Top 7 Bendix Brakes Review - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

Wanting durable and dependable brakes for one's vehicle is only normal. We get it, not most brands offer these facilities. And hence, they cannot be trusted. But fret not. Bendix is a brand that offers everything that you will possibly need to get your car a perfect braking system.

Whether you want brakes that ensure smooth stops or ones that will last for quite a while, you will get it all here. What’s more, they come at a very affordable price range!

However, even if you feel like you don’t know enough about this brand or about brakes to get yourself the right ones, there’s nothing to worry about. In this Bendix brakes review, you will be provided with every information that you will need.


Our Top Picks 7 Best Bendix Brakes Review

More or less, every model mentioned here delivers incredible services to its users. However, some would be more suitable for your car than others. Hence, detailed information regarding their uses and features is provided here to help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

Bendix Brakes 677

For safe and pleasant driving, you would want to rely on trustworthy brakes. But not all brands offer such dependability. Hence, here is a great tool for you, which is both reliable and trustworthy.

Afraid of applying the brakes too hard when traveling at high speed? Well, with this tool, there is no need to be afraid anymore. You can stop anywhere you want, at any speed you want. You will experience a safe and smooth brake nonetheless.

Moreover, this product is very environmentally friendly. It contains no copper components. This means it will not contribute to pollution in any way. On the other hand, it is built with other materials, which are both good for the environment and heavy-duty.

If brake squeaks bother you usually, then this is not the right product for you. It makes noises when the vehicle comes to a stop. There is no chance of avoiding that. Hence, you should consider all the factors before choosing the tool.

Pros & Cons of Bendix Brakes 677

The good

  • Can stop the vehicle safely at any speed
  • Delivers smooth stops
  • Environmental friendly
  • Built using heavy-duty materials

The Bad

  • Makes noises when the brakes are applied

Bendix Brakes 872

If you are looking for a product that is worth the price, then you just got lucky. This product delivers an incredible performance, which is worth every penny of your investment.
A lot of brakes have one problem in common, which is producing huge amounts of dust.

However, that is one issue you will not be facing with this. This produces brake dust to the minimum and keeps the vehicle's wheels clean. Therefore, you won't have to go through the hassle of cleaning it every now and then.

On the other hand, this is compatible with a lot of vehicles. But to make sure, you can check the Bendix catalog and then purchase it for your car. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to install. You have to follow a few instructions, and then the rest of the task will be hassle-free.

If you want a product that will last for years, then this is not the one for you. It has other amazing qualities, but unfortunately, it is not very long-lasting.

Pros & Cons of Bendix Brakes 872

The good

  • Produces minimal amounts of dust
  • Keeps the vehicle’s wheels clean
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Easy to install

The Bad

  • Does not last long

Bendix Brakes 94013

Brakes need to be stable and balanced. Unfortunately, a lot of such tools don't provide these facilities, which ends up disappointing their users. However, if you get this product, you will never have to get disappointed by the braking system of your vehicle again!

First of all, this product is the perfect mix of incredible performance, top-notch balance, and stability. No matter how fast you are going in your car, this will always ensure smooth stops. Especially if you pair it with a top-grade rotor, then it will perform even better!

To contribute to pollution as less as possible, this product contains no copper. Since too much copper in seas and oceans can damage marine or other water organisms. Moreover, this feature also ensures that the tool will not be rusting anytime soon. Copper made pads are more prone to rusting.

Like most of its counterparts, this too generates noises when the brakes are applied. Although this is not a matter of concern, this may be unpleasant to its users.

Pros & Cons of Bendix Brakes 94013

The good

  • Ensures smooth stops at any speed
  • Performs better with a top-grade rotor
  • Does not contribute to pollution
  • Is resistant to rust

The Bad

  • Generates noises when the brakes are applied

Bendix Brakes SDR5932

If you think your driving experience cannot get any better, then think again. With this product, your vehicle’s braking system will improve as a whole. There is no chance of you getting disappointed when driving ever again.

This product offers everything that you could ask for in a brake. First of all, it is very convenient to install. You will not have to go through any trouble-some process to set it up and get started. Moreover, you won't even have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Its hard-wearing construction keeps it durable.

On the other hand, its ability to stop the vehicle smoothly will only astonish you. No matter how fast you go with this, it will always maintain safety and stability. To make things better, it comes with noise-eliminating shims to cancel out any squeaks the brake generates when the car comes to a halt.

Like many other brakes, this produces dust as well. This may result in the wheels of your vehicle turning darker because of all the dirt. Hence, you may have to keep it clean from time to time.

Pros & Cons of Bendix Brakes SDR5932

The good

  • Convenient to install
  • Hard-wearing construction
  • Delivers smooth stops
  • Includes noise-eliminating shims

The Bad

  • Produces dust

Bendix Brakes MKD1392FM

Are you looking for a product that contains amazing features at an affordable price? In that case, you have stumbled across the perfect product for yourself! This tool comes at a great price and offers more than what is expected from it.

First of all, its performance is incomparable to that of most of its competitors. Not only does it ensure smooth and quiet stops, but also it does being environmentally friendly. It is all due to the low amount of copper in it. This property also ensures that it will not rust and break down easily.

On the other hand, with this, you don’t have to worry about the brakes getting all dusty. This means the wheels of the vehicle will not get dirty as well. Moreover, the brakes generate less vibration, which ensures that it will last longer.

