in width and another 5 inches in depth.

The peculiar design of this brake controller makes it a perfect frame to fit any vehicle. The structure will save you the stress of providing it with the different kinds of dashboards your trailer(s) might have. This product will give your container (s) an edge in its output with its various enticing features.


  • Brilliant LCD Display: The bright LCD of diverse options for the screen colors, which makes it more comfortable to read.
  • Different Language Options: The Tekonsha 90195 p3 comes with different language options. (English, French and Spanish)
  • Diagnostic Display Feature: A diagnostic display feature to show output current, output, brake, and battery voltage that helps you keep a check.
  • Warning System: It notifies you with an alarm whenever there is a brake failure.
  • Levels Boost Feature: You can customize the different brake levels with the boost feature for more ease.
  • Different Brake Mode Options: The Tekonsha prodigy p3 trailer brake controller gives you the choice of either the electronic over hydraulic or the automatic trailer brake mode.
  • Multi-plug Adapters: This prodigy three brake controller comes with a two-way Plug-N-Play adapters port for multi-use. 
  • Snap-in Clip for Mounting: This feature gives users the liberty to save control commands when you are not using the controllers.
  • Compact Frame-up: The design of the Tekonsha p3 brake controller comes in a design framework that makes it fit just perfectly to your dashboard.
  • Override Lever: The lever makes it possible for you as a driver to switch from the electronic brake control system to the manual control.

Pros & Cons of Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control


  • The product comes with a parts warranty.
  • Perfect design for your dashboard.
  • This brake system controller -1 to 4 axles- proportional allows for multi-tasking.
  • The controller has a warning system to help you stay safe with its alarm when the break fails.


  • Just like every other car brakes, this does not also engage when on the reverse.
  • If you have not handled the parts with care, they may misbehave shortly after purchase.

Why Is Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control Different?

Tekonsha has been a leading producer of brake control systems for many years now. Even amongst their range of products, there is the Tekonsha 90195 p3 electronic brake control. This product comes with an edge in its output as a result of its p3 element.

The P3 features of the Tekonsha p3 brake control make it stand out amongst other Tekonsha brake controllers. The p3 comes with an upgraded version of the axis accelerometer. It also works efficiently with either the electronic over hydraulic or the electric trailer brakes. And with a selection menu to allow you to switch between both modes.

With its LCD feature, this product stands out amongst other similar products. The display makes it attractive to use. It also allows a range of color options. The screen makes the product different from all other brake controllers out there.

The Tekonsha 90195 p3 electronic brake control also comes with a multifaceted plug feature. The plug port feature means that you can use two different Plug-N-Play adapters with the port. Other features that make this brake controller different are:

  • It can revolve around 360 degrees. This revolutionary feature increases its ease of use.

  • It also comes with an automatic leverage feature.

  • It can also work with more than a trailer at a time (even up to four different containers).

  • The Tekonsha trailer brake control also fits better when compared to other controllers available.

All of these features are the reasons this brake controller from Tekonsha is a pacesetter amongst all other options around. These features set this product different from others around.

How to Test Your Tekonsha 90195 p3 Electronic Brake Control

To test your brake controller, all you have to do is to follow these necessary steps:

  • Connect the black wire from the brake controller to the positive terminal of a battery measuring 12 volts. Then, you connect the white cable to the negative one.
  • Connect the test light directly to the negative terminal as well.
  • Ground the blue wire to the positive terminal.
  • If the green light does not come on the controller, even with the connections in place, there is a need to replace the controller. 

Note: The color might be different. This change depends on some peculiarities around the wirings.

How to Turn Off the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller

Are you tired of your Tekonsha Prodigy P3 brake controller constantly getting in the way and causing problems? Don't worry, we've all been there. But fear not, dear reader, for I am here to guide you through turning off this pesky device once and for all. 

Step 1: Locate the brake controller. This may seem an obvious first step, but you’d be surprised how many people skip it. The brake controller is typically located near your vehicle’s brake pedal, so start there. If you still need help finding it, try consulting your owner's manual or asking a mechanic for assistance.

Step 2: Identify the power cord. The power cord for the brake controller should be easy to spot, as it is the cord that is plugged into the controller itself. Once you've located the cord, unplug it from the controller. 

