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The Causes of Locked Wheel Skids

If you’ve ever been driving on a wet or icy road and felt your wheels start to slip, you know how scary it can be. Your heart races as you lose control of the car, and all you can think about is the possibility of crashing. But don’t panic! In most cases, locked wheel skids are […]

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How to Clean Brake Fluid in 5 Easy Steps

Table of Contents 1What is Brake Fluid and What Does It Do?2How to Identify if Your Brake Fluid Needs to be Replaced3How Brake Fluid Damages Car Paint?4The Length of Time Needed to Cause Brake Fluid Damage5The Effects of Brake Fluid on Car Paint6How Can I Fix Brake Fluid Damage?7Tips for Keeping Your Brakes in Good […]

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Why are My Brakes Pumping When I Stop?

You’re driving along and suddenly you have to brake hard. You press down on the pedal and…nothing happens. You pump the brakes and finally the car slows down. What’s going on? Is there something wrong with your brakes? The good news is that if your brakes are pumping when you stop, it’s probably not a sign […]

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