Raybestos Element3 Review: The Best Hybrid Brake Components in 2023

Brake pads alongside rotors and calipers are vital components that automobiles can't do without. They are responsible for enhancing control and offering an ultra-smooth stopping performance. Therefore, having the right one installed is paramount.

Components like brakes don't last forever, regardless of their durability level. When they get worn-out, you'll need to replace them with the best suitable ones. However, selecting the right replacement is demanding, considering the high number of products floating around.

Here in this Raybestos Element3 review, my team will review the best hybrid brake pads and braking components.

Top Pick Products

Best for Braking Performance - Raybestos EHT1697H Enhanced Technology Friction Brake Pads.

This brake pad is quality and delivers excellent braking performance. 

Best for Noiseless Operation - Raybestos EHT1898 Enhanced Hybrid Technology Brake Pad Set.

This brake pad operates noiselessly and produce less brake dust for convenient braking.

Best for Durability - Raybestos Element3 Brake Rotors

Element3 Brake Rotors is made with an hybrid of materials to boost wear resistance.

Best for Ease of Installation - Raybestos FRC13041N Brake Caliper

This brake pad includes all the accessories required to carry out a seamless installation.

Best for Budget - Raybestos EHT1194H Element3 Pads

The Raybestos pads are one of the best lowly-priced brake pads available.

Explanation & Review Guide of the Best Raybestos Element3

1. Raybestos EHT1679H Enhanced Technology Friction Pads Brake Pad Set

Raybestos EHT1679H Enhanced Technology Friction Pads Brake Pad Set

When it comes to durability and responsiveness, the EHT1697H brake pads stand out. This brake pad is a hybrid of ceramic and semi-metallic material to provide enhanced braking power. Apart from that, these materials ensure you use the pad for an extended time.

Thanks to the hybrid technology formulations, EHT1697H produces low-dust and quiet braking performance. This means you get to ride with the optimal comfort.

Not only that, Raybestos EHT1697H Enhanced Technology Friction Brake Pads works in all road conditions and temperature, regardless of the heat level. Its unique engineering is superb and allows the driver to exert maximum control of their vehicles.

While testing these great hybrid pads, I became impressed with their extensive range of applications and hardware. It's wear-resistant and comes with an epoxy coating to withstand friction and rust.  

Additionally, the pad is easy to install, as it includes all the required hardware. It is compatible with many vehicles, so there's a chance that the product will fit into your car without any hassle.

However, this set of pads are only produced for the rear brakes and not the front. That makes choosing this set unsuitable for people looking for an option that consists of both the front and rear brake pads.

2. Raybestos EHT1898 Enhanced Hybrid Technology Brake Pad Set

Raybestos EHT1898 Enhanced Hybrid Technology Brake Pad Set

If you want brake pads that delivers a quiet braking performance at a super affordable price, you should consider EHT1898 Enhanced Hybrid Technology.

These hybrid brake pads are comprise materials like ceramic and are formulated to offer unparalleled stopping power. These materials prolong the lifespan of the pads and provide high durability.

With superior low-noise shims, the pads allow you to enjoy your ride comfortably. The shims also possess a noise-damping system that enhances near-silent stops.

Unlike some brake pads, this set works well in high-heat temperatures, thanks to the formulations and high-resistive steel hardware. They also absorb heat a great deal, making them suitable for heavy-duty use.

EHT1898 is also resistant to friction, thanks to the low copper used in making a few parts of the pads. This enhances movement and improves braking tremendously.

The premium-grade set is also straightforward to install. It includes hardware like Abutment clips, piston clips, anti-rattle clips, and spreader springs to facilitate the installation process.

The set isn't a universal fit, so you might have compatibility issues when installing. Ensure you verify the product before purchasing it to improve the braking power.

3. Raybestos Element3 Brake Rotors


Raybestos Element3 Brake Rotors are durable rotating components that help maximize a vehicle's stopping power.

This rotor is adequately coated with a proprietary Grey Fusion 4.0 material to delay rust formations and prevent corrosion and friction. Also, the rotor is manufactured with good-quality material, ensuring that it functions at great capacity.

This rotor design enhances durability, prolonging its lifespan for more use. It creates no pulsation, less brake noise, and offers a balanced operation.

I love this product's minimal thickness and lightweight. It makes it easy for the rotor to slip into the brake assembly. 

Plus, it enhances better maneuverability since the rotor is light. Consequently, this provides more balance, reduces vibration, and ensures you brake smoothly.

The Element3 rotor is adequately machined. However, my team thinks it's a tad too machined.

Should it need sharpening, you may not machine it further for long, as it may exceed its minimum thickness. When it exceeds this minimum thickness, the rotor would be unsafe to use.

Generally, the rotor is efficient, and its affordable price tag is applaudable, compared to other rotors with similar specifications.

4. Raybestos FRC13041N Brake Caliper


If you need a sturdily made caliper for extensive protection to the brakes, you should consider buying the Raybestos Element3 Calipers.

