Detroit Axle Wheel Bearing Review: Great Performing Parts At Inexpensive Prices

An indispensable car component that’s often overlooked is the wheel bearing.

It is a group of balls held bonded in a metal ring. This part attaches snuggly inside the wheel hub and rotates on an axle shaft, helping the vehicle’s wheels move expertly.

The lack of a wheel bearing can make the car’s wheels difficult to move and expose the hub and other assemblies to friction and damage.

The bearing can wear out and will need an immediate replacement. However, the influx of underperforming products from unreliable brands makes decision-making complicated.

Thankfully, these Detroit Axle wheel bearing reviews will discuss the best wheel bearings for your cars.

Top Pick Section

Best for Overall Performance - Detroit Axle 4WD 515036 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly 6LUG 2PC Set

Detroit Axle 4WD bearing is highly durable and abrasion-resistant, boosting the overall performance of the wheel in all road conditions.

Best for Easy Installation - Detroit Axle - Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

This wheel hub and bearing assembly include all the accessories needed to install the part comfortably in the wheel assembly.

Best Affordable Wheel Bearing - Detroit Axle 515096 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly 2PC Set for 4WD

Although this set comes with excellent features, it costs less than the average price of a wheel bearing, making it affordable.

Best for Durability - Moog 515058 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

The wheel and hub assembly is made with a premium, superior steel material that offers advanced protection and resistance to abrasion, rust, and vibration.

Types of Wheel Bearings

Here are the three types of wheel bearings available in a vehicle's wheels.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are the most famous types of wheel bearings. They are exceptionally versatile and come at super affordable prices, making them every driver's favorite.

This type of ball bearing is mostly found on roller skates and regular cars.

Precision Ball Bearings

These bearings have low heat dissipation, work under any pressure, and are known for their high-speed rotation.

Precision ball bearings are mostly used in racing cars, jets, and airplanes.

Roller Bearings

These wheel bearings are not super versatile but can handle radial load expertly, making them suitable for hand truck wheels.

Reviews of the Best Detroit Axle Wheel Bearing

The Detroit Axle 4WD 515036 6LUG 2PC set is an excellent wheel bearing to replace the worn-out part in your vehicle for better rotation speed.

Durability-wise, 4WD 515036 hub assembly is up to par. It's manufactured with excellent steel material that makes it suitable for all weather conditions, irrespective of its adverseness. It's abrasion-resistant, so you don't have to worry when you are caught up in a bit of rough weather condition.

This part is designed to offer comfort and help drivers experience a true driving experience at its best. It's built to standard and ISO-certified, meaning the quality is uncompromised and performance will be nothing short of consistent.

This wheel bearing part is also compatible with several car models. It fits into sedans, trucks, and SUVs without having to force it into the wheel assembly.

The wheel bearing consists of two sets of hub assembly - one that should be installed on the front driver's side and the other for the passenger side.

The issue with 4WD 515036 assembly part is its lifespan. It may not last for an extended time as you would expect, often resulting in buying a replacement part quicker than expected.

Despite its relatively short lifespan, this wheel bearing assembly delivers an impressive, and powerful performance, compared to others within its price range.

2. Detroit Axle - Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

Detroit Axle - Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

Owners of vehicles like Allure, Century, Lacrosse, and Cardillac find Front Wheel Hub and Bearing the perfect replacement for worn-out bearings.

This high-quality wheel bearing is made with the best steel material for durability and reliability. Its construction is top-notch, and when you install this product, you will experience an exceptional rotation performance.

This set includes an ABS sensor wire, five lug nuts, and other accessories that ensure the installation process isn't complicated. You will be able to install this set in minutes, regardless of your expertise level.

The bearing set comes with a good warranty which covers the product from the point of purchase. Also, Detroit Axle has excellent customer service support, so any complaint forwarded to them regarding your purchase will get an immediate response.

However, this bearing set isn't compatible with newer cars. The wheel bearing won't fit into car models manufactured after the year 2008.

Another downside of the wheel bearing set is the ABS sensor wire isn't designed with the most durable material. You will likely replace it after a while.

