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How to Adjust Drum Brakes

Four-wheeled vehicles used to have all of their brakes as drum brakes formerly. But, with the coming of disc brakes, drum brakes are sometimes used only in the rotor of the rear wheels or are not used at all. Jump on How to Adjust Drum Brakes How To Adjust Drum BrakesHow To Adjust New Electric […]

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How To Use Brake Cleaner

Without the brake, riding a car becomes very detrimental. The airbags and other parts of the car are as good as useless as the brake is the essential component of a vehicle. However, the importance of the brake system makes it paramount to be maintained to ensure proper functioning and safety. Brake cleaner is one of […]

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How to Adjust Trailer Brake

Many people have no idea that they should adjust their brakes at least once or twice a year. However, being able to adjust trailer brakes increases functionality and effectiveness. Adjusting your brake depends on the frequency of usage and function. After traveling for a long time, primarily through hilly or rocky areas, setting the brake will […]

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How to change front rotors on ford f150 4×4

Every vehicle has its ups and downs. Wear and tear of trucks have their effect on your brake rotors and other brake systems. When replacing your rotors, it is best to repair all other braking components, like the pads, drums or discs and bearings.  Jump on How to change front rotors on ford f150 4×4 […]

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