These quality plated calipers, developed by Raybestosz, are engineered to offer advanced protection and enhanced braking ability.

They exceed OEM specifications, so performance, safety, and durability are all guaranteed.

You can use the product for various applications. And it can work in high-heat environments and is used for heavy-duty purposes.

The caliper's hardware is also durably made. The housings and brackets have cast-iron and rubber build to offer enhanced corrosion resistance. This caliper can last for a long time before you can start thinking of a replacement.

The brake caliper is friction and heat-resistant as well. This maximizes performance and offers increased durability.

Because of the platings, the Element3 caliper is a little heavy. However, its weight won't hamper performance.

5. Raybestos EHT1194H Element3 Pads

Raybestos Element 3 Pads

Durability and performance-wise, this is another set of brake pads from Raybestos that offer a superb braking capability at an affordable price.

Like other brake pads on this list, the Element3 pads are constructed with ceramic and semi-metallic formulations. This material fusion boosts not only the product's durability but performance as well.

One thing I love about the product is its ease of installation. Apart from including all the necessary accessories, EHT1194H is a universal fit and can fit into almost all automobile models seamlessly.

Additionally, the pad includes well-designed shims to minimize braking vibrations, noise, and harshness. You get to stop without any uncomfortable sound from the brakes.

My team was impressed with the addition of the wear sensors. This ensures you are updated with the conditions of the pads. And it helps you to determine if the pad is due for a change or not.

My team of experts encountered no issue with the set of pads, except that it produced some specks of dust. Other than that, the brake pad worked exceptionally well.

6. Raybestos PGD52M Professional Grade Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set

Raybestos PGD52M Professional Grade Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set

This brake pad set is built with (semi-metallic) materials that deliver premium performance and provide safe braking.

The set is highly durable, thanks to the material used. This boosts the vehicle’s responsiveness and ensures it stops quite rapidly.

In addition to their super responsiveness, the brake pad set is quiet and produces no vibrations.

When buying this set, you get well-made shims, which help to reduce braking noise and vibrations. Consequently, this results in a more comfortable ride.

Best of all, PGD52M has excellent fitting. The set fits both older vehicles and newer models. This is commendable, considering that most modern brake pads are only designed for newer models.

Although the pad set work well with both old and newer car models, installing them is challenging. The brake pad set is relatively thick, making it harder to install in some vehicles than others. However, this is not too big of a problem, as you’ll end up installing them nevertheless.

If you have an older vehicle parked in your garage and you want replacement brake pads for it, I recommend this set of brake pads.

Following Buying Guide of Raybestos Element3

Buying replacement brake pads is not the easiest of tasks. You will be confronted with different products, resulting in making some wrong decisions.

This Raybestos Element3 review will discuss the factors that you should examine beforehand.


The first thing you need to ascertain is the type of material used in making such brake pads. The material used has a tremendous influence on the overall performance of the brake pad.

Ceramic and semi-metallic are two common materials that are used in making Raybestos Element3 brake pads. Although semi-metallic is highly durable, ceramic is better. It's more wear-resistant, lasts longer, and ultra-quiet.

You should also consider if the brake pad is coated or an alloy. This extra coating boosts performance and durability.


If the brake pad isn't compatible, performance is negatively impacted, and responsiveness is lost. This may lead to accidents and affect other braking components.

You should always choose compatible Raybestos Element3 brake pads, caliper, and discs for the best performance. If they fit right, your vehicle will be more responsive in making quick stoppings.

Noise Level

As brake materials impact performance, they also produce different noise levels. Some brake materials are noisier than others. For example, ceramic materials typically produce lesser noise than semi-metallic.

If you fancy braking with the least noise level, you should opt for ceramic brake pads rather than semi-metallic.


Every buyer has a budget, and not every buyer budgets heavily. Besides, buying the most expensive product doesn't always it's the best.

When buying a Raybestos Element Brake Pad, consider the price, and then ensure it meets your budget and needs.


Most times, a product's warranty is a testament to how durable the product's parts are. Brake pads with lengthy warranties often tell that the product will last for a long time. When buying, you should go for products with a long warranty.

Raybestos Element3 Premium Brake Line

Raybestos Element3 Premium Brake Line offers optimal incomparable braking control. This line of brake pads has full premium features that offer a comfortable driving experience.

Element3 Automotive Brake Pads

Element3 Automotive Brake Pads are a professional-grade hybrid pad formulated with ceramic and semi-metallic materials for best control. These brake pads operate quietly, have low brake dust and vibrations.

Element3 is easy to install, as it comes with shims and stainless hardware to make the process smooth.

Element3 Coated Rotors

Element3 Coated Rotors are exceptionally durable components that aid the brake pads in enforcing stopping, as elaborated in this Raybestos Element3 rotor review.

These coated rotors offer better durability than uncoated rotors because they are less susceptible to heat.

Heat impacts the performance of brake rotors negatively. But with coated rotors, heat exposure is reduced to the barest, and braking performance is enhanced.