3. Detroit Axle 515096 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly 2PC Set for 4WD

Detroit Axle 515096 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly 2pc Set

If you want an excellent and top-quality wheel bearing for your 4WD, then the 515096 2PC set is a great option for you.

This wheel bearing is designed to fit into the front wheels of vehicles. It includes an ABS sensor wire, six studs, mating bolt holes made to fit into a wide range of SUVs and trucks. Plus, the installation process is straightforward, discarding the need to hire a professional's services.

The studs' tradeoff is that they are relatively fragile, and the ABS sensor may not harmonize with your vehicle. So it's imperative that you properly test it before purchasing.

515096's extended warranty makes it worth investing in. Should anything go wrong with the parts due to any defect, you can reach out to the company, and they will replace it within the shortest possible time. This is also proof of their amazing customer service responsiveness and delivery.

The price tag on it is quite affordable. Two sets of wheel bearing and a hub for such a price is a great bargain.

This part is undoubtedly an excellent alternative for buyers looking for quality, affordable wheel bearing parts.

With the 515096 2PC sets installed in your GMC, Chevrolet, or Cardillac, your vehicle's wheels will rotate perfectly. It's super responsive, making it stand out amongst other bearing parts.

4. Moog 515058 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

MOOG 515058 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

If you want a wheel bearing that will offer long years of service, Moog 515058 Assembly is an ideal replacement part.

This wheel bearing is designed with superior and strong materials to ensure your vehicle's movement isn't hampered. The components have been rigorously tested beforehand to minimize heat and rotation stress.

Moog 515058 offers advanced protection and resistance to abrasion and vibration, thanks to the coated wheel studs. This also prevents the wheel hub and bearings from rusting, further enhancing durability.

Installing this replacement part is very seamless. I had no issue installing it, as the parts are well-defined and include accessories, such as an ABS wire, stud bolts that made the installation process smooth.

The ABS cord is made from a strong material that enhances performance.

This replacement part, however, isn't compatible with many vehicles. Therefore, you need to confirm its compatibility with your car before purchasing it. The part is also expensive, which may scare off budget-conscious buyers.

The product is properly shielded to offer optimal defense against rust and contamination for increased output.

Overall, this wheel bearing part is outstanding in performance delivery, and longevity, as evident in this Moog wheel bearing review.

5. Motorman 513121 Front ABS Wheel Hub and Bearing Set

MOTORMAN 513121 Front ABS Wheel Hub and Bearing Set - Both Left and Right

Motorman 513121 Front ABS includes most accessories that you need to install in your vehicle without any issues.

The hub and the bearing set is distinctively designed to fit into the front wheel of your vehicle, whether it's a 2WD or 4WD. However, the product needs an air brake system (ABS) wire before you can install it. You don't need to worry about that because the ABS wire is included in the package, saving you the costs of purchasing it separately.

This bearing's durability is top-notch, as it's made with high-quality steel material to ensure they don't break under high pressure. Moreover, the wheel hub and bearing set has undergone several testing processes to ensure it's strong and can withstand extreme temperatures.

When you buy this product, you receive a one-year warranty. This means you get complete services and the best guarantee on mileage during the warranty period, regardless of the temperature.

The price is unbelievably affordable despite the features and quality of this premium-quality wheel hub. Customers don't need to break the bank before they can afford a durable replacement part that will last for a long time.

Accessories included in the package comprises an industrial-standard set, bolt wheel assembly, ABS wiring, front-end assembly, and lug bolt wheel assembly.

6. ECCPP 513121 Wheel Bearing Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

ECCPP 513121 Wheel Bearing Hub Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly Allure, Aurora

ECCPP is one of the topmost brands that you can trust for durable and top-quality wheel bearings.

ECCPP 513121 Hub and Bearing Assembly is an excellent replacement part that offers the support and performance that your vehicle needs.

This wheel bearing unit is designed with premium-quality materials to offer more durability, performance, and exact rotation response. Plus, it comes with a seal to prevent it from accumulating dust, debris, and other things that can reduce its performance.

