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How to Resurface Rotors

Brake rotors are essential assets of a car. They maximize safety and performance. A rotor is a disc-shaped part that the brake pads and the caliper clamp onto. When you apply the brakes, the brake pads, and the caliper clamp onto this disc-shaped component, which slows down the vehicle, like Akebono brake pads, rotors can […]

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How and When to Replace Rotors

Brake rotors or brake discs are essential assets in a vehicle. They determine the performance of a vehicle’s braking system. When it comes to the braking system, brake rotors are indispensable because they are what the brake pads apply pressure to stop the car and the wheels from turning.Like other components of a braking system, […]

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Why do People Brake Check?

The brake is that part of the vehicle that brings a vehicle a stop by applying pressure to the wheels. The mechanical device uses friction to inhibit the motion of any moving system. It uses friction to convert kinetic energy into heat.There are different types of brakes: frictional brakes, pumping brakes, and electromagnetic brakes. There are two […]

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