Element3 New Plated Brake Calipers

Element3 New Plated Brake Calipers are calipers coated with zinc plating materials. Sometimes, they are also coated with rubber platings.

Plated calipers offer more durability and enhance resistance against heat and chemicals, as explained in the Raybestos Element3 caliper review.

Since the caliper is coated with zinc and rubber materials, direct contact with the brake pads is minimized, maximizing the product's lifespan.

The brake calipers survive in a high-heat environment and are resistant to corrosion, friction, and fading.

Element3 Hydraulics

Raybestos Element3 Hydraulics, also known as Master Cylinders, is an innovatively-designed part manufactured to fit into the braking assembly. It consists of quality components that meet OE specifications for safe use.

Additionally, they are easy to install, super durable, and are reliable. Thanks to their designs; these hydraulics deliver consistent performance.

Raybestos Expands Element3 Caliper Coverage

Raybestos Expands Element3 Caliper Coverage is another line of Raybestos brake pads designed for SUVs and trucks.

This brake pads line is re-engineered to offer optimal performance and safe braking for the users at low-cost prices. They come with aluminum and zinc castings to offer superior resistance to wear and rust.

Additionally, they offer straightforward installation. And due to their formulations, they are most ideal for high-level road applications. This includes carrying goods and taking vehicles.

Opinions About Raybestos Element3 Hybrid Technology Brake Pads

There have been numerous opinions regarding the use of Raybestos Element3 Hybrid Technology Brake Pads.

Most customers who have used this particular brake pads brand said that the brake pad provided them with an outstanding braking experience.

Others commented by stating how compatible the brake pad was, how they fit into different automobiles seamlessly without forcing them inside. They also extolled the low dust and vibration performance of the brake pads.

One customer said the Raybestos Element3 Brake Pads are the best aftermarket brake pads and described the pads as close to OEM models. The ceramic and semi-metallic models offer excellent service and even have unique braking power.

Generally, customers who used Raybestos had nothing but great comments about the product.

Raybestos Element3 Vs. R Line

Raybestos R-Line is another line of brake pads produced by Raybestos. This line of brake pads and braking components offer outstanding braking capability that automobile owners would love.

There are no differences between the Element3 and the R-Line. Both lines of brake pads offer ceramic and semi-metallic formulations. Additionally, Element3 and the R-Line meet OE specifications. They feature slots and chamfers, allowing the release of gases for noiseless operations.

Raybestos Element3 Vs. Wagner ThermoQuiet

Wagner is another great brake pad company that manufactures excellent and durable brake components.

What makes the Wagner ThermoQuiet great is that it's made with low copper technology. This low copper technology offers 35% quieter operation than most brake pads out there.

Compared to Raybestos Element3, Wagner ThermoQuiet offers lower noise and will last longer. However, they are more expensive than Raybestos Element3.

What Are Raybestos Hybrid Pads?

Raybestos Hybrid Pads are brake pads that feature advanced technological braking elements and ceramic and semi-metallic formulations to deliver exceptional performance.

They possess increased braking power that makes them usable in high-heat environments.

Raybestos Hybrid brake pads have noise reduction capabilities due to the fusion of the materials. In addition to that, these materials make the hybrid pads highly durable, wear-resistant, and rust-free.

Raybestos Element3 Review - Discovering Raybestos Element3!

Raybestos Element3 Review (FAQs)

1. Are Raybestos Brake Pads any good?

Raybestos Brake Pads are excellent. These hybrid brake pads are expertly designed and quiet, ensuring your ride with utmost comfort. They also produce low dust than others within their price range and can be used in a high-heat environment. 

2. Where are Raybestos Brake Pads made?

Raybestos Brake Pads are made in China and Taiwan, as they have manufacturing plants there. However, Raybestos is headquartered in McHenry, Illinois, United States.

3. How do you break in Raybestos Brake Pads?

To break in Raybestos Brake Pads, you need to drive as easy as possible for the first 300 - 600 miles after installing them. This gives them time to adapt to their new brake environment to work effectively with the rotor.

4. Who owns Raybestos?

Raybestos is an aftermarket brand that Brake Parts Inc owns. It is a leading aftermarket brake pad company that has been in existence for over three decades.

5. How long do painted calipers last?

Painted calipers last for approximately three to four years. However, it depends on how well painted the calipers are, but a quality painted one will last for a long time.

Final Words & Recommendation

Defective brake components will hamper performance and affect your safety. Therefore, you should use the best braking components to maximize stopping power and improve your comfort while braking.

Thankfully, these Raybestos Element3 Reviews have provided the best brake pads, rotors, and other braking components that would replace the worn-out parts in your car. They are easy to install, quiet, and wears resistant.

However, my top choice is the Raybestos EHT1679H Enhanced Technology Friction Pads Brake Pad Set. This brake pad is sturdily built, resistant to wear, and is easy to install. Considering the features, I rate this product 4.7/5.

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