The product is highly versatile, and its compatibility with most car types is applaudable. Also, it's easy to install and fits a wide range of vehicles, such as sedans and SUVs.

When installed, the ECCPP wheel bearing ensures that corrosion and vibrations are kept at bay, allowing the vehicle to move smoothly and efficiently. It also offers support to other components within the assembly, maximizing the overall car's performance.

The downside of this product is you may likely experience some clunking noise from the wheels after a few months of use, especially when driving under pressure. The wheel bearing is not the most ideal for use in heavy-duty vehicles or long-distance driving.

7. Timken SP580310 Preset Greased and Pre-sealed Wheel Bearing

TIMKEN SP580310 Preset, Greased and Pre-Sealed

Timken is one of the best brands for making wheel bearings, and it's no surprise that SP580310 makes it to this list. The wheel bearing's quality is exceptional and betters most wheel bearings with similar specifications and prices.

Timken doesn’t compromise quality and performance, and that’s why they use the best materials to make their products.

This wheel bearing offers increased durability and performance, thanks to the alloy steel material used in manufacturing them. Also, it includes a special speed sensor in the hub that monitors speed, ensuring you don't run into issues while driving the car.

Installing Timken SP580310 helps control friction, noise, and vibrations, commonly associated with a faulty wheel bearing.

The bearing is specially coated with some seals to prevent rust and contamination, elongating the lifespan.

Although this product is great and comes with excellent features, it's slightly costly. You may get other wheel bearings on this list for a lower price.

Besides, the speed sensor wire isn't made with the best material. The sensor may likely develop a fault after covering some mileage, thus sending the ABS's wrong signals.

I advise that you change the speed sensor whenever you notice anything out of the ordinary. Else, your vehicle could experience a brake failure.

8. ACDelco 513214 Advantage Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

ACDelco 513214 Advantage Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

ACDelco is another famous brand for manufacturing excellent car replacement parts, including wheel bearings. The company has been around for decades and are known for their exceptional innovations and quality.

513214 Advantage Assembly is designed professionally with the right material for premium performance. If you want an affordable replacement for the worn-out bearing in your vehicle, I suggest you cash in on this bearing assembly.

This wheel hub and bearing work smoothly and quietly, thanks to the high carbon steel used in making the part. You can drive your vehicle without experiencing any noise or vibration.

The wheel bearing part also includes dual ball elements, sealed to keep pollution and contamination at the minimum. This ensures that you use it for a longer period.

Furthermore, 513214 Advantage Assembly meets OEM specifications and the industry's standard, further assuring customers of the product's safety. Plus, they work with ABS and are compatible with many Chevrolet models.

This part, however, may not be ideal for your vehicle if it isn't Chevrolet.

9. Timken SP500301 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

 Timken SP500301 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

This is another top-quality wheel bearing from Timken that ensures you have a smooth driving experience.

If you are looking for an excellent wheel bearing replacement part for your 4WD, you should consider this product.

Timken SP500301 fits into all 4WD, and with the right installation tool, you can replace the worn-out bearing in your vehicle seamlessly.

It's relatively lightweight yet designed to contain your automobile's heavy load, thanks to the solid steel material. The steel material prolongs the product's lifespan and offers better resistance against adverse temperature and extreme road conditions.

The product comes with a special coating to prevent the part from rusting, and the part is tough and can withstand any pressure. Plus, it comes with a seal to enhance lubrication and protect the bearing from friction and contamination.

Like other Timken wheel bearings, SP500301 comes with a speed sensor, ensuring consistency is maintained. This Timken product drastically minimizes noise and vibrations in your vehicle, resulting in improved performance.

Despite the product’s quality, you should be wary of the speed sensor, as it’s prone to damage.

Things to Consider Before When Buying Detroit Axle Wheel Bearing

Buying a Detroit Axle wheel bearing requires that you understand certain factors and conduct research.

There are tons of substandard and incompatible products out there, and knowing how to distinguish a fake one from a quality one is integral.

