How Far Can I Drive On A Run Flat Tire

Run flat tires are built with safety in mind, which is why they can run when punctured. So you can control your vehicle and continue driving with a run flat tire. But how long can you drive with a run flat tire? Even though none of us is planning to run the longest distance on a run flat tire, it is safe to ask how far one can drive with one.

In this article we will be addressing how long you can drive on flat tires and other safety measures you can use to keep you on edge.

What is a Run Flat Tire?

Run flat tires are tires with firm sidewalls. They are built with safety in mind as the firm sidewalls allow the tire to keep operating even once all the air is out. This makes it easy for the driver to control the vehicle and continue driving for a limited amount of time. While the conventional car requires air to stay hard, the run flat tire can stay rigid without any air pressure.

Run flat tires are made from the same rubber compounds like the conventional tires, giving them the same durability and lasting power. However, run flat tires have reinforced compounds within the sidewall, which give them more edge to run even when the air is out.

How Long Can You Drive on a Run-Flat Tire?

When you have limited mobility and have lost full pressure, you can drive your run flat tire for 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. You must know that this distance depends a great deal on weather, vehicle load, road type, speed and driving pattern of the driver.

To find out exactly what your run flat tires’ maximum drivable distance and speed is, check the information on the tire sidewall or speak to tire professionals to advise you further.

Avoiding driving over the maximum permitted speed and distance specified for your run flat tire. This will also minimise the risk to other road users and the risk of being issued with a fine and/or penalty points.

What If My Run Flat Tire Gets a Puncture?

The best option is to get your flat tire replaced when it has been punctured. Although run flat tires are designed to get you home or to the nearest garage, it is advised to avoid driving at a high speed or for long distances.

Although the quality of run flat tires varies with manufacturers as some flat tires can handle driving up to a maximum speed of 55mph. However, experts advise driving at a limited speed and no further than 50 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How far can you drive on a BMW run flat tire?

Up to 50 miles. Almost all BMW comes with a standard run flat tire which makes it easy to drive on the flat for up to 50 miles.

Can you puncture run flat tires?

Yes, you can puncture run flat tires. That’s because their main aim is to prevent disasters when puncture occurs, and to prevent any unforeseen.
So, if you puncture your run flat tire, the reinforced sidewalls will give you time to get to the garage or a safe place where you can get a new replacement.

What is the range on a run-flat tire?

There is no definite speed range to drive when running on your run flat tire, ensure to reduce your speed to a maximum of 50 mph. also do not drive on your run-flat tire for more than 50 miles.

Can I drive on a run-flat tire?

Yes, the reinforced sidewalls on run flat makes it usable even at 0 psi.

Why do run-flat tires run out so fast?

Run flat tires run out fast because of the soft tread compound used on the inside. They are also liable to blowouts which also tends to reduce its lifespan.

Wrap Up!

How long you can drive on a long flat tire is greatly influenced by speed, driving style, weather condition, type of road, vehicle load, and tire condition. If you are driving on full pressure and on short distance, you can drive your run flat for up to 50 miles with a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.

John D. Archer