Sumo Brake Pads Review: The Best All-round Performance Brake Pads

If there's one thing that's indispensable in a vehicle, it's a brake pad [1]. Brake pads are as essential as other parts of a car and play a crucial role in a car's performance.

Using high-quality brake pads will ensure that your vehicle's braking system runs smoothly. What's more? They will improve the braking power of the car and enhance its durability.

However, the availability of countless brake pads in the market has made it challenging for car owners to settle for an inexpensive, durable brake pad. Having cautiously tested several brake pads, I have, therefore, come up with this Sumo brake pads review to ease your decision-making process.

What You Should Know

Sumo brake pads are high-quality, inexpensive, and reliable brake pads that will boost your vehicle's braking performance. Below are some features of these durable aftermarket brake pads.

Features of Sumo - Kawasaki Performance Front + Rear Brake Disc Pads

  • Brand: Sumo
  • Model: Kawasaki Performance Front + Rear Brake Disc Pads
  • Material: Semi-metallic 

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Reviews of the Best Sumo Brake Pads

Sumo - Kawasaki Performance Front + Rear Brake Disc Pads

This premium-grade product consists of disc pads designed for the front and rear of your vehicle's braking system. These brake pads are made with high-quality materials that will ensure your car runs smoothly.

I didn’t find the installation process difficult. These Sumo performance moto parts were seamless to install, and since they are made with high-quality semi-metallic material, you have the advantage of using the brake pads for a long time.

They are bonded with resin materials to enhance the wheels' stopping power and maximize its durability [2]. Besides, the brake pads have higher heat resistance, as you can use them for heavy-duty use. 

Furthermore, these brake pads are reliable and backed by a warranty. The pads also come at an excellent price, making them a better option to OEM brake pads, comparatively.

Overall, SUMO brake pads will deliver a smooth braking experience and guarantee the driver’s comfort.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Durable material to boost its longevity and that of the vehicle
  • Highly resistant to heat


  • Rotors wear out faster.
  • Produces noise

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sumo Brake Pads

Sooner or later, you’ll have to go for replacements or change the brake pads of your vehicle when it begins to wear out. But before you change them to Sumo brake pads, you need to consider these factors.

Driving Style

When choosing a brake pad, you need to ascertain what you need the brake pads for. It would help if you considered your braking needs, the road you frequently travel on, and whether you wish to use the car for pulling trailers.

Some brake pads are more weather tolerant than others. In essence, they work better in a certain kind of weather and road types than others. You should consider all these before making your purchase to not end up with the wrong type.

Brake Pad Material

Brake pads are made with different materials: organic, semi-metallic, metallic, and ceramic. Each type of brake material has its pros and cons, affecting its durability and performance.

For example, organic brake pads are best used in a hot and warm climate. When wet, they tend to lose their braking capacity. Semi-metallic brake pads and metallic brake pads, on the other hand, provide better braking power than organic brake pads. However, the rotors and drums suffer a tremendous amount of wear from the pads.

Ceramic brake pads are the most expensive and offer the best durability and warranty. They are weather tolerant and have minimal fading or wearing out power.

For all-round braking performance, I'd recommend ceramic brake pads. For commuter vehicles, I'd recommend semi-metallic/metallic brake pads, as the brake pad in this Sumo brake pads review.


You should also check that the brake pad is compatible with your vehicle before buying to avoid regretting later on.

Are Sumo Brake Pads Any Good?

Sumo brake pads are made with the best material to offer incredible performance and durability. The ceramic model wears out the least and can withstand heavy usage and heat considerably, especially when used to pull heavy-duty vehicles.


Also, they are readily compatible with several vehicle types. They can fit into expensive or luxury cars and regular commuter cars, making them versatile.


The brake pads are suitable for regular commuter vehicles as well as other extensive uses. Practically, I have been using them on my GSXR1000 2014 for five years, and it has never disappointed.

Besides, they are inexpensive, compared to some OE that are quite costly and offer lesser performance and durability. Thanks to the Sumo brake pads reviews, you can get brake pads that will boost your vehicle’s braking performance.

Sumo Kevlar Brake Pads

Sumo Kevlar brake pads are made of organic materials, and Kevlar fibers bonded with resin to reduce the wear on rotors and drums [3]. They also provide exceptional braking performance due to their organic material.

Compared to other organic brake pads, Sumo Kevlar brake pads outperform in brake safety, friction, and durability, while also coming at an affordable price. This makes it a fantastic option for many drivers.

Sumo Brake Pads FAQs

Which brand of brake pads is the best?

Quite many brake pads brands manufacture excellent, reliable, and durable brake pads. Sumo, Eicher, Brembo, etc., are some of the best brands in the market that you can rely on.

How long can Sumo brake pads last?

Sumo brake pads may last anywhere between 25,000 and 60,000 miles. It could last more than that, pending the type of brake pads you use and your driving style.

Are cheap brake pads any good?

Most cheap brake pads are very unpredictable due to their aftermarket label. However, there are still good ones out there that offer great value for money. They are durable and are made with high-quality materials.

At what percentage should you replace brake pads?

Brake pads manufacturers have different suggestions regarding when to replace brake pads. However, most suggest that they should be replaced when only 20% of the initial thickness remains.

Can you still drive if the brake pads are worn?

Yes, you can, but it's hazardous, and I wouldn't advise that. Once you observe the signs, such as grinding noise, it indicates that the brake pads are worn down. Changing them is the next option.

Final Verdict

No doubt, using the best brake pads will guarantee safety and an extraordinary driving experience. Thanks to the Sumo brake pads reviews, acquiring one won’t pose any issue at all.


I was absolutely satisfied with the performance of the Sumo brake pads, as they were easy to install and seamlessly fitted into my car.


Compared to OE brake pads, I find the Sumo brake pads a relatively cheaper option. It's also a superb alternative for car owners on a low-budget and would recommend it. Thus, it deserves my 4.7/5 rating.


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