Below are essential factors you should consider before purchasing.

Manufacturer or Brand

Knowing the brand of the product, you're buying and where it's manufactured is essential. This helps determine if the product is solid, good-quality, comes with a warranty, and fit cars produced overseas. Fortunately, all Detroit Axle wheel bearings here are reliable and have the best warranty.


Several car models are abundant in today's market, so are the different sizes and types of wheel bearings. This means that there are no universal wheel bearings.

Before buying any Detroit Axle wheel bearing, you need to ensure that the bearing fits into your vehicle.

Look up the specifications and determine if it’s the perfect fit or not.


The thumb rule suggests that the average lifespan of a wheel bearing is approximately up to 160,000km. However, most wheel bearings don't last long because of the substandard materials used in designing them.

Most wheel bearings are made with steel, but steel differs. You should know the steel type used, as it can affect the bearing's durability and ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure.


The price of replacing a wheel bearing vary and can be costly. However, being expensive doesn't always guarantee the best performance, so I advise you to get a wheel bearing with the best features that suit your budget.

Compare the prices and specifications of each Detroit Axle wheel bearings to come up with the best choice.

How Do You Install Detroit Axle Wheel Bearing

To install Detroit Axle wheel bearing, you need the following tools;

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stand
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Straight-edge screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ensure you park the vehicle on a level surface.
  2. If you’re installing the bearing in the rear hub, place a wheel clock in front of the wheels. Do the opposite if it’s the front hub you are working on.
  3. Loosen the nuts on the hub’s wheel but don’t remove them.
  4. Jack up the wheel with a floor jack and support the vehicle with a jack stand.
  5. Now, remove the loosened lug nuts and the wheel.
  6. Remove the caliper bolts with a ratchet.
  7. Take the caliper off carefully by prying it with a screwdriver. Support the caliper with a cord to avoid dangling.
  8. If the caliper has bridge bolts, remove them as well. Sometimes, it can be difficult to remove, so I advise that you hit it with a ratchet to break them loose.
  9. Gently remove the rotor. It might get stuck, so use a rubber mallet to hit it to loosen its hold.
  10. Disengage all ABS wires around the hub assembly by unclipping them from the plug.
  11. With a ratchet and socket, take out the spindle nut and the washer.
  12. In the bearing assembly, locate the knuckle and loosen the bolts behind it with a ratchet and socket. You have to be careful while doing this.
  13. Install a slide hammer in between the studs and tighten with lug nuts to remove the hub bearing. Take note of how the backing plate and other components are installed so that you can replace them correctly when coupling.
  14. If the knuckle is rusty, take your time to sand it off with 120-grit sandpaper properly.
  15. Put the backing plate into its position and install the new bearing on the knuckle. You must correctly line up the bearing with the spindle nut and washer.
  16. Attach the assembly bolts and make them as tight as you can.
  17. Put the brakes back in their original position and plug the ABS lines back on the plug.
  18. Reattach the tire, tighten the lug nuts, and remove the jacks.
  19. Take out the wheel clock.

Why I Chose Detroit Axle Wheel Bearing?

Detroit Axle has a proven track record for making some of the best automobile parts in the industry. The American company has built a long-standing relationship with customers worldwide by manufacturing and distributing high-quality parts.

Detroit Axle wheel bearing is another vehicle part designed impeccably to fit into most vehicle models, as described in this Detroit Axle wheel bearing review. The wheel component delivers a sterling performance in providing stability to cars and ensuring the wheels move accordingly.

They also ensure their products are adequately run and tested before being released into the market.

With this wheel bearing installed in your vehicles' wheel hub, you don't need to be scared of them breaking down when the temperature fluctuates.

They are designed with the best steel to maximize durability and ensure adequate protection against high pressure and temperature.

I also chose Detroit Axle wheel bearing because of the long years of warranty they come with. This means you can use the product for a lifetime without any issue, minimizing the costs of frequent replacements.

Should your product arrive defective within the warranty period, you can email the seller, and the company will fix your issue immediately.