However, if you aren't a fan of brake squeaks, then we have got bad news for you. This product makes excessive noises when they are applied. However, it is not a matter of concern.

Pros & Cons of Bendix Brakes MKD1392FM

The good

  • Ensures smooth and quiet stops
  • Environmental friendly
  • Resists dust
  • Generate less vibration for longer life

The Bad

  • Generates noises

Bendix 4WD And SUV Brake Pad (DB1491-4WD)

One of the most fundamental aspects of a vehicle that ensures a smooth driving experience is its braking system, which includes the brake pads. So, you want a good brake pad that will easily slow down or come to a full stop whenever you need it to. That is where this heavy-duty brake pad by Bendix comes in.

This 4.07 pounds product sits on the rear end of the vehicle. Brake pads are always under a lot of stress. Be it to rotate the car or come to a sudden stop, these things need to be prepared for these kinds of situations all the time, and this product does the job all too well.

It has been tested to see how resilient it is and Bendix promises that its performance will surely live up to your expectations. There will be no need to worry about harming the environment cause you have got these copper-free brakes.

However, it does fall short in one of the sectors, and that is, it produces brake dust from time to time. If cleaning doesn't seem like much of a hassle for you, then you will be more than satisfied with this.

Pros & Cons of Bendix 4WD and SUV Brake Pad (DB1491-4WD)

The good

  • Completely copper-free
  • Has a 4-layer noise eliminating shim
  • Can handle extreme stress
  • Provides optimal friction

The Bad

  • May produce brake dust

Bendix CFC914 Brake pad

Are you tired of conventional brakes? Would you like to try something different that will exceed your expectations? In that case, don’t miss out on this product! This Bendix brake is not one to disappoint.

Noises coming from the braking system can get real agitating at times. To make sure you don't experience that, this tool comes with a noise-canceling shim. Therefore, your vehicle will stop smoothly without making any unnecessary sounds.

Its copper-free property ensures and strengthens its resistance to rust. Hence, you can expect it to last for quite a while. Moreover, it also comes with lubricant, which makes operating it much easier. The Bendix brakes catalog accurately specifies which cars it is compatible with. So, you will not end up buying the wrong fit under any circumstances.

However, it may produce some unnecessary brake dust after multiple uses. This phenomenon might make the wheels dirty and difficult to clean. Other than that, this makes a great brake.

Pros & Cons of Bendix CFC914 Brake pad

The good

  • Features a noise-canceling shim
  • Makes sure the vehicle stops smoothly at any speed
  • Ensures resistance to rust
  • Is lubricated for ease of operation

The Bad

  • Produces unnecessary brake dust

How to Choose the Best Bendix Brakes?

When it comes to brakes, choosing the right one is the way to smooth driving. Otherwise, you will not only risk your safety, but you will also face a lot of hassle. To make sure that is not the case, there are some key factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing the right Bendix brakes for you.


To ensure the best performance, you need to choose a tool that is completely compatible with your vehicle.
It should also be compatible with the rotors and the entire braking system as a whole. Such as, for top-notch service, you could pair Bendix rotors with this. Although, any other good quality rotor would work just as well.

Ensures smooth stops

If your vehicle cannot stop at any place and any speed, then are you sure you are investing in the right product? Because in that case, you need to rethink your investment. A good set of brakes ensures smooth stops for cars at any speed. Whether you are traveling fast or keeping it slow, shouldn't make a difference.


It would be a bummer if the product you just purchased breaks apart or wears down just after a few uses.
To avoid that, you should take a look at which materials are used to make the tool. Such as, if it is made using heavy-duty yet rust-resistant metals, then it will last for a long time. Also, if it comes with a notch to reduce vibration, then the tool will not break apart easily.

Bendix Brake Maintenance and Inspection

Bendix Brakes Review FAQs!

1. Why are Bendix brake pads known to be environmentally friendly? 

These tools are usually copper-free. Since copper contributes a lot to the pollution of the seas and oceans, not including copper, unlike its competitors, ensures that it will not be a part of the contribution.

2. What rotors should Bendix brakes be paired with? 

It is good if you pair them with Bendix rotors, but other than that, any high-quality rotor will do. However, make sure they are compatible with each other.

3. How to install Bendix brakes? 

Installing Bendix brakes is no trouble-some task. You will have to follow some instructions, and you will be good to go. If you still find yourself to be confused, then watch some youtube tutorials or go through the Bendix brake pads application guide for help.

4. How to know if Bendix brakes are compatible with my vehicle?

The models and brands that these brakes are compatible with are information you will find in the Bendix catalog. They accurately specify whether or not their particular models will be suitable for your car.

5. Do Bendix brakes produce dust? 

Not all of them do. But even the ones that do don’t produce excessive amounts of dust. Hence, there is nothing to worry about. All you will have to do is keep the wheels clean from time to time.

Final Words & Recommendations

After comparing all the products in this Bendix brakes review, we will highly recommend Bendix CFC914 Brake pad for you.

It offers everything that makes a set of brakes perfect. It contains noise-canceling shims for smooth and quiet breaks. On the other hand, it is copper-free for environmental-friendliness. For more convenience of operation, it is lubricated. Moreover, it only produces a fair amount of dust.


However, you know best about the needs of your vehicle. Hence, you should choose a tool based on that.