Step 3: Disconnect the controller from the brake system. This step may require using a wrench or pliers, as the controller will likely be attached to the brake system with bolts or screws. Simply loosen and remove these fasteners to disconnect the controller. 

Step 4: Relax and enjoy the silence. With the brake controller now disconnected and unplugged, you can sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with not having a constantly beeping, flashing device constantly vying for your attention. 

Congratulations, you are now a brake controller turn-off master! But don't get too cocky, as you may need to turn the controller back on at some point in the future. Just remember to follow these simple steps, and you'll be back in business in no time. So, this is how you can turn off the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 brake controller with ease and without any stress.

How to Know That a Brake Controller Is Connected

Are you tired of wondering if your brake controller is actually connected and functioning properly? I have compiled a list of surefire ways to know that your brake controller is indeed connected.

  1. The first and most obvious way to know that your brake controller is connected is to look at it. If you see the little boxy thing mounted to your dashboard or somewhere in the cab of your vehicle, chances are it's connected.

  2. Another way to tell if your brake controller is connected is to test it out. Simply apply the brakes while driving and see if they actually work. If they do, congratulations! Your brake controller is connected.

  3. You will find this out when you begin to receive voltage signals going on to the blue wire. You can also get the message from the tow vehicle whenever you engage the brake. 

How to Install the Brake Controller

Are you ready to get your brake controller installed and ready to hit the road? Great! Just make sure you have a good sense of humor, because this installation process might not be as smooth as you'd like.

First things first, gather all of your materials. You'll need a brake controller, a wiring harness, a drill, a screwdriver, and maybe even some colorful language for when things don't go as planned.

Next, locate the brake controller mounting location. This is usually under the dashboard on the driver's side, but sometimes it can be found in the glove box or center console. If you can't find it, just start drilling holes randomly and eventually you'll hit something important. Just kidding, please don't do that.

Once you've found the mounting location, use your drill to carefully create holes for the mounting screws. Make sure to hold the brake controller steady with one hand while drilling with the other, unless you want a very chaotic and dangerous situation on your hands.

Next, connect the wiring harness to the brake controller. This can be a little tricky, as the wires are often color coded and you'll need to match them up correctly. If you get confused, just close your eyes and randomly connect the wires. No, just kidding again. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions or a wiring diagram for proper wire pairing.

Finally, secure the brake controller to the mounting location using the screws and screwdriver. Now you should be all set to hit the road with your newly installed brake controller! Just remember to use it responsibly and always follow safe driving practices.

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1. Is it necessary to disconnect the cable of the battery whenever I want to work on my brake control system?

Even if you are only working on your overall car system, you have to disconnect, especially the negative cable of the battery.

2. Is there a need for the controller to be level?

When mounting your controller, you have to ensure you fit it in such a way that it is level when you view it side by side. The P3 controller must also be mounted parallel to your travel direction.

3. Is there any preferred spot for installation?

You can install it anywhere in your vehicle, where it will be visible. And, avoid installing it around electronics in your car that are sensitive.

4. Will I be able to use this brake control product if I do not understand the English language?

Yes, you can. This product comes with a display in three different languages; English, Spanish, and French. This language option means you can use it if you understand any of those.

5. Will the brake control function when I drive the car on reverse?

Just like other brake controllers, it does not function whenever you drive back on the reverse.

6. Where does the controller gets powered?

The diagram of the wiring shows that the power source is from the battery—truck wirings powers some other kinds of this controller.

7. What are the conditions for the warranty?

The warranty for this product will last for a lifetime. But it is limited as to the situations and parts of the controller it covers.

8. Does it come with a mounting bracket?

Yes. This product does not only come with a mounting bracket; it comes with a permanent one.

9. How can I adjust the position of the Primus on my controller?

Ensure the power output is at the midpoint. Turn off The boost before you then two the trailer for few miles. At this point, engage the manual override. You move the power lower in a case where the brake locks up and higher if otherwise.

10. What does OL mean on a brake controller?

It merely means, Overload Code. This signal is to indicate a shortage in the circuit of the Blue wire.

Final Verdict

The Tekonsha 90195 p3 electronic brake control is an invaluable product. It comes with specific features and packages that make it a suitable option to control your brakes. It comes with a price that is a bit on the expensive side. Yet, it is simple, good quality for your money. You should not keep toying with your car brakes by getting any of the cheaper options. Go for this product to get the best from your brakes and stay safe.