How Do You Check for Bad Wheel Bearings?

Below are signs of bad wheel bearings that suggests you need to replace them.

Grinding Noise

Clunking or grinding noise is the most identifiable sign of a bad wheel bearing. The grinding noise from the wheels, especially when accelerating, suggests that you should check the bearing.

Vibrations at Accelerated Speeds

Ensuring the car's stability when on the road is one of the importance of a wheel bearing. With a faulty wheel bearing, you may experience frequent vibrations when accelerating at high speeds.

Loose Steering Wheel

If a wheel bearing is faulty, the car’s looseness becomes apparent and will feel loose as you steer it. In essence, the steering power of the car will be compromised, resulting in its precision loss.

Car Swerving

When a car pulls or veers in a different direction without your control, you should check the wheel bearing. It might be worn-out and may need replacement.

Uneven Wear

This is something you have to check yourself occasionally. If the tires are worn-out, you should examine the bearings.

What Manufacturer Makes the Best Wheel Bearings?

Manufacturers like Timken, Moog, Detroit Axle, ACDelco, and ECCPP make up the best wheel bearing hub assembly brand globally.

They are reliable and have been around for several years. The manufacturers use premium materials to make their products, which is why they last for an extended time, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Their wheel bearings are also affordable, which makes them top choices for budget-conscious buyers.

Are Detroit Axle Wheel Bearings Any Good?

Detroit Axle wheel bearings are some of the best available in the market.

The bearings are designed with sturdy materials to enhance durability. Plus, they are made to fit all car types, whether a 4WD or 2WD.

The bearings are also very lightweight, so there is no adding of extra weight to the wheels. This improves the vehicle's wheels' movement and maintains stability.

Detroit Axle wheel bearings work great in adverse conditions and offer increased abrasion resistance by smoothly running the ABS.

Power Stop Brake Calipers Reviews (FAQs)

Learn more about Detroit Axle wheel bearings through this review. Find answers to common questions such as what makes Detroit Axle wheel bearings stand out, their compatibility with different vehicle models, and the durability of the product.

Gain insight on how these wheel bearings can improve your vehicle's performance and safety.

Does wheel bearing brand matter?

Yes, wheel bearing brand matters a great deal.

Buying the wrong wheel bearing or from an unreliable brand will jeopardize your safety and may damage other components in your vehicle.

How do you know if you have a bad axle bearing?

You know if you have a bad axle bearing by the grinding or clunking noise that the wheels produce.

If you notice this grinding noise, especially when the vehicle accelerates, it means that you have a bad axle bearing.

Other ways to know if you have a bad axle bearing are your car's looseness when driving and the vehicle's swerves when making turns.

How long does it take a mechanic to change a wheel bearing?

It takes a mechanic about an hour at least for a mechanic to change a wheel bearing. Changing it involves removing the knuckles and replacing the bearing with a new one.

Do wheel bearings affect brakes?

Yes, wheel bearings affect brakes.

Wheel bearings function to hold the brake rotors in place and aligned. If the bearings are loose or faulty, the rotor will become unstable and wobble. This wobbliness displaces the caliper piston, causing a spongy brake pedal.

What happens if you don’t change a bad wheel bearing?

If you don’t change a bad wheel bearing, you could end up sustaining a severe injury or losing your life in a road accident.

A bad wheel bearing can also damage other components in the vehicle, escalating replacement parts costs.

Final Words & Recommendation

Investing in a premium-quality wheel bearing positively impacts your vehicle’s movement. Also, it adds more value, enhance stability, and safety, as explained in this Detroit Axle wheel bearing review.

My top choice is the Detroit Axle 4WD 515036 Front Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly 6LUG 2PC Set.

This product is straightforward to install and has no fitment issues, as it fits a wide range of car types.

Also, it is lightweight, ensuring you have no issue with steering the vehicle from one place to another.

More importantly, it’s affordable and a superb option for budget-conscious buyers. Therefore, I rate this wheel bearing 4.8/5.

Would you like to purchase this product? Click here now!